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June 21, 2024





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Joe Biden’s recent escalation of his freedom-killing tactics against the American people is starting to ignite a fire. Have you noticed? Perhaps the kindling of truth twigs is now finally spreading to the great forest. The burdens of forced job losses, government-imposed health risks, and ever-increasing brainwashing tactics are taking their toll on many of us. Some self-regarded “important people” are finally beginning to protest. Finally! That’s a problem. Where were these people 18 months ago when so much harm could have been avoided?

Why have so many “too-important” doctors, attorneys, scientists, professional athletes, and respected politicians and leaders, been so silent? Most of them are brilliant people—or at least educated to some degree. Could it be that so many scholars were duped? Or were they just living in fear, like the masses? Fear clouds the brain and ruins one’s judgment and overall health more than any other factor. Fear kills!

The fact is that we see hardly any leaders joining the fight against a government that now boldly pushes the agenda of submissive obedience over freedom. Let’s face it, those of us who did speak out and expose their sinister agenda has paid a severe price. For many, it cost us our reputation, our livelihood, and our very freedom to speak and to work. But now, that tyranny is spreading far and wide. Threats are growing, and the punishment for resisting these autocrats is increasingly harsh. More political prisoners are being taken daily, and they are punished unfairly. An ever-expanding range of people are now being victimized, and with increasing force.

The worst is yet to come. And still, we have an abundance of aristocrats who feel they are too prominent, too famous, too mainstream to rise up and protest against what they know in their hearts is lawless and wrong. Their pride constricts them. Their public luminosity disarms them. These are truly the weak-minded, the morally destitute. They cower in the face of truth. Any true patriot would rather fellowship with the drunkard in the gutter rather than rub feathers with these chickens. At least the former would speak his mind without veneer.

Granted, speaking truthfully when the truth is unpopular means taking risks. The boldness of speech, however true the oratory, implies a vulnerability and a seeming letting down of one’s guard. But when someone knows the truth and chooses to ignore or silence it, that person lives in a self-made prison.

Face it, being a caged lab rat in the current “vaccine assault” is no fun. So many blind hopefuls have yielded to the jab for the false hope of being released from their rat cage. But to knowingly be silent and submit to evil for fear of a tarnished reputation is a damning sign of cowardice. It means you betray your own soul. Such people, if they have any vestigial conscience remaining, take up residence in a place far more constricting than a rat cage. Selling one’s soul exacts a heavy price—and the burden is too great for even some elites. Perhaps this is the reason why many nurses and a few doctors are now willing to forfeit their jobs. Maybe this is why NBA players are refusing the shot, and talking common sense. Salvaging their souls, many former Democrats have suddenly become Constitutionalists. They all have felt the pressure imposed by moral decay, and they now move to respond righteously to a higher cause, despite their job security or glorified status.

How pleasant is the sight of increasing numbers of prominent people speaking up against the “insanity.” Even those who previously were indifferent, silent, or too cowardly to voice their opinions publicly, are having second thoughts. Are they finally seeing where this new normal is going? Everywhere you browse public opinion, you hear words like, “This is insane!” or They’re crazy! Aren’t normal and crazy at opposite ends of a spectrum? Or does the new normal just mean crazy? Whatever the reason for the newfound boldness in some, their change of heart is most welcome. Still, too many people consider themselves to be of such distinguished social status that they simply cannot bring themselves to risk their own reputations for the sake of defending our God-given constitutional rights.

Maybe this is what Jesus meant when He said, “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.” In other words, if you’re too important to expose your deeply held morals and values for the sake of a just cause, then you extinguish your own light. Jesus told us that as Christians, we are to be the light of the world by reflecting God’s truths through our own words and actions.

How often do we betray ourselves by sheepishly avoiding the uncomfortable situation when we have the opportunity to make a difference in this life? I often wonder which is worse: speaking lies, or saying nothing at all when something needs to be said.

Millions of people think that our world has gone crazy. I assure you it has not. We are mistaken to call crazy what is evil. Masking children and treating the human population as specimens of scientific experimentation isn’t crazy at all. It is designed to accomplish a very specific goal—population control. It’s actually an intelligent and well-thought-out plan. But the plan is evil.

The world has gone astray. America has abandoned its greatest source of strength: the Christian standard. America will be redeemed as soon as we figure out that truth and honor are far weightier matters than that of a superficial yearning to be popular or important or wealthy or powerful. When we rather choose to have the heart of a servant and to serve our God and our fellow man over our own selfish pride, then many good and great things begin to happen. We have seen just this sort of thing recently, as those of eminence and popularity join the resistance against tyranny.

If we all serve God and country before our own wants and needs, then America will shine again; and in the end, we may yet save our country. That’s the goal. That’s the importance of being not too important.


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2 years ago

Well said…time to remove the usurpers from the stolen office they took from a rightfully elected TRUMP!

Lauri L Armstrong
Lauri L Armstrong
2 years ago

HOW does one get involved and take a stand. I have hundreds of friends on social media that think and feel the same as I do, and as this platform does, but announcing it on social media is accomplishing nothing. HOW do we take a stand? HOW do we band together? HOW do we create new hospitals, corporations etc that will not push this tyrannical sick agenda?
I am ready to get started, just like many I know. We dont know WHAT to do. We need a leader or leading team.

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