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June 25, 2024





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Clearly the fake news group CNN, is firmly ensconced within the demented mire that is America’s Marxist, Democrat party. To compare the ICE round-up’s of Illegal border crashers and stateless people (DACA – Dreamers), to Nazi Germany’s Gestapo, demonstrates CNN’s complete and shameless lack of historical knowledge. That they deign to opine with a verisimilitude of confidence, is embarrassing, especially to the memory of the victims of the odious apparatus of Nazi Germany’s death camps, so many years ago.
Hitler’s Gestapo specialized in rounding up anti-Nazi’s, Jews, Romanov’s and Seventh Day Adventists, that were crimes against humanity. Hitler wanted to rid the country of his enemies, not invite them in. Jews, Gypsies, Adventists and anti-Nazi’s were all legally Germans, not clambering to get into Germany for its benefits, but clambering to get out because of its terrors.
But we already know that, which makes CNN’s anti-ICE propaganda positively dangerous. The Democrat Party cannot survive without a continuous flood of fresh victims, rotated into America, ostensively for the paltry jobs of farm labor, house cleaners and Democrat voters.
That’s why Democrats fight to resist voter ID laws, ICE raids and border walls. It’s why they support Sanctuary Cities, registering newly arrived immigrants as drivers and as registered Democrat voters while ignoring the murders of Americans, the driving offenses, and drug dealings they bring with them. No crime is too awful for Democrats to apologize for.
The boil of corruption that has infected the Deep State and found its way into the highest echelons of the Dept. of Justice, the IRS and the FBI, has been lanced and the draining has started. All leftist media attacks against the Trump’s administration, like the fallacious ICE – Gestapo comparisons CNN is trying to make, are still attacks against Donald Trump himself with the sole purpose to drive him out of office in disgrace, so the “establishment” can get on with the business of making America a crappy socialist country.
It explains why the Democrat driven Mueller Investigation, long past its “Collusion” shelf life expiration date, has been allowed to spread out and explore new fields of inquiry. Under the circumstances the Mueller investigations is the best that the Democrat party call pull off. It is wholly staffed by Democrat Lawyers, pushed by Democrat politicians and propagandized by Democrat media elements, like CNN.
So, forget the CNN Bull S——, and focus on the Democrat Party’s slow demise. The FBI involvement was part of a larger scheme, a conspiracy in fact, to not only protect Clinton during her presidential campaign but to keep Progressivism in absolute power. Because Hillary lost a sure bet election and Democrats had no alternative plans, Trumps election was a disaster.
We now know enough facts that left-over remnants from Obama’s administration, including the long ensconced and corrupted leaders of the DoJ and FBI, apparently conspired to  overthrow Trumps administration. I’m not that slow not to realize that major crimes were probably committed here by the DoJ, FBI and IRS, to seriously place them in danger of being charged with conspiracy to commit Treason. Their “coup” attempt against the lawfully elected, post-Obama government, cries out for final resolution. What if Hillary had won? The corruption would have spread to all the several branches of government, to every level of operation and before long the US would look like Zimbabwe.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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