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July 17, 2024





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No matter what you say about DEI, the bottom line is that it is Affirmative Action with new names. America is being run by Affirmative Action graduates. The sad part is the actions of our legislators and their continued spending spree will make hitting the iceberg inevitable. With the poll numbers favoring Trump and MAGA, past experience indicates that depression, war, riots, Marshall Law, and no election are on the horizon. I hope I am wrong, but I can see these power-hungry entities giving up power any time soon. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They will lie, cheat, and steal, so you must be armed with the truth.

This week, Tyson Foods, which includes Chicken, Hillshire, Sarah Lee, and many more, announced a layoff of 1200 Americans. Only to hire 5200 illegals. How did that happen? I thought we were safe. After all, we had E-Verify. Well, Biden allowed illegals to enter under the parole system. While they await their trial, they could work. In the meantime, they got lots of free stuff paid for by the American taxpayer so the corporation could pay a reduced salary. But why does the corporation want to put Americans out of work if their money was being used to pay for free stuff? Do not worry; the government will just print more money.

Since we are paying for all the illegal’s “Free Stuff,” the illegals can go on a spending spree, and the economic indicators charting purchases will make the company look profitable and the economy look strong. Then, they can become a Tent Partner. What is Tent is an NGO that formed a public/private partnership with the US State Department

The purpose of Tent is to mobilize major businesses to connect refugees to work. “Companies have a critical role to play in helping refugees – who have been forced to flee their home countries – integrate into their new communities. We focus on mobilizing leading businesses to connect refugees to work through hiring, training, and mentorship – because we know that securing a job is a critical milestone for a refugee building a new life.” Americans are paying for this. What about our jobs and our lives?

In reality, we are printing money to give to illegals so they can spend the money buying stuff, making the corporations lots of profit, and the stock market goes up. In addition, corporations get so many subsidies that they get really cheap labor. Imagine $15,098 per American per year goes to the government to support the illegals Biden has brought to America to replace you. Can you use an extra $15,000? Are you happy yet?

That takes care of the illegals, your replacement who gets hired, trained, and mentored at our expense. What happens to the corporation? How are they profitable? Tax Subsidies

In addition to paying Tent to replace us, Corporations now qualify for WOTC.

The WOTC, Work Opportunity Tax Credit, extended until 2025, is being used by corporations to hire people in certain categories. Once hired using DEI principal, the corporation gets a $10000 per person per year tax subsidy. Tyson is a perfect example. Tyson just fired 1200 Americans and will 5200 illegals. Hillshire, Jimmy Dean, and Sarah Lee are part of the Tyson Family Boycott as well.

How many other companies will follow suit? Take a look at the Tent Membership list.

Put together with the Workforce Housing Tax Credit; major corporations will be building low-income housing in 15 15-minute cities for their workers while getting another tax subsidy on the back of the taxpayer. Everyone will be equitable. You will live on a highrise from 350-700 sq ft. Stores are down below, and the factory is on the next block. Everything you need will be within walking distance. Your government will provide whatever you need, and if you have enough social credits, you can make purchases.

In addition, Biden is printing $35 Billion to convert commercial buildings into rental units to house the illegals who are invading our country. The taxpayer is fleeced again, and the US House gives Biden more money.

Biden’s policies are causing the US treasury to print $1Trillion every 90 days.

There is no such thing as Cheap Labor.

Ask your candidates questions, VET them carefully, and hold them accountable.


It seems as though the Blacks, Hispanics, and LGBTQ+++ are no longer the favored chosen ones. Americans are being replaced by illegals for tax subsidies and votes.

You will not hear this on MSM. The unemployment numbers, job numbers, and economic indicators are all lies. More illegals have gotten jobs under the Biden regime than Americans. Those “great” job numbers you hear are jobs for illegals. Free speech is having its lights turned off. Although the Globalists yell constantly they are for free speech, they are only for free speech that agrees with their vision… Yes, sir, I believe it is a great idea to replace Americans and bring in foreign labor so that corporations can get rich and investors can make more money. I just love seeing veterans and Americans homeless living on the street. I think we should print more money so the debt and inflation can go higher. Then the Globalists will be happy, and I will own nothing.

Nationalists dream of their future and their lives and set a plan to achieve that dream. Globalists have visions of life and demand you fit into their vision without deviation. If you disagree, they will squash you.

All Globalists want is Money, Control, and Power. They can only get Power if we give it to them. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is Affirmation. The Regime will not go quietly. Prepare. Share with your 5. So join me today.

This week’s guest, CS Bennett, has first-hand knowledge of the deliberate dumbing down of the minority community.

CS Bennett resides in a small rural town named Interlachen, Florida (pronounced Inter-lock’n). He’s published 25 books, is a national talk radio host, and has been a columnist for several national political online conservative news journals. He is the former Vice Chairman of the Putnam County REC in Palatka, Florida. CS Bennett has been a mover and shaker, quietly getting his message out while doing it effectively under the radar. He is a sought-after speaker.

Contact your Federal legislators. Say NO to WHO.

Defund WHO

The WHO, the Globalist UN World Health Organization, decided they should control world health under any emergency they declare, like climate change. I do not want our legislators to give away our national sovereignty or money to a group of power-hungry control freaks in the UN. Tell your legislators.

Communicate with Congress, join


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Adler Pfingsten
Adler Pfingsten
3 months ago

There will be a Black Swan event now that the God of Abraham/Sinai, Yeshua and 1776 has empirically evidenced existence for a cynical world; A God that will make His presence known in no uncertain terms very soon to protect the two men, Trump and Netanyahu, He has chosen to protect Israel unto the end of human history as it is understood and a new beginning with Yeshua as Moshiach in 2026 Jerusalem just 831 days hence.

The Convergence Matrix holds that history should be looked upon as an equation fusing history and wagering Blaise Pascal’s probabilities mathematics with Judaic scripture e.g. the miracle election of Trump in 2016 has only one parallel in history; the Battle of Midway that witnessed all the right assets and all the right people in all the right places at exactly the right time for exactly the same reason…to purchase Americans time to rise and defeat fascism.

One can easily calculate the 831 days yields July 4th 2026 which has no meaning without context. July 4th 2026 is exactly 250 years (a key to unlock matrices spanning 6000 years derived from the deaths of Jefferson and Adams on July 4th 1826) after the signing of the Declaration of Independence…and as it concerns Netanyahu exactly 50 years after the miraculous Raid on Entebbe that resulted in just one Israeli loss; Yoni Netanyahu, brother of Bibi.   

 Finally, the raid on Entebbe is today’s conflict in microcosm; Marxist and Islamic terrorists took over 100 Israelis hostage…the Convergence Matrix identifies Muhammad and Marx/Engels to their birth years with the formative dates in the development of western civilization squeezed in between. Sound familiar?

The final confrontation between good and evil has begun…pitting those who adhere to the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” against those who do not; the false religion of human intellectual arrogance, Marxianity, posing as a political ideology in an utterly incongruous alliance with a political ideology, Islam posing as a religion…with both seeking to destroy the United States so as to destroy Israel.

It really is that simple.

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