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June 23, 2024





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Boy oh boy, what an exciting but confusing time we’re living in. Constricted values by Blue State politicians on how free Americans must conduct themselves, as opposed to Constitutionally protected practical sense and common knowledge, is adversely altering our society because of a Chinese germ. The Chinese have managed to force Americans to self imprison themselves thus damaging the American economy, to satisfy some Chinese need that Trump shouldn’t be President again. And we know why? Where’s the Russian boogieman when we need ’em?
Not all is so dreary though. In my enforced imprisonment, I can still get some work done around the house because I am allowed to venture out to my local DIY store where I can purchase Chinese made tools and equipment, but I’m forbidden to go to a flower shop to buy a spray for a recently deceased friend. Apparently, I can’t even go to the funeral service either.

Thousands of “non-essential” private American businesses have closed by edict. They can’t afford to pay their employees, their rent or meet their expenses but, have we seen any government employees furloughed as non-essential? Why is that?

I had to change my semi-annual dental appointment because some bureaucrat said it was unsafe for the dentist to peer into my mouth. But Planned Parenthood is still open and killing babies. NY Governor Cuomo trashes Trump for not providing enough coronavirus funds saying, “We value all human life,” while funding abortion clinics. Why is that? The problem with government is we have too much. 
I can’t buy garden vegetable seeds at the outdoor nursery because it’s too dangerous to go out, but I can still buy a lottery ticket at the corner gas station and other essential places still open for business. The problem with government is it’s filled with people who know nothing yet see it as their mandate to tell the rest of us how to act in a storm, pandemic or otherwise.
The out of doors is probably the safest place to be except in an electrical storm, but the State tells us it’s too dangerous to go to a shooting range, or go fishing alone or be out on a lake in a rowboat, not because of a thunderstorm but because of a bloody Chinese virus. Why is that? Why is it possible for politicians to get their stage make up and hair done for public appearances but I can’t get go to my barber shop? Maybe government is the problem!
Is slamming a person in jail for disobeying a political edict and not apologizing to a judge for doing so a jail-able crime because confronting the states presumed authority on civil law is deemed a heresy? It is evidence enough of a fascist police state looming on our horizon!  
How about when a mother takes her children to a public playground to let them get their steam off and gets jailed for it, while convicted child molesters are released from jail for fear of them contracting the China Virus? How is that providing for the public safety? Because government is the problem and we have too much of it, especially the Liberal ones.
When the state tells me it’s too dangerous to get treated by my chiropractor or attend my physical therapy sessions, yet tells me an open liquor store is essential, speaks a lot about the wrong direction our government has taken. We have too much government and what we do have, is arguably nonessential. The lugubrious state of our local government is becoming alarming. They are also the target of Leftists who see local government as an easy way to alter state governments and ultimately the Federal government.
The Democrat Party remains the very personification of evil. It must be defeated.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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Steve Durawa
Steve Durawa
1 year ago

elections don’t seem to work. elections “rigged by “big” money. solution?

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