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Since he first became involved in the health freedom movement related to COVID-19, I have observed firsthand how Robert W. Malone, MD, has been attacking leaders of the movement in person, in the media, and on his substack. He has made legal threats, and recently his lawyer has sent very threatening formal Demand Letters to at least two health freedom leaders to stop their alleged defamations and to pay him money.1 The Demand Letters will be released later.

Dr. Malone Attacks Physician Scientists Drs. Harvey Risch and Peter A McCullough

Dr. Malone’s attacks on the health freedom leadership massively heated up on May 3, 2022, in his substack titled Power and Strategy of False Narratives ( Dr. Malone angrily tried to discredit and ridicule Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, and Harvey Risch, MD, Ph.D. It is no exaggeration to say that these two men are among the most respected, honorable, and important physicians and scientists in the world today. Many consider them the medical leaders of the health freedom movement. Their credentials and their scientific publications are stunning. 

Dr. McCullough is a dear friend and a hero to us. I frequently describe him on the air as the most important and most courageous scientist in the health freedom movement and even in the entire worldwide medical community at this critical time in history. McCullough has endured significant hardships that less courageous and less ethical physicians and scientists have avoided by not speaking out. For Malone to add to Dr. McCullough’s burdens, or even to distract him in any way, is a tragic betrayal of a man who initially welcomed him into the movement.

We do not know Harvey Risch, MD, Ph.D., as well as Dr. McCullough, but I have had the honor to formally interview Dr. Risch and talk with him privately. He shares with Dr. McCullough a genuineness and a gentleness that is uncommon in very successful physicians and academics. Like nearly everyone in the health freedom movement, we have followed his amazingly insightful and accurate analyses of COVID-19. Dr. Risch is one of the most dignified, honorable, brave, and effective physicians and scientists that most of us have ever known. And like Dr. McCullough, he is an outstanding worldwide health freedom movement leader and an individual who cordially tries to avoid professional conflicts.

Malone’s Excuse for Attacking Drs. McCullough and Risch

Malone generally attacks people whom he sees as in professional competition with him or who have criticized him, especially about his concept of “mass psychosis.” Along with many others, we have been concerned that his personally invented diagnosis of “mass psychosis” will be “weaponized” and used to psychiatrically attack those who reject the establishment narrative about its intentions. We are also concerned that Malone’s rejection of research confirming well-established conspiracies among the wealthiest and most powerful elite and institutions will prevent victims of oppression from identifying and dealing with their oppressors. Overall, many are concerned that the concept “mass psychosis” will blunt the health freedom and the overall freedom movement by blaming “totalitarianism” on the victims rather than on enemies we can identify and defeat.3

Despite the importance of the above controversies and criticisms of Malone, Malone’s attacks on his critics are usually on them personally while ignoring the issues. Here are Malone’s expressed reasons for attacking Drs. McCullough and Risch:

“On a related note, I learned last night that Drs. Peter McCullough and Harvey Risch have joined a company that is promoting overpriced vitamins, nutraceuticals, and telemedicine. The Wellness Company. This firm is headed up by a physician formerly with the Global Covid Summit group, and is now quite antagonistic to us. This firm is controlled by Mr. Foster Colson, head of the Colson group…”

Malone probably learned about the new company because Drs. McCullough and Risch were on journalist Christine Dolan’s show, the night of October 2, 2022, openly discussing their project.4

The Wellness Company is based partly on the now-deceased physician Zev Zelenko, his ideas, and his proven supplements: “This was one of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s final projects, and something that he strongly believed was necessary to revolutionize the entire landscape of healthcare.”  Mission Statement– The Wellness Company (

Zev Zelenko, MD, was one of the bravest, most resourceful, and most pioneering members of all the heroes of the freedom movement. He also made among the greatest personal, professional, and financial sacrifices. Along with Dr. McCullough, he was another dear friend of ours—like family to us—and he helped me to reach closer to God. 

It is distressing that Malone is now attacking not only a source of income for Drs. McCullough and Risch, but also for Zev Zelenko’s large, bereaved family. The Wellness Company is also a source of valuable, trustworthy services for a public in great need of them.

What also rankles is that Malone’s Deep State connections, which enabled him to gather 10 billion dollars in grants in one five-year period, have almost certainly made him a multi-millionaire.5 Despite his wealth, which in some people produces humility and a desire to help, Malone wants to malign two men who continue to give so much to the freedom health movement and hamper their efforts to participate in an honorable and highly ethical business.

The third Wellness Company member he ridicules, Foster Colson, is a wealthy entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of the company, and the quality of his organization speaks to a substantial investment.

Why is Malone attacking these two men? I suspect it’s because, whatever they thought in the past, they no longer support Malone’s dangerous ideology.   

Malone’s History of Attacking Competitors and Critics

In addition to Malone’s recent attacks on Drs. McCullough and Risch, and in addition to attacking me, he has also attacked courageous journalists Stew Peters and pioneering researcher Dr. Jane Ruby, both leaders in the health freedom movement.6 He has also recently attacked Clay Clark,7 developer of the amazing Reawaken America tour. All three have hosted critics of Dr. Malone’s concept of mass psychosis on their shows or venues, and Stew Peters and Jane Ruby have themselves been critical of Malone’s ideology.  

According to my recent conversations with Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. and her closest supporters, Malone has attacked the virology researcher. Dr. Mikovits is one the most revered, good-natured, and gentle people in the health freedom movement and star of the documentary film Plandemic, which more than one billion people have seen. She, too has been critical of Malone’s concepts. 

Malone has called my relationships with Stew Peters, Dr. Jane Ruby, and Judy Mikovits a conspiracy to attack him. In reality, Dr. Mikovits, who helped orient me to the field of virology in relation to COVID-19, is a longstanding friend; but until Malone recently attacked Judy, we never discussed him. Stew and Dr. Ruby each knew me casually from a few media interviews but never had any serious off-camera discussions until Malone recently attacked the three of us on the same radio show. 

Except for Malone’s attack on Drs. Risch and McCullough, I have not discussed the details of his verbal assaults on people. I have cited the sources, but I will not repeat such outlandish slurs.

Malone has also attacked Alex Berenson, hinting that Berenson has a mental disorder, which I will not name.8 It is against the AMA regulations for a physician to diagnose a public figure that the doctor has not evaluated.9 It is even worse for a physician to do it to gain an advantage over the other person in a conflict. Berenson is another leader in the health freedom movement, a former New York Times science writer, and probably the first and most effective mainstream journalist to dare to criticize the prevailing COVID-19 narrative.

At this point, it appears that Dr. Malone is trying to bully the leadership of the movement into stopping any criticism of his ideology.

A Great Journalist—Writer—Historian Was Among the First to Suspect Malone

Malone’s escalating attacks on leaders of the health freedom movement, and the disruption he is causing, are consistent with the early observations and predictions by journalist and researcher Diana West. Diana is the author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character (2013), a book that digs deeply into the infiltration of the Roosevelt administration and the West by Communists during World War II and thereafter. It is one of the most important books I have ever read and years ago helped prepare me to research and write COVID-19 and the Global Predators (2021) with my wife, Ginger.

I’m not at all suggesting, and I do not believe that Malone is a Communist. But Malone himself has admitted that many people have feared that his true allegiance is with the establishment, making him “controlled opposition” planted in the group but serving the establishment. Malone occasionally brings up this accusation, and he has tried to defend himself against it.10

On January 28, 2022, Diana published what is still the most ominous and thorough analysis of Malone’s Deep State background and his activities within the health freedom group. She published her report on January 28, 2022, at a time when she and I had lost touch with each other, and we were not aware we were both examining Dr. Malone’s work. She titled her detailed essay “Dr. Robert Malone: A Risk Analysis,” which should be read by all concerned.11 Here is one sequence of her observations: 

Did Robert Malone, Mr. mRNA himself, come out and warn the American public against the hasty, unsafe coronavirus mRNA “vaccine”? No. I guess he abandoned his own risk assessment, because he also says he got “jabbed” himself early on and “almost died” of his second Moderna shot.

Did he warn the public about that? No.

I would like to know why not. Listening to that same fall 2021 Malone-Peters interview, I wondered if the reason might be because he did not want to interrupt a sequence of planned events.

Listen to Malone describe what many of us call the “plandemic:”

“Where I’m at now is what we’re observing is a scripted response that has been pioneered in multiple war games by a small cadre of individuals, largely at Johns Hopkins University, largely funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and the World Economic Forum – that’s all true — involving multiple government officials. And as the war games become more sophisticated — and I’ve participated in some of these, too. However, not the Hopkins‘ one, and that’s, that’s why the strategy that Peter [Navarro] and I have advocated (of course, we were labeled right-wing kooks) in the Washington Times is still a very balanced approach: jab the elders and the ones at high risk.”

That’s some pretty jaw-dropping information flowing there, at least right up to a sentence-ending non-sequiturs about his balanced approach to the “jab.”

Diana concludes:

My own “risk assessment”?

Something tells me “the current data” is sure to change, Robert Malone should not be at the helm, and I don’t want to let time go by before mentioning it. [Emphases added]

Malone’s Documented History of Threatening People Who Criticize or Seemingly Compete with Him for Attention

Malone has been attacking and intimidating people who are not even in the freedom movement but who threaten him in some way.   

The February 19, 2022, issue of The Scientist  summarizes one encounter:12

Malone has also pursued people who have disagreed with him or have not given him what he says is due credit. In mid-2021, biochemist and mRNA-vaccine co-developer Katalin Karikó, who has been featured in multiple news stories about the vaccines, told The Atlantic,13 that Malone had emailed her to accuse her of inflating her accomplishments. “This is not going to end well,” he told her in the email. Malone told the Atlantic that the message was not intended as a threat. [emphases added]

Would you feel threatened if someone who was in angry conflict with you warned you in writing, “This is not going to end well”?

I am not trying to make a personal attack on Malone but to document that he—and not this writer—has been the attacker, not only against me, but against many people in our movement. 

We are not motivated by personal animosity. Both my wife Ginger and I have spent many decades standing up for freedom, sometimes at grave risk to ourselves, and we would have burned out if we harbored anger and resentment. I have given more time to my volunteer reform work than to any other single aspect of my life since I began volunteering in a state mental hospital as a Harvard student in 1954.14 And, of course, he only attacked me earlier because my background as a psychiatrist and historian of psychiatry prepared me to see the dangers in his pushing his concept of “mass psychosis” on the world.

Many people are now aware of the dangers in Malone’s concept of “mass psychosis” but did not speak out until we criticized Desmet’s book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, which provided some of the intellectual basis for Malone’s concept of “mass psychosis.” As we document in this report, even Mattias Desmet is critical of Malone’s use of “mass psychosis” (see below).

Desmet’s Reluctance About Malone’s Invented Concept of Mass Psychosis

We have strong evidence that Dr. Malone did invent “mass psychosis”—or at least is promoting it on someone else’s behalf—but Malone has become increasingly adamant, including currently,15 saying that Desmet and other people invented it. Is he turning on his partner Desmet, and if so, why?  

At least two videos in 2022 show conversations between Malone and Desmet, which confirm Malone’s authorship of the concept of “mass psychosis.” In the videos, Desmet tries to distance himself from it by citing “ethical” and other  differences in meaning from what Malone is trying to say with the word “psychosis.” This is from a European documentary about Desmet and Malone:16

Headwind 2 – The Round Table

Desmet: And then Robert mentioned me at the Joe Rogan’s [famous podcast], and he added the term to the term mass formation. And that was very successful, I think. It made me famous around the world.


Malone: Or infamous—

Desmet: Or infamous, yes.

Desmet: [to Malone] I doubt it a little bit–

Interviewer: The term, the term that he added was? [over laughter] The term that he added was?

Desmet: Psychosis. Psychosis. So, I always use the term mass formation. Just referring actually–simply to the formation of a mass or a crowd in a society and then Robert added the term psychosis to it. Which made it a little more sensational, I think.

Interviewer: [interrupts and laughs] Edgy—

Desmet: And made it spread around the world, but of course, at the same time, it may be added, well, from an ethical, pragmatic, and intellectual point of view ah it makes the term have a different meaning or a different connotation it depends a little bit. But it was a—a very good move to make the theory famous around the world, yeah?

The mood is light-hearted, with frequent and often self-conscious laughs. Both men seem to agree that the fame more than justifies using the term “mass psychosis” despite Desmet’s “ethical, pragmatic and intellectual” concerns. 

Here are Desmet and Malone again in a separate video on January 4, 2022:17

Malone: Ah, that’s my summary of my understanding of his [Desmet’s] teaching. Now please, fix me fix what I got wrong.

Desmet: Ah I agree with pretty much everything you said, Robert. I would underline a few small differences such as the fact—and add some things, of course, here and there. For instance, I didn’t use the term mass formation psychosis. I prefer the term mass formation because in my opinion as a psychologist, a clinical psychologist you have to be very careful with using diagnostic terms because they can easily have a stigmatizing meaning and [Malone vigorously holds his hands up as if to say “stop”] they are both an-an unethical—an unethical—from an ethical and also from a pragmatic perspective can they be a little counterproductive, I think. Um, but a—

Malone: If can interduct [sic] to your point I just had that discussion with Brett Weinstein half an hour ago and he made exactly the same comment is that is that the term psychosis is inherently creating a barrier to ah comprehension and acceptance of the theory by those that might be ah threatened by the use of that term for exactly what you’re saying. So thank you for that reprimanding correction–

In these videos, it is taken for granted that Malone invented the concept and then promoted it, but that Desmet has serious concerns about it. Perhaps Malone is trying to deflect the severe criticism of his using the concept, but he shows no signs of retracting it. This is confusing, of course, but what really matters is that Malone by himself is responsible for getting world attention with the clever but dangerous phrase, “mass psychosis.”

Compared to who is pushing it now, it is not nearly as important to know who invented the term “mass psychosis” or who used it first. What matters now is Dr. Malone has been using his medical authority to make the concept famous and is pushing it with all his might in the face, as he admits, of criticism from many people, including Desmet.

Malone’s Friend Calls on Him to Let Go Of “Mass Psychosis”

In the same recent substack, Malone attacked his own “trusted colleague and supporter,” who suggested that Malone give up the concept of mass psychosis because so many people are concerned about it and urged trying to find common ground. Here is Malone’s excerpt from the message from his close unnamed associate:18

“The addition of psychosis to that phrase has caused psychiatrist[s] like Breggin to protect against what they fear is the “weaponization of psychiatry.” I know Mattias (and I assume you) is against the use of the word, but it needs to be made very clear out there. Apparently, in the documentary that featured the both of you, there was something said in jest about the use of “psychosis.” I’ve not seen this moment, but from what I’ve heard, the way this was expressed, with laughter, has raised concerns that it was an intentional ploy to gain attention. Does Mattias say something to the effect of, “it made me famous?” That’s was [sic] one persons interpretation, which might be totally off. I don’t know.”

After quoting this and other advice from his friend, Malone expresses his hurt and anger, and seemingly tries to make his colleague feel guilty for adding to Malone’s suffering (which is a  repeated theme in his substacks): 

“Well, there it is. The false narrative being promoted by detractors has come back at me stated as truth from a supporter, who (with the best of intent) is offering to mediate a resolution to a bunch of lies. And having read it while on the stage, getting ready to speak, I decided to respond. That was probably the wrong decision, but this text message was like a mind worm—once infected, my mind could not let it rest.”  (bold in original)

Malone quotes his unnamed “trusted colleague and supporter” at such length, it was easy for me to identify him. He, too is very important to the health freedom movement and, like others, we have described as under Malone’s attack, is a very gentle soul who was taking an uncharacteristic risk by making suggestions to his friend Malone about his conduct. 

A Final Question

Finally, we must ask, “Why would Robert Malone—who has shown no prior interest in the psychological basis of politics, or in either psychology or politics for that matter—seem to invent and then insist on publicizing such an extreme and even bizarre concept? Why would he do so, even to the point of unethically attacking others who are critical of it? How has this concept become so central to his identity, purposes, or goals? 

It seems unlikely he is promoting and so vigorously defending mass psychosis out of his own self-interest or personal commitment. As far as we can ascertain, this kind of subject is not a part of his lifestyle or history, and, as documented in this report, he even denies what seems to be his admitted authorship of it. 

But as a psychiatrist with decades of expertise in the arena of politicizing and weaponizing psychiatry, I am deeply concerned that the diagnosis of mass psychosis is ideal for weaponizing psychiatry for the diagnosis of dissenters for mass incarceration and abuse. Many of us in the U.S. and Europe suspect that the origin of “mass psychosis” is from within the establishment enemies of individual and political freedom—from the same government and industry connections which Malone himself has thoroughly documented and even boasted about in his resumes and elsewhere.19

It is becoming more apparent that Malone’s agenda goes beyond supporting the dangerous concept of  “mass psychosis.” It now appears that he is trying, one by one, to take down the leadership of the health freedom movement. This would fit with the suspicions that others, like Diana West, have had about him—that he is here precisely to undermine the health freedom movement. If so, he is now zeroing in on the goal by attacking the leaders, hoping to demoralize and divide them.

1 “A demand letter is a formal notice sent to request assets, money, or legal action from another person as a last attempt to solve an issue without going to court.”  I have read one letter.
2 Power and Strategy of False Narratives ( See the third from last paragraph.
3 For our publications and other resources on Desmet and Malone, go to our special section on our website ( at Unless he’s somehow lost all his money, he is a multi-millionaire based on working for the drug companies and the Deep State, which are crushing America and which the freedom movements are fighting.
4 LIVESTREAM REPLAY: The Globalists In Plain Sight! 10/2/22 – CD Media (
5 | Threats from Mass Formations and Mass Psychosis Entry No. 8 on the page.
6 Two of the recent attacks on many leaders, including Peters and Ruby are (1) Malone’s substack  (2) his radio interview by John B. Wells. Intellectual Rape – John B Wells LIVE ( It also aired on many radio stations: Classic Late Night Talk Radio Archives | Ark Midnight
7 I have seen the emails and talked with Clay Clark.
9 Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 8.12.
13 Robert Malone: Vaccine Scientist, Vaccine Skeptic – The Atlantic
14 Here’s are introductions to my reform work on from the “About” section.  My extensive resume:; a short bio:;  psychiatric reform accomplishments:; what people say about Dr. Breggin:
 Power and Strategy of False Narratives (
16 Original full feature with Mattias Desmet, Robert Malone and Geert Vanden Bossche. Headwind 2 – The Round Table on Headwind.TV. 2022
17  January 4, 2022.
19 Malone’s contacts over his professional lifetime are extremely extensive with institutions unfriendly or hostile to the freedom movement, including Big Pharma, Deep State (including Fauci’s and NIAID), and Big Government (including Department of Defense funding of his personal consulting firm and publically discussed CIA contacts). He says he has been shedding these contacts and when we found his connection to NIH ACTIV (the Great Reset organized within the government), he claimed he has recently given up that one, too. Documentation of his affiliations and sources of income can be found in items 5-8 at


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george leskody
george leskody
1 year ago

After reading Dr. Malone’s sub-stack article and many other articles by him I don’t see where he attacked anyone of the leading scientists in the fight to expose the Covid vaccine fraud. I think Dr. Breggin & company need reevaluate who is with them and I assuredly thing Malone is one who is rather then try and splinter a movement to right the wrong that the governments, big Pharma, and NGOs of the world have perpetrated on the people of the world. Unite don’t fight!

Reply to  george leskody
1 year ago

Of course you’re not going to read any self-incriminating information on Dr. Malone’s substack you moron! Besides you’re not the one being sued now for 25 million. You have no idea about asymmetric warfare you naiive dolt. I also doubt you read Diane West’s piece on Malone in January 2022. Dr. Breggin has no need to reevaluate who his enemies are. He can identify them far easier than you having had to deal with sociopaths and psychopaths running the psychiatric institutions he managed to get shut down.

Reply to  Parzival
1 year ago

If this is the manner in which you defend the honor and integrity of an individual; name calling, insults, supposition, assumption, etc, I would suggest that individual would be much better off without your help; you’ve only made it worse.

1 year ago

I have to take issue with the claim in this article that Malone invented the concept of Mass Psychosis.

It is very very clear in the interviews that the chronological order was Mattheus Desmit spoke with Chris Martenson on Peak Prospeerity about Mass Formation.

Behind the scenes, possible by Martenson, Robert Malone was directed to examine Desmit’s work. He found it to produce a framework he found useful and then referenced it (incorrectly, with regard to title, saying Psychosis instead of Formation) in subsequent interviews including Rogan.

I watched Malone and Desmit appear together on subsequent interview of which you have quoted in this article; at no point at all was it suggested this concept was Malone’s. It was clear as day it was Desmit’s work that Malone was repeating as best as he could.

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH
Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH
Reply to  Robert
1 year ago

Malone is VERY clear in every interview that I have read or heard that he did NOT “invent” the concepts behind mass formation. He always (!) acknowledges the work of Matteus Desmit for this.

While I too am concerned that Malone was critical of McCullough and Risch for creating a “conflict of interest” by promoting a line of vitamins, there is a HUGE difference in this minor critique and the vicious attack that the Breggins have issued against Malone.

Reply to  Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH
1 year ago

Yes, he acknowledges the concept of “mass formation,” but added the element of “mass psychosis,” which really isn’t a new phrase, has been used in the past to describe the horrors of WW2 & Stalin (for example). Desmit himself took umbrage at the use of the word “psychosis.”

Orli Orli
Orli Orli
1 year ago

Certainly “mass psychosis” is a very dangerous term, that can be easily added to “mental illness” labels from the cabal of orthodox psychiatry (the ones that their main goal is to ensure pharmaceutical companies have drugadicts for life knowing they have not cure anyone for more than 60 years now, delusional psychiatrist) of course my beloved Dr Breggin and Ginger have all my respects!
Dr Breggin has a good point in become public on this, for me psychiatry is part of the machinery behind “the pandemic” with lots of experience in isolating patients, lie to them, jab with poison drugs, inventing illness as covid invention, personal lockdowns, isolating the patient from family and friends and as this turning the victims on culprit s! Anything that supports the orthodox psychiatrist and main psychiatry is as DANGEROUS as Covid jab! Thank you Dr Breggin for the courage to public this article 💙🌹🕯️

Chris Chambers
Chris Chambers
1 year ago

Hmmm. In your later article after you were sued:

you claim that you didn’t name Malone, or at least said nothing about him personally. Well right here you are attacking him personally, weeks before he filed the lawsuit. And your characterization of his “attacks” on Peter McCullough are wildly exaggerated.

While I don’t agree with a lawsuit, at all, based on what I’ve seen so far, I haven’t read all the details and I’m not going to either. From this commentary and your later commentary I linked above, the whining about the use of the word “psychosis” is absolutely ridiculous. Even if Desmet himself takes issue with it, you and everyone else in your field participating in the whining needs to get outside of your little bubble world and think about the masses that actually matter.

What you and the rest of your peers in your largely pseudo-scientific field fail to grasp is that it’s not about you. It’s about reaching the gullible masses. Your almost infantile quibbling over terminology is a joke. In many cases words absolutely do matter. When it comes to arbitrarily defined terms in a pseudo-scientific field, the term does not matter. On a related side note, how many in your field have been prescribing or recommending SSRIs, and now we know serotonin levels are NOT linked to depression???

Whether the term is “psychosis”, “gullibility”, “ignorance”, or just basic “stupidity” is fairly irrelevant. The issue is how do you stop it. Stop fixating on your pseudo-scientific terminology and worry about how you educate the deluded masses. To the extent that it attracts extra attention, the use of the word “psychosis” is useful. Any little mental anguish you have over the use of the term, based on your little bubble world, is completely irrelevant and is worse than non value added when you spout off about it publicly.

And oh BTW, you should never, EVER, excuse the masses for their ignorance, gullibility, etc. when there are numerous sources of factual information out there for them to consume, instead of left wing fascist sources that are spouting party propaganda.

Reply to  Chris Chambers
11 months ago

Even better than that, how about if Malone retract his lawsuit? You criticize the Breggins for personal attacks against Malone. How would you feel if, by the calling out of the addition of the term “psychosis,” (which by your own reckoning is “irrelevant”) your life came to a stop while you had to deal with a nuisance lawsuit of a cool $25M?

Don’t think you would be feeling all that charitable. Get it straight. They are the aggrieved party, and you acting like it’s all about them is b.s. It is Robert Malone that is guilty of that very thing. They are trying to defend themselves, and they haven’t gotten down and dirty about it (failure to name the “trusted colleague,” failure to specify what Malone said about Berenson).

Oh, and Dr. Breggin is not a fan of SSRIs and has nothing to answer for. He was one of the first to speak out against Prozac. So do you even know your facts? I became aware of him because of his fine work in his call to reduce the use of medicines in psychiatry.

I might add that Dr. Jane Ruby is also being sued for the same amount (something along the lines that she said he has ties to the CIA.) Does he have that much money that he can do this–or is one of his deep state people bankrolling him in this? Because surely this will make people think twice about saying anything about him.

Makes sense that he is trying to take over the leadership of the anti-covid vax movement while failing to make clear his “contribution” was the lipid hydrogel nanoparticle.

1 year ago

I am saddened to hear of this. I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks to you and Ginger for your sacrifice in standing on principle and integrity. You have the credentials and insight to call out this seemingly innocent term “mass formation psychosis”. I’ve seen you make the argument against its use in interviews—most recently with Dr. Naomi Wolf. Even she was shocked when you walked her through your point of view. I have nothing to offer but my prayers of support for you, your wife and your work. God will continue to protect, bless and keep you. Many thanks, Dr. Breggin.

1 year ago

If that quote is accurate, it is true that Well Company supplements, and those of Zelenko – his “Z-stack” which is sold on Wellness Co. – are grossly overpriced. For the price of one month’s supply of Z-stack, one can buy about 4 months’ worth of high quality supplements of the exact same ingredients (D-3, C, Zinc, Quercetin) elsewhere. Zelenko did some great work, as do McCullough and others, but Z-Stack (and most similar “Dr So-and-So’s Special Blend” Wellness Co. vitamin combos from what I’ve seen) is an overpriced grift.

Reply to  Dennis
1 year ago

It’s a price one generally pays for convenience. Dr. Zelenko offered Z-stack, but also the “recipe” of Vitamin D3, Zink and Quercitin so you could make it yourself cheaply, if you wished. No other pharmaceutical company would do something so generous and unselfish

Chris Chambers
Chris Chambers
Reply to  Marion
1 year ago

There’s nothing at all wrong with a profit motive. It doesn’t have to be “generous and unselfish”, it just has to contain the claimed ingredients and it should have the claimed benefits.

And regardless of whether it meets all of the above, Dennis’s point about it being overpriced is correct. The specialized combos like this are ALWAYS way more expensive than buying the components yourself. “grift” is probably not appropriate.

Caroline R
Caroline R
1 year ago

It’s good to hear Dr Breggin’s opinion about Matthias Desmet’s book and theory.
I’m naive about some things, and appreciate a more critical eye to appraise the information and the situation.
Dr Breggin’s observations about Robert Malone, and the information about his professional CV are interesting. Malone doesn’t fit in with everyone else, and I put that down to his personality, and thought nothing more of it. Dr Pierre Kory and Del Bigtree have been open about their previous democratic party support and recent departure, and reasons why.
Malone keeps his cards close to his chest, and doesn’t ever speak about politics or faith, or refer to faith as a motivational force in his life, unlike 90% of the freedom fighters.
Malone seems to be hedging his bets, and perhaps he does have ambitions of a place in a government agency. Good for him, but everything in the government agencies is so corrupt, it’s not an enticing prospect.

I’m not sure what to make of him, but this ferocious spiteful litigation seems way over the top, and I don’t understand why he would do this.
Why didn’t he ask to meet with the Breggins and discuss it?
Freedom loving people need to stand together and try to sort things out.

Perhaps Malone doesn’t appreciate anyone digging into the details of his life, as he is a closed book, and usually very considered about each word that he utters in interviews. Is this why he’s suing so aggressively?
Why should he care that someone disagrees with him?
Doesn’t he say that science is about debate and disagreement?
His suing seems hypocritical.
Why doesn’t he publicly say “I’ve reconsidered, and you’re right…it wasn’t correct to say “psychosis” … I yield to your professional expertise….and I won’t say that anymore from now on… I’m sorry to mislead anyone”, and that would be the end of it.

I understand Dr Breggin’s objection to the use of the term ‘psychosis’ and its misuse in this situation by Dr Malone.
If I was Dr Breggin and had never met Robert Malone, I’d write an article objecting to the term as well. I’d feel fiercely protective of people.

I do feel fiercely protective of people, especially in the area of informed consent, because of my experience of it having been abused and the lack of justice and suffering as a result. That was even before the covid crimes and trampling of the Nuremberg code. I feel shattered at the scale of this abuse of power and the gross deception.

I understand Dr Breggin’s objection to Desmet framing the cause of Mass Formation as the fault of the people affected. We were all lied to, and were deluged with propaganda, while truth was suppressed at every turn. The worldwide fear mongering was an inescapable noxious stressor.
Psychologically abusive tactics were used against the population, and it was very difficult to withstand or see it for what it was initially. Most of us were blindsided by it.

I appreciate Dr Breggin expressing his concerns, as he has a long track record of integrity and having a trustworthy character. If his intuition is telling him that something isn’t right, then I want to hear what he has to say.

1 year ago

Defamation is “any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation”.

However, a “limited-purpose public figure” (like Dr. Malone) who voluntarily places himself in the public eye consequently relinquishes some of this protection. False statements about limited-purpose public figures that relate to public controversies are not considered defamatory unless they meet the “actual malice” test.

1 year ago

Well, possibly in the future the government may want to define Christian faith in God as “mass psychosis”.

rob lex
rob lex
Reply to  Laura
1 year ago

This can happen ONLY if the masses of an unappriciative and Morally Lacking mindset allows.

Teo Jacobsen
Teo Jacobsen
1 year ago

I really wish you could have Jonathan Couey on your show. He was a early member of the “Drastic” team that was investigating the lab leak theory. After soon to be 3 years he’s come to the conclusion that they’re not able to create pathogenic coronaviruses at all. And that we’re all being bamboozled into speculating about the virus origins, not seing reality!

Caroline R
Caroline R
Reply to  Teo Jacobsen
1 year ago

With respect, listen to Dr Li-Meng Yan on her program here.
She worked there and knows for a fact that the virus was man made, gain of function weaponised, and deliberately released onto the world to bring down western democracies’ economies as the CCP’s was not as strong as they had the world believe.

See Joshua Philips’ documentary about the CCP ‘The Final War’ at It corroborates this information, about the agenda of the CCP and Emperor Xi’s hatred of the US.
Anyone still wondering about the origin of covid isn’t looking at the readily available information.
Dr Yan says that Xi is a psychopath. I’ve concluded the same.

We know that the WHO is just a front for the CCP, the WEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, so they’re still pretending that they don’t know.
The Breggins have traced all of these leads already to put the puzzle pieces in place.

rob lex
rob lex
Reply to  Teo Jacobsen
1 year ago

The so-called “virus” was never properly isolated.
The clot-shot ….IS THE…. “virus.” (DOO) department of OFFENSE.

Last edited 1 year ago by rob lex

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