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April 20, 2024





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Over the past four years, we have seen more people move into the realm of holistic healing than at any other time in history, and, as a holistic health practitioner, it is a very exciting movement to witness! We must offer a sincere “thank you” to the plandemic for doing such a wonderful job of scaring a significant portion of the population away from the Western medicine system.

The holistic health care approach is very different from the Western system and asks very different things of the participant: things that they are most likely completely unaware of and never saw coming and that they may or may not be ready for.

The first step involved with moving into the holistic healthcare process involves a willingness to look at the truth. It involves a deep dive into your conscious awareness. It involves changing the way you think and understand the body. It involves a relinquishing of the beliefs you have held for decades about the process of how healing works. It involves a financial commitment that most likely will not be covered by insurance. It involves a steadfast commitment to yourself and your own healing regardless of what may show up along the way. It involves the commitment of extra time taken out of your schedule to be put towards healing action steps. It involves a formidable faith in the Creator of all that is. If all of that is of interest to you, then dive in and take a listen to this first episode of the Body Talk series.

This first episode of the Body Talk series takes a very intense look into the cause of what illness represents which is a disconnect from the unified field of life – of all that is One. Being disconnected from the flow of life, energy becomes blocked and must now force itself through in a different way that is unnatural. In the end, that is ultimately the simplest way to understand what illness is and how it comes to be. As the series progresses, we will move into the “learning of the language” of the body and how that can allow you to grow into becoming your own greatest healer.

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  • Nichola Burnett

    Nichola Burnett has been practicing in the field of holistic health and wellness for 30 years and is the founder of Back to Balance Functional Wellness Center in Las Vegas, NV; a wellness center that utilizes Functional Medicine and Energy Medicine practices to assist people with addressing their health related challenges. As a Holistic Dietitian, Functional Medicine practitioner, and Medical Intuitive she feels she has many unique tools available to empower others on their journey towards ‘healing’ and ‘awakening’ – that process of dismantling ego attachments and moving one closer towards their Highest Truth. The foundation of her practice is based upon the basic concept of empowering people to take an active role in managing their own healing with protocols that focus on resolving physical ailments by addressing and correcting the root cause of the issue – not the symptom expression. Her passion lies in assisting others with their own healing process on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level using a variety of very practical and effective techniques and technologies used at her center to include: Body Scanning Devices, Thermography, Detoxification, Human Design, Neuromuscular Reeducation, Live Blood Nutrition Microscopy, Energy Work, Plasma Fields, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Scalar Technology (EESystem), Theta Chamber, and Nutrition Consulting to name a few.


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