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May 24, 2024





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The ongoing unrest in Washington, racial tension, uncertainty of a certain future regarding our freedom and inalienable rights, can things get any worse? Is this next generation in for more of the same and is America doomed to self-destruct?  
Where do we turn when all that we have worked for seems to be at risk? Who do we trust when Washington has become a den of liars, sexual deviants and an eagle’s nest for personal agendas? Our schools are no longer safe havens. Our marches for causes are fueled by political agendas. Who do we trust? Who is paying for Black Lives Matter? Who covers the cost of the loss of our Police Officers? 
I am saddened when I see community playgrounds unattended. Parks and Recreation Centers becoming extinct, and churches have more pews than people. What in the world is going on!? While there seems to be no earthly answers to these questions, we have overlooked the obvious. When we have come to the end of our rope, when all else seems loss, there is a plan for redemption.
There is a generation rising from the ashes who will not be as those who have marched before them. The children of this new generation will be wiser and more astute with resources than their fathers. They have heard their parents and grandparents speak far too harshly of Presidents Trump and Obama. They have heard the swearing off of both Democrats and Republicans. 
Today, this next generation are but innocent bystanders to the hate and racism perpetuating our society by mainstream media, police officers, activist and madness coming from every race. Their hearts are pure, and their deeds are yet to be done. They have rejected the confusion and have chosen to escape the insanity of their parents whom they now have very little respect for. 
These bystanders were almost confused until the light of a better future shone upon their souls. They have made their decision not to participate in our mental, racial, emotional, political and religious wars. These enlightened beings have come to this world to move it into the direction Our Father intended from the beginning and our country’s forefathers worked to achieve. This highly opinionated and enlightened generation will build a stronger more caring America through integrity and transparency. 
Come with me on a journey back to the future as we look inside of what the world will be under the leadership of these men and women by first taking a brief tour of history with the nation’s forefathers. 
To move forward; we must first go back to the foundation. 

  • They will be like George Washington who by history could swear and had bouts of anger especially when it came to someone disobeying orders; however, he was also known to be a man of prayer every night at 9 PM regardless of who was present, he is said to have excused himself to prayer.  
  • Benjamin Franklin was eccentric, yet who can deny his genius. He was not perfect given he enjoyed what was known as an air bath (allow his body to be refreshed by air on the first floor), regardless of who was watching. Yet, this did not prevent him from being both a scientific and political genius. Please keep on your clothes for “eyes” sake.
  • Thomas Jefferson made the quill and ink a master’s tool. However, when it came time to speak up and out, his words would get stuck in his throat. He was said to have been in Congress for over a year and had never given a speech. Yet, where would we be without his contribution? Can you believe a politician or a preacher with nothing to say?
  • John Adams seems to have been a man not after my own heart. He was highly critical of anyone who did not in his opinion measure up to the office for which they were elected including President Washington. I dare say, any of us would stand a chance in the eyes of John Adams today. Yet, we need those type of people who will view politicians under a microscope and demand more of them! 
  • James Madison was quite the philanthropist for his step son. He used his money to pay off his step-sons gambling debts and after his death, Dolly Madison had very little money.  It is said that Congress did a good deed (okay they really did). They bought John Madison’s Papers from his wife, Dolly. President Madison may have failed as a family man, but his contribution to the nation cannot be ignored. He helped to found this country and was elected president during wartimes. 
  • John Jay is not a name we hear a lot about as one of the Founding Fathers. He hated his job as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In those days, the justices had to travel to hear district cases and what a road trip that was! After negotiating a treaty with England, he resigned the following year, and became Governor of New York. It is said that John Adams after being elected President asked Jay to return to his old job; Jay declined the offer. John Jay was a brilliant thinker and refused to compromise who he was for the sake of a high office. 
  • Alexander Hamilton is one of the most admired leaders. As the Secretary-Treasurer in President Washington’s cabinet he was quite the influencer. As the leader of the Independent (Federalist Party) he remained an advisor to the highest office in the land and continued to influence legislation. When John Adams became President, it was discovered that his cabinet was taking their orders from Hamilton. True leadership builds confidence and it is apparent that Alexander Hamilton had won the confidence of leaders in Washington. 

This generation will look at these founding fathers and decide to become models for a new country, a new nation built upon decency and common sense. Like the pioneers before them; they will in no way be perfect however they will be precise. They will be dedicated, committed and determined to make this country what she deserves to be, happy and free. 
Diversity and reverse discrimination will be words unknown to them. They will see everyone as God intended; a living spirit worth saving. This nation will be a melting pot, and no one will fight to change that. This generation will wipe out prejudice as one would remove a stain from designer fabric. 
Through this new generation; Washington D.C. has become the center of a new government. The process of election is no longer the electoral votes but votes of confidence. This new government is really a return to the heart and core of this nation. They will be men and women given to prayer, and faith. They will look to God rather than corporate influence and deep pockets.
They are not working for the money; they have learned to make money work for them. They are not interested in the power and positions except where it allows them to have a voice in what happens to people. They are technologically advanced and would rather fly than drive a car. Not because it is the in-thing to do, but because it speeds up the process. 
While groups march and laws are tendered to keep some people out; this new breed of beings will find a way to cleanse the process of letting people in. This power generation will create synergism in government and democracy will once again be supreme. They will realize that to cleanse this nation of all foreigners will mean no one can be left in America but Native Americans to whom we will have to apologize and give their land back (another article).  
All is not lost, and God is still involved in our lives. What looks like a failure is God’s way of preparing us for a new generation of movers. A generation that will recognize the value of life and honor the opportunity to provide service to all human beings, not just those we like.  
There is light at the end of this tunnel and hope for America and the world. God will not leave us like this! We will not leave us like this. This generation has been born to not leave us – but to lead us! May God forever and always bless you and yours! 


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