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February 24, 2024





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Anthony Fauci told CNN the other day that his biggest regret with the handling of Covid-19 was that the response was piecemeal, led by state Governors. If he could do it again, he would have shut the country down faster, longer, and more completely than even the most severe state shutdowns, with mask mandates that would have gone further and longer than mask mandates went.

 The insidious thing about this statement is that it goes against the very science Anthony Fauci claims to be the living embodiment of ⏤ according to an extensive, peer-reviewed study conducted by John Hopkins, masks did very little to slow the spread, and the lockdowns were completely ineffective.

So what would Anthony Fauci do if he could have a do-over? Far more of what we now know ⏤ does not work.

Against that backdrop, we also learned the other day that the CDC worked hand-in-hand with the largest teacher’s unions on when and how to re-open schools. The CDC said it was safe to do so, and that keeping students out of school was very harmful to students, to the effect of lowering their collective income potential by a whopping 12 trillion dollars. The teacher’s unions told the CDC that teachers liked working from home and liked the control masks provided (in spite of the CDC finding that wearing masks stunted student development, and particularly the speaking abilities of young children). Not only did the CDC side with teacher’s unions over science, but today the CDC says that doing as unions ask is the way things are supposed to work, and that ‘the problem with the former administration is that they did not work that way.’

We handled Covid based on the desires of special interests, just as we do everything else. The left blames capitalism, but we have not been a capitalist society for more than 100 years. We run on corruptionalism, or cronyism, or whatever else you want to call it when the government picks the winners and losers based on whoever donates the most, and based on whoever gives the best insider information. Government does not exercise power in the interests of the people, but in the interests of those in government.

Note that as AOC continuously attacks ‘the rich,’ she has, in the span of a few short years, amassed a net worth of $25 million. AOC is everything she purports to hate, ‘literally.’

Now we suddenly don’t have definitions for such words as ‘woman’ or ‘recession.’ We are told that freedom is fascist (Hitler was apparently a libertarian), and racism is suddenly the belief that people should be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

The one thing our government has taught us, in no uncertain terms, is that it cannot be trusted. Our government lies to us constantly – to our faces – and does not even give us the common courtesy anymore of trying to hide it.

The FBI investigates parents, but not treasonous business ventures conducted by the President’s son, who is currently selling oil from our strategic reserves to the CCP while you pay five dollars for a gallon of gas.

The CCP declared unrestricted biological, economic, and information warfare against the United States two years before Covid-19 hit, and we now know that Mr. Science himself – who wants to lock us down much more severely than he did before – was directly involved with the creation and weaponization of that disease.

The Department of Justice refuses to enforce the law while prosecuting people who have not violated the law, and then threatens to go after anyone who does not go along with their favored narrative.

We are at war with the CCP, and our own government is on China’s side. 

Our country is, quite literally, committing economic, cultural, and political suicide.

This is not just our problem, either. Canada is far further down the fascist road than we are, with Justin Trudeau suspending Parliament for a couple of weeks in February to put down a trucker protest in Ottawa. Supporters of the movement had their bank accounts and credit lines frozen, sending a message through Canada – resist and you will not eat.

I should mention that Canada’s mask restrictions were so strict that truckers were required to wear masks even when driving alone in their rigs.

Trudeau has taken to telling Canadians what ‘real’ Canadians do, and what ‘real’ Canadians believe, deciding that those who question his edicts are not ‘real’ Canadians, and even questioning their Canadian citizenship. Freedom of speech in Canada is now non-existent. People can be convicted of saying the wrong things. Speech can be a crime even when things are spoken within one’s own home, and children are encouraged in schools to rat out their parents.

Canada, as we know it, is gone.

And the media, of course, says nothing.

And let’s talk about China, from whom the Biden family has taken as much money as from Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world combined. China is in the middle of the biggest economic collapse in world history, with a $9.2 trillion housing bubble bursting, erasing 35% of their GDP and unleashing a debt collapse four times as bad as 2008, on an economy that is half the size of ours.

My guess is that China’s economy will contract by half, and will not grow for twenty or thirty years, by which time Taipei may be the capital unless mainland China spends its twilight months invading Taiwan.

As for Taiwan, the Biden Administration leaked that Nancy Pelosi might visit, triggering China to threaten to shoot down her plane. How’s that for diplomacy?

Never forget that had Mao never come to power, and the government of Taipei still controlled all of China, China’s economy would be 3.5 times that of the United States, with a population on par with ours in terms of wealth.

I’ve often wondered what it is about totalitarianism that makes it such an easy sell, in spite of the fact that it does not work. I believe the reason to be that conservative values are based on freedom and opportunity. It takes a certain level of logic and reason to understand the mechanisms that allow freedom to breed opportunity, such that lives can improve.

It is, in the meantime, very easy to say things like, “I believe in PEOPLE and will NOT let your desire for FREEDUMB exclude PEOPLE from access to HEALTHCARE and FOOD!!!!!”

Such a statement is clever in many ways, even as it is misleading. First, it ridicules freedom, and personalizes freedom in a way that makes freedom about greed and excess – those who want liberty are portrayed as the ‘I have mine and screw the rest of you’ crowd.

Second, it conflates freedom and conservative values in general, with pain, suffering, and starvation. It essentially says, “People are sick, injured, and hungry because YOU DO NOT CARE!!!”

Third, it is purely moralistic. It offers no mechanisms and requires no sense of logic or reason. It, rather, creates a false binary between freedom and survival, without any indication of how those things may, or may not be, related. It implies a simple choice:  if you are for freedom, you must be against survival.

Fourth, it implies, without stating, that being against government-providing things is the same as being against those things being provided. It implies that being against a government takeover of medical care is the same as being against having medical care provided, and that being against a government takeover of the food industry is the same as being against having food.

Most importantly… It encourages conservatives to use logic and reason to deconstruct the statement, such that we can rip it apart (exactly as I just did).

Ronald Reagan once said, “If you are explaining, you are losing.” When we focus solely on logic and reason without pivoting to morality, we cede the moral high ground and turn off the electorate. 

Much of the electorate does not have the time nor the patience to listen to logic and reason. They just want to do the right thing. In this way, the Democrats are better at messaging.

Getting better at our moral communication is not difficult. We just have to learn to pack our logical, well-reasoned arguments in a moral sandwich. Start with a moral claim, back it with reason and logic, and then restate it at the end.

Instead of ‘socialism would be great if it worked,’ followed by a bunch of arguments about how socialism cannot work, say, ‘socialism has killed more people than smallpox, and it makes people no more important than farm animals,” followed by all of the logical arguments making THAT statement true. Finally, restate the fact that socialism is evil, as it kills more effectively than do plagues.

If we want to win in the long term, we need to convince people that growing government is morally wrong.

And we need to win now. The enemy is not at the gates, but among us. China is at war with us, and for the most part, our leadership – the leadership of the entire Western World – is on their side.

Anthony Fauci wants to lock us up again. Perhaps we should lock him up instead.

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