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April 15, 2024





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The heat has barely simmered down from the now completely discredited false allegations that Presidential candidate Donald Trump colluded with Russia’s Premier Putin to deny Hillary Clinton her rightful turn as America’s President.

Still ignored are the provable allegations that Hillary Clinton, supported by President Obama and the DNC, colluded with a foreign government to manufacture dirt against presidential candidate Donald Trump with the happy involvement of Obama’s top bureaucrats in the FBI, DoJ, DNI and IRS, who unquestionably conspired to remove the newly elected President Trump by a Coup d’état. Those criminal acts still need to be tried.

Failing that, the dysfunctional Democrats immediately return to impeaching Justice Kavanaugh, then claims that Trump is indeed a racists because…ˆ  (fill in your reason here) and that Trump enriches himself by foreign diplomats use Trump facilities for their stays here, and that USAF air crews use Trump facilities in Scotland so they can golf…etc., etc., & etc.

Aren’t we getting weary yet of the constant flow of BS from the biggest BS artists in government, the Democrat party?

Then, to throw more ‘chaff’ into the air, with yet another anonymous (think whistleblower) accusation, the deranged Democrats now accuse Trump of conniving with the Ukrainian President when asking about Joe Biden’s unsavory tactics with the Ukrainians by getting a prosecutor fired who was investigating Biden’s son for corruption, by denial or approval of a mere one billion US taxpayers dollars into the Ukrainian governments coffers.

The prosecutor was immediately fired and Joe’s, drug besotted son was saved. So now, having failed at all their other schemes the Democrats can focus on another attack against Donald Trump without a time consuming investigation and go straight into impeachment for abusing his power.

The difference is,Trump is the President and can speak to any foreign potentate, president. monarch or despot who will talk to him. That’s doing his job, but Joe, indiscrete good ol’ Joe,  bragged about his influence as Obama’s VP in the Ukraine and what he did by bragging to the Council on Foreign Relations. “Sonabitch!” an audio tape of his braggadocio, all over the radio and internet, proves it.

Pay no attention to that burning man. Now move along, nothing to see here!” The fire dept. will be here soon!”

For over three years now we’ve watch President Trump conduct the governments business to America’s to economic, manufacturing and military benefit all the while twitting out his own ‘chaff’ to keep the deranged Democrats crazy and off balance.

Trump is doing what he does best, baiting the media to force them to look into and report the real facts about Joe Biden and his sons economic involvement in the Ukrainians energy program, to their personal benefit. We’ve heard Joe brag about getting the Ukrainian Prosecutor fired so, why the media outrage when Trump asks the President of the Ukraine how their investigation is going. Hardly interference.

After this past three years of watching the lunatics in the Democrat asylum eat themselves alive in a frustrated delusional frenzy of incompetence, its’s clear we missed a bullet when Hillary lost the election.

What surprises us more is how deep the rot and decay of America’s values has progressed within the Democrat Party and their administrations. 

We have a lot of work to do out here folks. The first thing is to vote. Photo: Bloomberg

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Noe, go get ‘em!


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