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May 29, 2024





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It appears that Bernie Sanders, the multi-millionaire Marxist has taken himself out of presidential contention because of a ‘dickie’ heart; Joe, ‘the fixer,’ Biden because of his incautious recorded admission of nepotism, and squaw woman, who speaks with ‘forked tongue’ Warren, by her firm belief in Marxist redistribution polices and everything else that is un-American and anathema to American cultural, social and economic traditions. She likes beer though, a regular gal quaffing a brew in her kitchen while a black silent Sambo cookie jar quietly peers down on her. 
So, Let’s see who’s left of the original twenty odd line up of wannabe Democrat contenders for Hillary’s Job? Oh! I forgot. it’s not Hillary’s Job at all. Silly me! Regardless, the Ju Ju sticks all fall to the ground in a predictable pattern. It will be Warren! 
But, wait! What’s that sound we hear in the distance? Why, it’s that shrill voice of the very same Hillary Clinton hinting loudly like she want’s to lose again. What a gal, determined like any real contender would want to be. The woman is certifiable as she keeps making excuses for losing, while insisting that President Trump’s presidency is illegitimate for winning. 
As for the others, really, regardless of the political correct nonsense associated with gay men doing strange things to other gay men, even under the pretense of calling them their ‘husband,’ prevision is not a sellable option to be an American President. Color Pete Buttigieg gone! Cory Booker? He has enough trouble buying a ticket to get on a stage let alone be relevent. 
I cringe even mentioning the Muldoon, Beto (Beno) O’Rouke, the phony Irish Mexican who burnt his intellectual credentials while railing against Ted Cruz. Candidates, like “Beno,” can’t make up facts out of thin air simply because they have an Irish gene in their DNA. That’s BS not Blarney. And worse, not once has he said a good word about Irish whiskey. That’s a looser for me.
Kamala Harris, once at the top of the presumptive Leader Board because she’s black, a woman, with law credentials slightly better than Michelle Obama’s, is bombing because she can’t embrace the US Constitution as written even though she swore an oath to protect and defend it. She also demands reparations for slavery. That was done generations ago and, does she expect to be rewarded as well because she’s black? Not in the least would she qualify. One of her parents is Jamaican and the other one is from India.

What is it with all these Democrats that they insist on dragging Americans into the deep dark abyss of socialist totalitarism? Do they even know how it works? Do they believe in our history at all, or simply want to rewrite it? 

Democrats don’t really have a deep pool of intellectuals to draw from and definitely no Statesmen. Democrat House Committee chairpersons, incompetent, incapable and dangerous, are swamp dwellers lifted from the dregs of their common gene pool. Soon, should she manage to get reelected, AOC would enjoy enough seniority to contend with the wicked witch from the West for the prize, the leadership of the House Democrats.  
Soon, there will be another line up, a police line up this time, starting with John Brennan, Obama’s muslim convert Director of the CIA. The dirt will start to roll down hill from there.
I believe there may still be a few rooms left in the Dry Tortuga’s awaiting them. 
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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