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May 29, 2024





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The next two years will be interesting. We’ll face a rising cacophony of shrieks and screams by House Democrats to “impeach, impeach, impeach!” The noisy attack will be breathlessly accompanied by the corrupted leftist media and GOP Never Trumper’s to do what? To nullify the election of Donald Trump and continue their drive to drag America into the hands of Marxism.
The Left is desperate to socialize America and lead us back, even kicking and screaming, into the Socialist orbit of their New World Order scheme, but to do so, they must first repair the staggering damage they suffered at the hands of Donald Trump’s triumphant election victory of 2016, and, his success in immediately setting about to “Make America Great Again.”
The American voters see what Trump has accomplished. A growing economy (his, not Obama’s) rising employment rates, increased incomes, facing off Chinese trade shenanigan’s, removing America from silly, non productive climate agreements and lopsided trade deals and, well, the list goes on. Most importantly are the changes Trump has brought to the Federal judiciary.
The Left continues to deny what the American people voted for in 2016 and still want; they continue to deny the basic truths of America’s Constitution that affords citizens their God given liberties, not the government provided liberties that can be taken away, they so desperately want to impose. Democrats are determined to do whatever is necessary to kill the American dream and switch off the lights of that “Shining City on the Hill.”
Presently, Democrats won the numbers sufficient to take control of the House. For Democrats, that’s easy when boxes of uncounted ballots are discovered at the last minute in some staffers car trunk to push the losing Democrat over the top. We know the drill and still wonder why it’s allowed to happen. Not enough election staffers are arrested, tried and imprisoned for their mishandling of the vote process. The Democrats would rather blame the Russians.
But, don’t lose hope. That aside, let’s look at what’s coming: The ranks of the incoming Democrat House leadership, filled as it is with such intellectuals illuminaries such as Maxine “Impeach Trump” Waters, Hank “Won’t the Island tip over” Johnson, Sheila Jackson Lee, nincompoops all, to guide the legislative process, that can’t be a problem. The new socialists like Alex O. Cortez, will overrun their thinking ability and the media will rise to the occasion every time they mumble some stupidity, and provide cover for them. But Trump is there, watching.
We can look forward to two wasted years. They can be fun actually, because Democrats will stumble, as they always do, and try to hide their failures behind their old ‘Constitutional Crisis’ meme, and well, really, if Democrat schemes die in the Republican Senate, that’s no loss. Too, I still think they don’t understand Donald Trump. I think he will relish this fight. These Democrats are not prepared to face a man who has dealt with major building contracting companies, foreign governments, product suppliers and labor unions. Everything Pelosi and Schumer want to discuss with The Donald, will be in front of cameras, transparency for all to see.
Trump holds a “trump card.” The Democrats are weighed down with their own traps. The image of the sexual predator Bill Clinton, excused by the Democrats for lying, will be hung around their necks like the proverbial albatross. The failures to recognize the criminal Hillary Clinton and her crimes will be repeated on the publics airways the whole time. I suspect that a divided Democrat party, i.e.: the old guard vs. the Sanders socialists will complicate things.
Remember, liberty is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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