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May 27, 2024





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A report released by Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) raises the prospect that millions of lives could have been saved — including those of more than 1 million Americans — if not for a “coverup” by the Chinese government during a theorized initial outbreak.

“This report concludes most likely this was two leaks [including] a lab leak in the September-October [2019] timeframe, even as early as July or August,” the medical doctor turned senator told a small group of journalists ahead of the release of the 301-page document.

“We’ve concluded that [China] started vaccine development in November 2019. And then another lab leak seems to be most sensible explanation,” he said. “There are key data points that are being held back that could help us prove that.”

Dr. Robert Kadlec, a cofounder of the Operation Warp Speed program that rapidly developed US COVID-19 vaccines in 2020, drafted the report titled “Muddy Waters: The Origins of COVID-19” with about a dozen Republican aides on the Senate Health Committee and additional outside consultants. (NYP)

And speaking of “Operation Warp Speed,” how will this, if at all, impact the 2024 election? Is Donald Trump the right candidate to lead the country at this pivotal time in America’s history? And what do we think of the candidacy of Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. for President of the United States in 2024? Dr. Peter McCullough and Malcolm Out Loud spar on Trump and the Establishment. But that is what makes America – America, the diversity of opinion…

Questions can be sent to any of the hosts to be answered on air. Submit your America Out Loud PULSE questions here.

Steve – My 93-year-old Dad died recently. He died in the hospital of what appeared to be a cardiac event. His last wishes were to have his body donated to the University of Buffalo’s medical school. He was vaccinated, and I believe his sudden mental decline was a result of the mRNA injections. Is this sort of research objectively looking at the remains of the donated bodies, or are they keeping the blinders on?

Eirilides – I’m not vax, but my husband is; every month on my menstrual cycle, I bleed too much, and not only that, the blood clots are huge, and they don’t look like normal blood clots; I mean, the texture. Do you think he passed the poison to me?

Hannah – I know way too many females that have started having issues after the vaccine and ended up having to get hysterectomies, ablations, etc. After a year of horrible issues, doctors say that I need a partial hysterectomy. Also, I had a thyroid nodule in March, and white masses appear on my left boob (shot side) in my mammograms. How has the vaccine damaged the uterus and women’s menses?

Dssk – What is your take on the igg4 study that came out showing after three shots, you have almost zero igg3 response? What are the implications of this?

Matt – What is your opinion on the IGG4 study that recently came out? What are the long-term and short-term implications of this?

Lisa – Can we test the unvaccinated for spike protein invasion from the vaccinated? I feel certain I have inherited spike protein side effects from my close contact.

Linda – I’m so thankful for all your important information regarding Covid. I’m curious how you protect yourself from Covid with all the traveling that you do? Do you have any advice for those of us that would like to travel and hopefully not get Covid while on a trip?

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