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May 24, 2024





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One of the most damaging myths or lies that we are repeatedly taught is “Don’t believe in conspiracies.” We are unmercifully ridiculed for looking seriously at conspiracy theories by the very people—the elite—who most arduously conspire, plot, and organize against humanity. These elite conspire among themselves across the political spectrum from self-described capitalists, libertarians, and Republicans to self-described socialists, communists, and Democrats. 

If we human beings—those of us who are well-meaning and good, and love freedom—are going to build a unified front against the enormous threats against us in the world today, we must embrace the reality that people with wealth and power use it to make elaborate plans for increasing their wealth and power. We must embrace the truth that large numbers of power-hungry individuals and organizations are plotting together to take over this world in their own interest and with utter disregard for ours. This reality has often been called The New World Order, but recently Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF), better known as Davos, has used the term the Great Reset. It is simply another watered-down version of the New World Order intended to distract the victims.  

The derisive term “conspiracy theory” was probably first used to ridicule the freedom-loving people of America during the Civil War. Fittingly, it first appeared in the elite New York Times to ridicule the idea that there was an “elite” in Great Britain who wanted to side with the South and slavery against the antislavery North in the Civil War.1 Of course, many in Great Britain preferred a divided and hence weaker America to compete with, and some high-ranking British government officials wanted to support the secessionists but were too afraid.2

The Healthcare Empire 

“Global predators” is the term we have coined to describe advocates of the New World Order. Our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, documents The Health Empire that includes innumerable powerful billionaires, huge industries, government agencies, philanthropic groups, the old media, and much of the medical and scientific establishment—all with strong attachments to the Chinese Communist Party.  

Never before has the government tried so hard to suppress any news about or criticism of this cabal. Yet we were able to document the conspiratorial powers behind this Health Empire with enormous data and with little or no speculation. The vast organization of the globalists seeks to control healthcare and, even more important to them, to inflict totalitarian policies on Western constitutional democracies.

In the name of COVID-19 prevention and treatment, these global predators are bent on weakening and destroying the idea of freedom and the existence of Western democracies. Only the destruction of freedom and constitutional democracy can allow these global predators to fully exploit humanity. 

Bill Gates has been using his huge wealth to dominate worldwide healthcare, and especially the vaccine industry, for several decades. Since at least 2010, when he announced the Decade of Vaccines at Davos, Klaus Schwab has been his close partner. Both Gates and Schwab have built deep connections in the pharmaceutical industry. Both work closely with the United Nations (UN), and World Health Organization (WHO), and like nearly all global predators, both are enamored with the Chinese Communist Party.

Most recently, we have documented how Tedros, the Director-General of WHO, is actively planning to take over the sovereignty of as many nations as possible by making treaties that give Tedros and WHO total control over their healthcare systems. We describe this giant leap toward the New World Order in our recent column on America Out Loud, called “Tedros Introduces Globalist Plan to Take Over World’s Health Systems.”3

Conspiracies Are Recognized Under American Law 

Common sense and the law both recognize that people conspire illegally to gain power and wealth. Outright criminals, for example, conspire to achieve their ends. Probably the most famous example is the international mafia. The men who run these conspiracies often become celebrities, including Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, Lucky Luciano, and John Gotti. Convicted or not, no one doubts these men carried out large, organized crime syndicates or conspiracies. 

A criminal conspiracy, under the law, is simply “a tacit agreement among members of a group to commit a crime.”4 Once again, the law recognizes what anti-freedom politicians deny, that people in power do indeed conspire against those whom they desire to exploit. 

Conspiracy laws, because of their vagueness, can be abused by government prosecutors. Under the administration of Joe Biden, these laws are being used in a conspiratorial fashion to threaten citizens who support Donald Trump, hold conservative opinions, or criticize COVID-19 policies. 

Well Recognized Capitalist Conspiracies 

Let us remind ourselves about some well-known historical examples of enormously successful conspiracies in the form of monopolies. The most familiar, perhaps, are the “robber barons,” legends like JP Morgan (banking), Cornelius Vanderbilt (shipping), John D. Rockefeller (oil), and Andrew Carnegie (steel). During the industrial revolution, culminating in the later 1800s, these men conspired to monopolize their industries. They did so by destroying their competitors with unfair practices, such as manipulating prices and supplies to put them out of business. They bribed government officials and legislators for special advantages.  

A monopoly in this context is a successful conspiracy—a successfully conducted effort with sufficient wealth, lawlessness, bribery, government influence, and secrecy to gain an unfair advantage over its competitors and the public. In response to the robber barons, Congress passed the Sherman Antitrust Act in 1890,5 which stated, “[e]very contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal.” In broader terms, “the Act prohibits monopolization or attempts at monopolizing any aspect of interstate trade or commerce and makes the act a felony. If “conspiracy theories” are limited to nonextant, imaginary events, then the Sherman Antitrust Act becomes an absurd law against nonextant, imaginary events. 

Another giant global monopoly, a private conspiracy masquerading as governmental in nature, involves the Federal Reserve and its relationships with banks, industries, and governments. Printing essentially fake money and using fraudulent accounting, the Federal Reserve bails out elite enterprises in banking and other industries, and even helps international banks and foreign countries. The elite grows more bloated while the American citizen pays for it through inflation and taxes, while our democracy and standard of living declines.6

Big Tech provides one the most egregious examples of current so-called capitalist enterprises behaving in a conspiratorial fashion as a violent monopoly. They do not operate under free-market rules and instead have special monopolistic protections against libel. They illegally stifle free speech when it challenges progressivism, communism, the Great Reset, or “official” COVID-19 policies, and practices.

As we document in COVID-19 and the Global Predators, when it appeared Donald Trump might win re-election, Big Tech made a coordinated conspiratorial in-unison attack against him, shutting him down from their platforms. They continue to crush free speech and political liberty in America by removing independent thinkers from their platforms. Our large YouTube platform was permanently taken down less than 45 minutes after I put up my first video describing our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. 

Communism as a Criminal Conspiracy 

Communism, now often diluted for long-term political purposes as socialism, is the most dangerous and largest conspiracy in world history, and it has once again become an enormous threat to freedom and to constitutional democracies or republics. In a real sense, international communism is a redundancy, because communism is at its ideological heart, globalist and imperialistic. Its principle of “the end justifies the means,” and the Chinese Communist emphasis on “unrestricted” or ethically unrestrained stealth warfare make it covert and conspiratorial. 

Both Russian and Chinese Communists now use “capitalism” or a fake free market to further their causes. In China, control over corporations is built into the concept of “military/civil fusion,” the idea that the Chinese Communist Party, through its People’s Liberation Army (PLA), has ultimate control over all civil activities. Some of this control over corporations is openly exerted, and much of it is clandestine in a conspiratorial fashion. Overall, the Chinese Communists are unrelentingly conspiring for domination of the rest of the world. 

Put together the two largest and most voracious conspiracies, predatory capitalism and predatory communism, and you begin to get an idea about the forces that are threatening the freedom-loving world today. Often they identify themselves as the Great Reset, but as we show in our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, all are economically tied to the Chinese Communist Party and supportive of Communist China, eventually overtaking the United States as the dominant power in the world.   

It’s time to put an end to being shouted down or censored for documenting so-called conspiracy theories. In fact, we will not succeed in defending what remains of our freedom if we do not confront the worldwide conspiracy to take our freedom away from us.

Primary Author Dr. Peter Breggin.


1 The first use of the term “conspiracy theory” is much earlier — and more interesting — than historians have thought. | Hapgood
5 Sherman Antitrust Act | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (
6 G. Edward Griff (2020). The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, Fifth Edition, American Media.


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2 years ago

As always, your writing crystalizes the subject matter.

Sherry Wuestenberg
Sherry Wuestenberg
2 years ago

Laws are maid to be broken

2 years ago

Thank-you Dr. and Mrs. Breggin…Been considering these exact thoughts for years as it was easy to sense it on the near horizon. Glad to watch your presentations with people of God also attuned to the reality of the danger once defining everyone insane to other people.
Happy to witness the great awakening to finally happen and pray it isn’t too late.

Stephen Shenfield
Stephen Shenfield
2 years ago

People with wealth and power are (with very rare exceptions) self-aggrandizing. But you do not oppose all of them — only those who seek global dominion through supranational structures. Those who continue to operate within national limits, such as Trump, have your support. Putin and Xi are also basically nationalists (Russian and Chinese, respectively) but for some reason you see them as globalists. You have not grasped that communism/socialism, though originally internationalist in spirit, has increasingly adopted national forms, with even wars between ‘communist’ states. And it’s a long time since the Russian elite even pretended to be communist.

Regarding globalism, I can sympathize with your hostility to the forms that it currently takes. But can our species survive without some sort of globalism, hopefully more democratic, to prevent wars between states that must eventually set off an omnicidal nuclear war?

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