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April 15, 2024





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Base conservatives have a two year window to flush out the rest of the RiNO’s in the party, find more willing candidates of the Jim Jordan (Tea Party) variety and vigorously work to get them elected, at the same time promoting the real tenants of Republicanism, limited government, free economic enterprise & liberty. The problem is that too many Republicans are wedded to the Deep State, that shadow government of financial corruption that controls both party’s.   
Corrupting the election process to make Democrats the winners, has become the primary Progressives tool for winning close elections. Lacking any plans or policies that Americans could possibly tolerate, Democrats must revert to skullduggery to win. Florida is the best example of electoral fraud skullduggery. Florida Republicans, while still in power, must hastily correct that criminal enterprise in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties so this election business is conducted on the up and up and voters have faith in the end results.
Only when voters know their votes are taken seriously, not squirreled away because some Democrat election supervisor believes he or she has the duty to ensure Democrats victories, will our elections really be trusted again. The courts do not need to be weighed down with lawsuits and counter-lawsuits because elections are political issues, not issues of law. Tampering with elections is a matter of law.
For Democrats, bipartisanism, John McCain’s favorite meme, could even mean actively supporting that ever eager nimrod, the nemesis of Donald Trump, Mr. John Kasich to encourage his presidential ambitions while also promoting Flake and Corker into the lime-light of political bipartisanship to show Americans that it can really be done. 
Kasich’s newest appeal to “chip in” a few bucks, is his claim that “every day there is chaos coming out of Washington and the Trump White House.” He continued: “It’s diminishing our American values, threatening our international alliances and resulting in few policy accomplishments for the American people. Enough is enough. It’s time for us all – as Americans to put aside the party politics and work together to face our greatest challenges.”
My response to Mr. Kasich is still, “so what?” Chaos is the mother of order and order will come but, not by the hands of Mr. John Kasich and his love affaire with liberalism. I wonder too, just why Mr. Kasich doesn’t see what President Trump has accomplished. He has re-establish pride in Americans for the country’s achievements; proving by action and deed that the eight years of Obama’s brand of Progressive Marxism was eight wasted years of failure for Americans. That his “Green Schemes” were a financial boon to his liberal cronies, a study in criminal subversion and proof enough that Obama didn’t have a clue on how to create or sustain a prosperous society, create work opportunities for any who wanted it or, keeping Americas united.
To confirm their sad status, the now minority GOP congressmen and women, have elevated a RiNO, Kevin McCarthy, with a 41 Conservative voter rating to the leadership of the minority GOP party above the will of their base. He follows the equally ineffective anti-Trump Speaker, Paul Ryan who himself has thrown in the towel. Republicans who capitulated their posts, and didn’t have too, have allowed the California moonbeam, Nancy Pelosi back into the Speakers chair to crow about how her party will continue its mission to destroy Donald Trump.
Clearly, Republicans are afraid of defeat because they have never learned to fight. Very few bare the scars of battle only the pink slips of failure. Two years in and our President still fights.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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