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June 16, 2024





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It’s a beautiful day in Northwest Florida, where I live, and as I sat on my Lanai, I thought to myself, it’s so sad that there are those who are more focused on the destruction than on the preservation.

I thought about the world and the devastation that we were experiencing, which was hard to understand. Then, I heard a clip of the war room of an interview with Yoram Hazony, and slowly, everything began to make sense. Let’s roll back the clock and examine the foreign policy of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. They believed you gained peace through strength. It worked. They believed that if your country was strong and you helped your allies be strong, your enemies would realize it was fruitless to start a war with you because if they did, they would be annihilated.

Unfortunately, that way of thinking did not bring the globalists the riches they felt entitled to. This group felt they should own and control all human activity. They craved power and money. A free-thinking populace would not enable them to control everything so they could maintain that power. They chose the combined philosophy of Marx, AKA Communism. Only communism gave them the power that they sought. They called their new form of Marxism a democracy. Then, these globalists divided the world and its people into classes. You are either the OPPRESSED or the OPPRESSOR. The oppressed can do anything: cheat, steal, burn, bomb, mutilate children, lie with NO consequences.  The Oppressor is tied by regulation, distribution of wealth, and massive consequences for the smallest infraction.   The goal is to level the playing field by stealing from the individuals who created it. All countries must be the same. The only way that they could control and maintain their power and money was through massive control of everything on the planet.

Their philosophy was to create a balance of power throughout the world. Every country on the planet, regardless of their resources, their philosophy should no longer exist, and everything should be controlled by the globalists, not the individual, the masses. They taught the children to destroy the Western culture as capitalism, and God was evil. They lowered standards through Affirmative Action and taught the people to become the silent majority. Never question the “experts”.   They chose Iran to be the central hub of the Middle East. They funded and propped up Iran.  They shot venom at Israel because Israel was proving that the policies of the globalists didn’t work. Israel committed the sin of becoming Westernized and successful and, therefore, must be eliminated just like Beirut, Lebanon, Libya, and any other Arab country aligning with the West.  The people had to be subservient. You can’t have the people being subservient if Israel was a role model. Biden will be giving arms to Israel as long as Israel promises not to give the guns to its citizens—no strings for Iran, a spider web for Israel. If you have not seen Police State, you must.

In order for their evil plan to work America and its riches, Israel and its riches had to be brought to its knees.  The playing field had to be leveled so that every country shared equally in poverty and that their own people, instead of being able to enhance their own country, had to be squashed. What better way to bring this philosophy to the billions of people on the planet than through education? What better way would be to use the idea that human beings would be the cause of the planet’s destruction due to climate change?  If every human activity can be blamed, the people, through guilt and a faulty education, would control and eliminate the objects themselves. The more these products cost, the more they make. Overreaching expensive, non-working regulations would destroy the economy. Income would be greatly diminished, and the people would rely more and more on the government. Famines, abortion, drugs, and war will control the population and bring it to a manageable number. The philosophy that human beings are evil and the cause of devastating climate events was fed to the world. Man can not control the weather. Maybe a little here and there, but an earthquake, a volcano, a hurricane, a tornado, or mother nature cannot be controlled by man. And so the globalists built their never-ending quest to punish and eliminate mankind while they increased their control and riches. COVID mandates proved they were right. If you scare the people enough, they will restrict themselves and turn on their neighbors.

Controlling the conversation through big tech and the media enables election manipulation so their people get into office.  Hidden in the Infrastructure and Jobs Act, which was recently signed without being read, Biden looks for control of the internet. Any Republican signing that bill should be primaried out of existence.  Read Commissioner Carr’s letter of opposition to more government control. If this is implemented, there will be no more free speech.

I listen to Donald Trump’s last speech. He listed all of the devastating things that have happened in America in the last three and a half years by this group that has no desire to do anything other than destroy and control and gain the power and riches that the country has to offer. People are beginning to recognize the devastation of affirmative action, the devastation of killing babies through abortion as we have destroyed our population, the devastation of buying our oil from our enemies instead of utilizing the fabulous riches of our own country, and the devastation of an open border so that we can now be threatened by the very people we gave safe harbor. Listen to the pro-Hamas demonstration The debt is overwhelming, and if it is not stopped, we will be like Argentina at hundred plus percent inflation and growing. I do believe that we, the American people, are beginning to see and understand what is going on. Still, we can no longer rely upon the ruling class who is hell-bent on the destruction of America for their own selfish reason.

Frank DeVarona, historian, author, activist. Articles found in

Gold Star Mom, author, Podcast Host, Quantum Warrior Show

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