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February 25, 2024





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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is determined to lead from the front when it comes to Covid. Florida is open for business, thanks to the governor’s policies and forward-thinking approach to handling the pandemic. But Covid isn’t the only place the governor is making news.

DeSantis recently took a front-row seat against the ‘war on free speech’ against the “Big Tech Oligarchs.” During a recent speech at the Tallahassee Capitol, DeSantis addressed the threat of Big Tech companies and how they silenced the American people’s voices, pledging that Florida Republicans would make sure there are action and accountability taken to protect the rights of the citizens of Florida.

DeSantis unleashed the most aggressive plans of legislative and regulatory solutions to enforce against Big Tech’s crimes of control and censorship. They will include new regulations as tools for the battle against Big Tech:

–  Mandatory opt-outs from Big Tech’s content filters, a solution to tech censorship first proposed by Breitbart News in 2018

–  A private right of action for Floridian citizens against tech companies that violate this condition

–  Fines of $100,000 per day levied on tech companies that suspend candidates for elected office in Florida from their platforms

–  Daily fines for any tech company “that use their content and user-related algorithms to suppress or prioritize the access of any content related to a political candidate or cause on the ballot”

–  Greater transparency requirements

–  Disclosure requirements enforced by Florida’s election authorities for tech companies that favor one candidate over another

–  Power for the Florida attorney general to bring cases against tech companies that violate these conditions under the state’s Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act

Governor DeSantis is a leader among Constitutional conservatives, fighting against the evils that plague America’s Republic.

“We need a new generation of leaders who will promote policies that will foster economic growth and alleviate the middle-class squeeze, defend America’s national security against those who threaten our people, reform the culture of Washington D.C. and reassert the constitutional principles that make our country unique,”  – Ron DeSantis.

Florida is flourishing at an enormous rate because people are waking up and realizing they want their lives to be filled with quality and living, not political favors and games of the Coivd-kind. DeSantis has accomplished so much in just a couple of years.

Florida is among the nation’s largest in job growth; improved infrastructure; seniors first; innovative school programs and other everyday issues are being revaluated under his leadership.

Florida’s 46th Governor leads the U.S. by example when it comes to cutting edge policies and common-sense values that benefit the people. This bad-ass warrior served our great nation as an officer and attorney in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, U.S. Navy (JAG). Being the leader and mental strategist that he is, he remedies the solutions in a no-nonsense way, especially during the bleak state of affairs America faces today.

Governor DeSantis is not only a political leader but also a family man and veteran. He is a graduate from both prestigious Yale University and Harvard Law School and is on a mission to cure the great state of Florida’s political ills. There is a high probability that he will serve another term as governor of Florida, and DeSantis may one day occupy 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue.

There’s been an epidemic of mass relocation happening throughout the U.S. Many Americans find themselves living within liberally infiltrated territories and are now leaving their roots of origin to relocate to the safety and protection of the great state of Florida; especially those from Governor Newsom’s California political; Sodom and Gomorrah and N.Y. Governor Cuomo’s Gotham City.

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