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July 14, 2024





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Over the last 50 years, global predators have infiltrated every institution, as well as local state and federal governments, in countries around the world. These predator pirates conspired carefully, slowly, and deliberately for this moment in time as they solidified their control of every aspect of our lives. Every political party that has held office during this period has been complicit in this attack on civilization itself.

It mattered-not what country or political façade used; they were and remained the same deceitful pawns being used by the global predators who share one common trait – their hatred of humanity. We all know this is the final war, the one between God and Lucifer. We all know that our time to take our planet back is NOW.

Now we come together, led by a team of attorneys, to motivate, educate, and inspire citizens in a lawful, asymmetrical, and overwhelming force that will take our nation back and work to restore the rule of law.

Five Small Stones Initiative provides the details to hold county, state, and federal government agencies accountable and take citizens’ legal action against hospitals and other big corporations engaging in fraud and corruption, costing people’s lives.

Pro Se is the legal term for “representing yourself.”

Learn more about The Five Small Stones Initiative: Self-Help Legal Initiative organized by Attorney Todd Callender and his team at VAXX Choice in response to the urgent need to provide tools and legal template forms for the growing chorus of angry voices and masses of people worldwide who are waking up to stand and fight to overcome the global tyranny and evil agenda that has cost lives and freedom worldwide.

This team of leaders in truth, honor, and tenacity shares a fighting spirit that has compelled all of us to come together and FIGHT for JUSTICE in the courthouses across this land. We are called to stand for God’s Truth and our Creator’s gift of life and liberty when so many are asleep while the forces of evil assault life from all directions.

Each of you reading this is urged to share this program to spread the spirit of God and his foretold mission to defeat the plague of evil occupying our society and the corrupt levers of power over it. How you choose to accomplish this mission is entirely up to you because we all share the same spirit compelling us to do so. It is each individual citizen’s leadership and willingness to stand in the gap and share knowledge, spirit, and passion with those around you in your community.

Send this program to everyone in your contacts list, along with a request for those people to share it with 12 or more of their contacts. Christianity was spread this same way. Let us get LOUD and involved in taking steps we can take. Silence is NOT an option. Our lives are at stake. We must act with courage, faith, and boldness.

Todd Callender is an International Tax and Insurance attorney, a specialist in International Disability Rights law, and the founder of Disabled Rights Advocates law firm based in Colorado. Todd has practiced international law for the last 20 years and has been part of law firms in countries just coming out of Soviet domination and seeking to develop privatized free market economies after Communist-controlled economies. Todd has been a leader in the fight for medical freedom since the declaration of the COVID pandemic and the rollout of experimental gene therapy shots. He is the attorney of record in the first lawsuit on behalf of military plaintiffs against the Secretary of Defense, filed in August 2021, with their appeal scheduled to be heard in November 2022. His website is

FIGHT for JUSTICE! No opponent too big. No client too small. We must hold companies, governments, and other institutions accountable,” – Attorney Warner Mendenhall.

Warner Mendenhall is leading the legal team representing the Pfizer whistleblower, Brook Jackson, in the major false claims act suit against Pfizer in Beaumont, TX. Warner has been anchored by a passion for helping to give ordinary people the power to stand up to government abuses, corporate fraud, and bank malfeasance. He has built a mission-oriented practice to hold local and state governments and corporations accountable. His philosophy is to help people facing the stress of a legal matter by addressing not only legal strategy but media and political strategy also. His goal is to do right by the client and involve a network of firms in a collaborative way to slay the giants we face today.  Services include False Claims Act, Municipal Law, Eminent Domain and Property Law, Small Business Law, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy Law, and Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.


See the medical and legal HELP resources and templates, plus TREATMENT Guides at

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Five Small Stones Legal Network

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