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July 17, 2024





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Nature has its way of sorting out the weak, unfit, useless species of plants and animals that have inhabited or currently inhabit this planet. If they exist for no apparent good purpose, then It eliminates them. Every species has been given its time to develop and its purpose to exist, and it’s up to them to make it work. Yes, I know a giant meteor was cause and effect for the extinction of the great dinosaurs, but not all of them. Lizards and horney toads and birds are still tiny survivors of that terrible event.

Somewhere along that timeline entered the human species that struggled to survive against all of the other creatures looking to survive. Today the human species is one whose survival is no longer driven by the daily need to compete for its sustenance. As hunter-gatherers, the need to ease up the daily routine of survival sparked the thought process, and new techniques were developed to ease their plight, resulting in the development of tribalism, villages, states, and a society where people could live in mutual harmony and self-protection. Beer was discovered, too! Today, we no longer hunt for our protein; we simply repair by going to the local grocery store for our chips, soda, and beer, and we hope it’s there when we want it. What could possibly go wrong?

Somewhere along the development line, some tribal units stopped their social development, became dependent upon their chieftains or tribal leaders to keep them happy, and turned lazy to supply their own needs. When their leaders can no longer provide, then they take it from those who do have it. From that position, many have learned how to lie, cheat, and steal from their neighbors and do so without regret, as Palestine did to Israel on 10/7/23.

Soon enough, nature will deal with the human species if the Chinese don’t beat nature to it first with its deadly viruses. A new level of statecraft has entered the picture, with apologists for pathetic incompetence at all levels of leadership introducing new levels of moral corruption. They’re seen everywhere now, especially on college campuses and in the halls of the federal government. Even the State of Georgia’s allegedly conservative political leadership has turned morally corrupt.

However, that’s not where I’m going in this essay, but to focus on the current primary issue of the media’s Far Left concerns, the Palestinian plight. Are they important enough of a subspecies to be permitted to survive even artificially, or are they ready for extinction?

The political history of the area is well documented; its ancient occupants, the Biblical invader occupants, overseers, and even the Jews themselves have left a questionable history of their occupation and development. The area’s current occupant, Israel, long accommodating to the presence of a near useless, non-contributing species, has long supplied the denizens of Gaza with employment, humanitarian goods, and water.

When a civilized society, even a lazy one dependent on their elected leaders like Hamas Jihadists for their survival, joins in on the diabolical assaults against their neighbors, including snatching individual Israeli noncombatants to hustle back to their homes as slaves, removes them from the critical definition needed to continue their existence as a species. That sounds awful, but nobody wants them.

I was in Jordan a few years ago, and when I asked about what appeared to be an encampment visible off the road in a harsh desert environment, my guide told me they were Palestinians, permitted to stay right there, and could not move further than a few meters away from their encampment. Palestinians, I was told, offer nothing to Jordanian society except hostility, conflict, and woe.

Egypt, where I have twice been, has nothing but sneering contempt for the Palestinians and wants nothing to do with them. So, if nobody wants them, why should we? Joe Biden is toying with the idea of importing; he calls them exiles, 400,000, to America for humanitarian reasons when, by nature’s law, they should become extinct. Are Palestinians really worth saving? Do they have a legacy of success, a history of accomplishment, and a good purpose to continue their existence? That’s not my decision to make; it’s Israel, but if Joe brings them here, it will be all of our problems because they are not our friends and never will be.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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