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April 22, 2024





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With Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican National Committee, you’d think that he’d have it going in a direction that would actually contribute to a victory. And, yes, harvesting a few ballots might compete in a small race or two. But as Jay Valentine has pointed out, the Presidential “election will be decided in 15 counties across 7 states.” You can’t fix that with ballot harvesting.

The problem is very simple. Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about votes. That’s right. The “votes” that determine the outcome of elections in those counties are ballots, not votes. That distinction is critical. A real vote is a preference indicated by an eligible, properly registered voter in the time, place, and manner prescribed by the legislature. An election is the process of counting real votes. Democrats can’t win actual elections in most places, so they figure out ways to stuff the ballot box. That’s how they protect their “democracy.”

If the electoral rolls are clean, every name registered fits those qualifications. That leaves us with a singular problem. How can we have properly clean voter rolls? We have to first understand how the rolls get fouled. Art Zark and Jay Valentine (and others) have done the hard work here, and show that the key first step is “voter” registration. Please note that this isn’t registering actual voters. It’s registering names so that election offices can mail out ballots to the names. Also, note that it’s better if they aren’t even the names of real people. Of course, when people die, if the elections office doesn’t remove their names, that’s good for Democrats as well. But voting from under tombstones is just the tip of the iceberg.

For ballot box stuffing to be reliable, it’s necessary to manufacture names. Lots of names. Art Zark has discovered that New York State has institutionalized the process of “cloning” registrations. He has identified over a million of these clones, who aren’t real people. In 2020, over 1.2 million mail-in ballots were requested out of about 13 million registrations, presumably including many clones. Should we be surprised that New York is solid blue?

In other places, phony registrations may be more laborious, but there are literally millions of them all over the US, including states like Florida, where election integrity measures have been rather vigorous. All that needs to happen is that ballots get mailed to each of these “voters.” Because they aren’t real people, the ballots can’t be delivered, and they get tossed into a bin at the Post Office. A postal worker quietly delivers that bin to Democrat operatives, and collects pocket money. The Democrat workers then fill out the ballots for their guy and mail them back or stuff them in a drop box, as extensively documented in 2,000 Mules. The rest is history.

But suppose that Democrats haven’t been able to get enough names on the list for their liking. They have another trick up their sleeve. A Democrat IT guy in the office or a hacker in his basement switch the zip code for a few thousand legitimate voters just before their ballots are due to be mailed out. This ultimately happens inside the elections office. Because the Post Office wasn’t notified, there’s no entry on the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. All those ballots suddenly become undeliverable, and find their way to Democrat operatives like before. Enough of them are filled in to swing the “election.” Please note that I put “election” in quotes, because as soon as industrial strength fraud starts, it’s not an election anymore. It has become performance art. Like I said before, Democrats don’t care about votes. They just care about ballots. And they don’t think they’re doing anything wrong, assuming they understand the difference between right and wrong. But I digress.

If the elections office didn’t switch the zip codes back, somewhere down the line, an onlooker would notice that batch of errors. So, as soon as all the ballots are mailed, whoever tweaked the data corrects the zip codes, covering his tracks. Republicans are too stupid (at least so far) to do the work of catching this scam. Democrats are happy to watch them spin their wheels with outdated technology to catch a few bad registrations here or there while Democrats are creating many thousands of them.

Put bluntly, Republicans will get their heads handed to them if they don’t wise up quickly. The first step is to get the list of undeliverable ballots. Jay Valentine makes it easy, calling it the “Undeliverable Ballot Database.” It can be for a state, a county, or a precinct. It is updated daily, using public information from a multitude of sources. True the Vote is also working to identify phony registrations, with volunteers checking suspect addresses. But this is just a start.

Democrats can manufacture new names quickly. Or, in a pinch, they can buy paper and run printers to print ballots. After all, they control election offices in enough places for the code to be smuggled out for use if needed. So, the Republican National Committee needs to jump in with both feet.

First, the RNC must support every local party organization with resources to check for phony registrations. They must supply data from people like Zark and Valentine. Then, they have to have a local organizer delegated to search teams. When people are found registered at an empty lot or convenience store, they need to take a list of all the phonies to the elections office with a news camera in tow. The official must be recorded either accepting the names for deletion or refusing to do his job. If he accepts the name and they’re still on the list a couple of days later, go back and find out why. If necessary, have legal resources at the ready to inform him of his failure to follow the law and the consequences if he doesn’t straighten up and fly right.

Next, it’s essential to monitor the lists on a daily basis around the time that mail outs happen. This will expose the zip code scam. But that costs money, and only the RNC has enough to do that. Every post office in the country should have cameras near the loading docks to catch mail carriers taking the end of day undeliverables anywhere. Every Democrat office should have similar camera monitoring. But that’s not the end. We need an “all of the above” approach.

Every election office needs monitoring inside and out. Election law does not permit shenanigans like cardboard over windows (Detroit), scanning ballots multiple times to run up the count (Atlanta), disregard for signature matching (multiple locations), and so on. I’m sure I’ve left a few things out, but the point is clear. If we plug holes at every possible step, then it will be much harder for Democrats to cheat. When that happens, we may actually have an election. If that happens, perhaps President Trump 47 will task his DOJ with exposing and prosecuting as many miscreants as possible so that it won’t happen again. Along the way, perhaps we can get a federal statute that requires photo ID, real signature matching, and an actual election DAY, as stated in the Constitution.

For every fix, evil Democrats will try to find a workaround. We must never let the perfect be the enemy of the good. There’s lots of low-hanging fruit in this fight to save America. Only when we’ve tackled the big targets should we focus on smaller ones. Of course, evil never sleeps. That means we have to be constantly on watch if we want to restore America.


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1 month ago

They will steal it again.

1 month ago

My prediction: Trump will not win the election as nothing has been done to stop voter fraud. This election will be 2016 all over again.

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