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May 22, 2024





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I think it’s probably time for Whites to get their groove back. Give a slight nod to the radical Progressives’ definitions of who they want us to believe we are. We need not react to them negatively in fear of being called a racist white supremacist or, worse, a bigoted, anti LGBTQ, anti-Islam, anti-government, white domestic terrorist. Answer them only with derision and laughter.

We’re not any of those things, we’re Anti-Communists! We are achievers trying to work and live within the law. We are nationalistic and patriotic to America’s achievements. All that is being taken away from us by stealth by a genuinely evil cabal of power-hungry world bankers who pay corrupt politicians to pass the very laws that are destroying us today.

Consider the past few years since Obama’s first term. The first black presidents’ deliberate move to subtly divide the black and white races was clearly on parade if one paid attention. Focusing on the social issues, the high arrest and incarceration rates of black criminals, it was Obama’s first shot at change by blaming the police for “systemic racism” because the jails were full of black offenders.

In Obama’s eight years, we were inundated by Progressive mayors, governors, police chiefs, and especially District Attorneys, who, in an orchestrated move to “fundamentally transform America,” completely reversed the crime-fighting methods that once took career criminals off the streets and kept them off the streets. 

The Progressives are now, quickly as they can, returning them to the streets on low or no bail to continue their depredations. We see the drastic results of those dangerous policies today. The radical destruction that followed George Floyd’s death was newcomer Darrell Brooks running down Christmas parade-goers, and the nearly uncountable black death rates in Blue (Democrat-run) cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and New York.

As it happens, American domestic policies, before Obama, saw a growing number of black police officers entering the law enforcement environment, education, and the professional fields. Most were soon challenged for being “Uncle Toms,” enforcing “Jim Crow” laws and betraying their race. BLM, the avowed Marxist Burn, Loot, and Murder crowd, are dedicated to seizing America through violent Marxist-style revolution that specifically includes eliminating or subjugating White people. 

Decades ago, the Ku Klux Klan, absolutely white domestic terrorists, attempted to do that with America’s black race. The Klan grew for a while, abused the Americanism our founders left us with, then subsided, rose again, and finally all but died out, the remnants being the odd die-hards that occasionally show up making some noise on the public square before being driven from the scene by laughter from sensible people. Americans implicitly understand the fallacy of street violence as a losing cause and that the Black race should be permitted the equal opportunity to succeed as the Constitution provides. 

But Progressive Democrats helped initiate the BLM and Antifa’s assaults on America as an orchestrated political crisis for Government (theirs) to solve. Due to the destructive ineptness to Biden’s economy, Democrats have a short window to accomplish their goals of socializing America. America’s history of racial confrontation is used to justify and encourage the BLM and Antifa stormtroopers to achieve their goals through violence and the fear of violence. It’s all in a day’s work!

We cannot deny that the history of White vs Black issues has been a dark cloud over America’s history that provides Americans of African descent an excuse to seize reparations and retribution. Of course, no black today was ever a slave and no white today was a slaveholder.

But the narrative is changing, don’t you think? Not all blacks have accepted that in the dark past lies the road to their future. Consider the growing pushback from successful conservative Americans of African descent now in many media outlets. Diamond and Silk, a success on Fox News until the slowly left-leaning network of Rupert Murdock’s progeny, demanded the duo shift their message to the Left. They quit the network by flatly refusing to change their pro-Trump, pro-conservative line. 

The list of Black conservatives running in Republican primaries to unseat RINOs is impressive. 

Many have embraced the American dream and have succeeded socially and economically, fitting comfortably into the American fabric. They don’t want to see their dreams smashed by a culture that hasn’t arrived yet, but pushing forward through violence to demand a seat at the table when in fact, there is no seat for them unless they’re Democrats like Georgia’s Raphael Warnock. That seat has to be earned, not stolen.

The Hollywood entertainment industry, either out of fear or Chinese ownership, has embraced all the kookiness of the BLM screed to make black culture inclusive, especially in a music form most Americans find offensive. Have you ever listened closely to the lyrics of most rap songs? Shockingly obscene and culturally depraved. The Progressive push to smother viewers with multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion is on when, in reality, that is not the case. Nearly all TV commercials today feature mixed-race families living, cooking, playing, and eating together as if that’s a normal America. I wish that it was, but Americans instinctively know that it isn’t. It’s a cultural thing, isn’t it?

America’s Blue cities, where these apparently happy mixed-race families reside, many are run by elected black Democrat politicians, have turned into rat-infested urban killing grounds, denuding police protections. In contrast, Democrat politicians permit the free theft of commercial goods (shoplifting) as good for the community. Because the offenders are going unpunished in Progressive cities, we now see them show up in gangs stripping businesses of their products. There has to be a difference between shoplifting and mass looting?

As this process continues unaddressed by the law, those Blue cities will soon be empty of commercialism, suffering job losses, tax and salary income losses, and structural decay. Case in point, Baltimore, Maryland, and Detroit, Michigan. All governed by a culture of black failure expecting the US taxpayers to bail them out. That’s what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are attempting to foist on America right now, at taxpayer expense, $$ trillions to restore the depleted funds of Blue cities, states, and unions under Biden’s Build Back Better scheme.

In fact, without successful business leadership, as Trump brought, not political, America will continue to slide, unguided into the ultimate pit of depression, overrun by third-world creatures who have no stake in the American dream except being here.

Progressives have got to be removed from leadership roles. A mechanism to control the George Soros money lenders must be enacted, and the RINOs must be primaried out of their jobs. But first, pay closer attention to your local elections. Black conservative candidates are.

The next national election for representatives and senators looks to be a blowout for Conservatism. But don’t underestimate the corrupted Democrats. They’re quite capable of stealing the elections by machine fraud and mail-in ballots again. That’s where the rubber meets the road, and the sparks fly. School boards are an excellent place to start if we want our children saved as well as city and county councils and even mayors if they’re Marxist oriented.  

And finally, this warning. If you intend to be a conservative candidate, make sure you have the wherewithal to fund your campaign. Never place your trust in national Republican funding committees to support you financially or provide you with a campaign manager. The fastest way to get you off a ballot is to quickly go broke, letting a proffered GOP campaign manager spend your money into oblivion. 

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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