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June 19, 2024





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In the second to last episode prior to the 2020 election on November 3, Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns for Episode 14, assessing three largely uncovered factors driving voter rage: Rapidly developing indications that Joe Biden leveraged his positional authority in exchange for tens of millions of dollars from China, Russia and other foreign nations sent to his son Hunter and other Biden family members, the central role that China’s Communist Party (CCP) played in releasing the coronavirus pandemic on the United States and the world, and the violent and immensely damaging Marxist-led street riots that have been facilitated by Democrat city mayors whose campaigns were backed by well-financed far-left funding sources. President Trump’s first three years were highlighted by many accomplishments, some of which were even unprecedented. But voters are focused on the present tense, Malcolm and Michael contend. Yet, the “forgotten man and woman” who propelled him to victory in 2016 are again inspired in their opposition to these three forces: Mounting evidence of Biden’s corruption, China’s release of the coronavirus, and Marxist-led riots. The question now, Malcolm and Michael say in Episode 14, is whether American voters can again dismiss anti-Trump media bias, see these three threats clearly, and send the establishment another shocking defeat in nine days.
In their first segment of Episode 14, Malcolm and Michael describe the intensity with which social and mainstream media are scrambling to block and ignore information regarding the FBI’s rapidly intensifying criminal investigation into possible Biden family corruption. Outrageously, Twitter even blocked the account of The New York Post, one of the nation’s largest circulation newspapers, in an effort to keep The Post’s reporting on Huntergate from American voters. At this critical moment, with many unanswered questions about the unraveling scandal, Malcolm and Michael argue that the time has come for full transparency. American voters and the Trump campaign should be demanding that Biden release every detail on all foreign compensation and business deals by Biden family members. This is no longer a political matter, they say. It’s a national security matter. Compensation from foreign sources often is used to compromise a candidate on foreign policy and national security, and American voters deserve to know before casting their ballots every foreign business deal and payment secured by Biden family members. That means Biden owes the nation immediate full disclosure on every detail of this foreign compensation. With the pro-Biden media failing in their responsibility to demand it, this now falls to the Trump campaign and American voters to ensure all details of these concerning developments are promptly released.
Lacking any notable accomplishment during his 47 years in federal office, Biden is not even attempting to communicate that he has accomplished anything for the American people. Instead, the central Biden message appears to be to wrongly attempt to blame Trump personally for every single coronavirus death. Yet, as Malcolm and Michael argue, Trump did not create the virus; Trump has contained its spread, enacted a hugely vital travel ban against China on January 31, mobilized vast health resources nationally, and coordinated a nearly unprecedented public-private partnership that shows promise of developing a vaccine in record time. The real blame for the pandemic lies with China’s Communist Party (CCP), which allowed infected individuals to board international flights from Wuhan even as they restricted domestic flights. The CCP ordered the destruction of virus samples that could have proven helpful in the development of testing, rounded up whistleblowers who sought to speak truthfully about it, and rejected requests by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each of which sought entry to Wuhan to attempt to contain the virus in January. Are American voters grasping that responsibility for this pandemic lies with China, not Trump? The answer to that question may prove vital to this year’s election outcome.
While street protests in America’s cities may have started as a well-intentioned effort to call for reasonable reforms in law enforcement practices and protocols, they quickly were co opted by violent, Marxist organizations. The result has been devastating: Over a dozen Americans have been killed in these riots and over $1 billion in property damage has been inflicted on major American cities. Who do American voters blame for all this? The Marxist-led groups that actually led the destruction? The Democrat-run Minneapolis mayor and city council responsible for overseeing the police officer who killed George Floyd? Or will they instead buy into the outrageous Biden and mainstream media lie that it’s Trump’s fault? Malcolm and Michael cite encouraging indications that African-American voters see Biden as a long-standing politician whose sponsorship of a national crime bill led to mass incarceration of African-Americans and who has done nothing for them in nearly half a century in federal office. Trump, conversely, implemented laudable criminal justice reforms and drove African-American unemployment to an all-time low prior to the pandemic–and African-American voters have taken notice. The Democrat establishment that has for decades taken African-American support for granted now is terrified that this traditional support may be starting to slip away, Malcolm and Michael conclude.

Listen to Hour One, Viewpoint This Sunday: Senator Ron Johnson on Biden Family Corruption

Senator Ron Johnson, (R-WI) Chair of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, in a must listen to interview on Viewpoint This Sunday, discusses the growing scandal that is shaking the 2020 election. China, Russia and Iran and Election 2020, and the power of the vote.


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