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April 14, 2024





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I was sitting in the front of a large ballroom at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons when a booming voice from the back of the room said the medical boards could be sued pro se (by an individual) for violation of our civil liberties.

It was an emergency physician and former State Senator, Dr. David Hartsuch (R-IA). So, I took the liberty of inviting him on my show to learn more about what he was saying. As you will learn from this interview, Dr. Hartsuch is a man of action. His treatment of acute COVID-19 was bold and innovative, with advances in salt-water balance and attention to the most severe cases, so they did not end up in the hospital.

In response to the crushing prohibition of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, Dr. Hartsuch did not sit back and take it. He went out and proactively went after the Iowa Medical Board for not following due process with board approval for these new and illegal proclamations against drugs doctors had found useful and incorporated into the evolving standard of care for high-risk COVID-19.

On offense, not defense, Hartsuch is suing the Iowa State Medical Board for their actions that injured patients and doctors for what he calls “prior restraint.” Prior restraint is judicial suppression of material that would be published or broadcast on the grounds that it is libelous or harmful. In US law, the First Amendment severely limits the ability of the government and their state actors (i.e., medical and pharmacy boards) to do this.

Separately, Dr. Simone Gold, the founder and president of America’s Frontline Doctors, recently filed a complaint against the Medical Board of California, its president, Kristina Lawson, and 20 related board members (collectively, the “defendants”). Dr. Gold is suing the defendants in an effort to block the Board from illegally threatening the status of her California physician license and to preserve her dignity, reputation, and constitutionally protected First Amendment rights to free speech and due process.

The complaint alleges the Board exceeded charged Dr. Gold with dubious allegations and is now liable for six counts of unconstitutional and unlawful violations.

Attorneys for Dr. Gold allege the defendants’ charges against Dr. Gold are in retaliation for her outspoken advocacy of early medicinal treatments for COVID-19 (including both FDA-approved hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin), both of which are featured in the peer-reviewed, globally utilized McCullough Protocol since 2020.

Gold is seeking declaratory relief, injunctive relief, and damages. This means she’s asking the court to 1) formally acknowledge the defendants have willfully and recklessly violated her constitutional rights; 2) prohibit them from any future investigations into her protected free speech; and 3) monetarily compensate her (and her attorneys) for depriving her of her right to practice medicine and for violating her constitutional rights.

Our background music during the monologue is volunteered by Canadian freedom-fighter and cellist Lydia Munchinsky, who dropped this note: “As a thank you, I wanted to share something good that came out of all of this. At the beginning of the lockdowns, since all the studios I worked in shut down, I was asked to purchase my own recording equipment so I could record from home. That has led to many new collaborations and musical opportunities I would not have otherwise had. It has given me the opportunity to write and create and work with artists from all over the country.”

So please be sure to listen to the monologue and wide-ranging and very useful interview with one of America’s true medical heroes, Dr. David Hartsuch, to get key insights on where this battle for medical freedom is heading next. Let’s get real. Let’s get loud on America Out Loud Talk Radio. This is the McCullough Report!

THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex

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