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May 26, 2024





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It’s been a long and challenging journey living under the ramifications of COVID-19 for millions of Americans. Blue states are paying a higher political consequence regarding the restrictions of this masked phantom that demolished the health and wellness of people as well as their economic and financial outlook.

Florida’s Sunshine state has seen the lowest case numbers in the nation and has also become the recipient of the country’s largest numbers of population growth. Due to tax breaks, corporate incentives, warm weather, and healthier social and business politics⏤residential and commercial development are booming.

Since the obtuse pandering ideologies of Covid-19 redefined the economics of California with their narratives of mandates and lockdowns, Walt Disney World Executives were gut-punched in their pocketbooks. They have now started gathering their visionaries and intelligence forces for a new plan of action to defend the Magic Kingdom from financial ruin.

These Californian moguls saw the potential of the relocation possibilities and desired to have a piece of the action for their 2,000 Imagineers plus extended family members who will call Florida their new home. Walt Disney is the largest entertainment company globally and wants to get in the mix with the largest tax-friendly base of operations as they begin their move to Florida.

Since December of 2019, Disney has begun exploring the possibilities of relocating employees from California to Florida. They applied for a tax credit from the Florida Dept of Economic Opportunity. In the application, Disney detailed a plan to build a massive new campus somewhere in the state of Florida, which they estimated to cost over 860 million dollars.

In early 2020, the Florida tax credit was approved, meaning if Disney does happen to relocate employees and build the campus in exchange, they would be eligible for nearly 580 million dollars, that’s over half a billion dollars of tax credits from the state over the next 20 years.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting; as word leaked out and the events of 2020 unfolded, many companies joined Disney searching for a more business and tax-friendly environment. Wall Street Banks and Tech Companies are moving out of California and New York and flocking to Florida. Goldman Sachs plans to move traders and senior executives to West Palm Beach, causing a shift in the financial industry.

Dynamic Campus, LLC, is known for the Disney Parks and Resorts purchased on September 1, 2021; 60 acres of land at 46 million dollars in the Lake Nona area of Orlando, Florida. This space will be used for a Regional Campus that will house 1.8 million sq feet of office space and 20,000 employees.

This regional campus will be surrounded by a rapidly developing Town Center which is home to dozens of corporate offices, fitness venues, upscale dining, hotels, and a short walk away from massive residential developments inside and bordering Lake Nona⏤as well as being just minutes away from the Orlando International Airport.

This process has already begun and is scheduled to be complete by 2023. Yet, Disney downplays its business presence and claims, “Most of the relocating professional roles will be related to Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products division- which include theme parks-who are not fully dedicated to the Disneyland Resort. Walt Disney Co.’s headquarters will remain in California, and the relocating of jobs will represent less than 5% of the California workforce.”

In truth, 2,000 employees are much more than 5% of Disney’s Corporate workforce in the state, and 2,000 employees are likely the most Disney can move at one time. Disney’s scope and plans are much larger than what they lead the public and media to know at this time.

Tavistock Development Company is a Real Estate Firm that is already building out of the thriving community of Lake Nona.

Florida’s already experiencing an already stimulated market, there are not enough homes to keep up, and contractors are in high demand. The average California Disney worker is selling their homes valued on average at 900,000 and making it big time, with the average home in Florida costing only 300,000.

Orlando’s Florida Disney World Resort already has more than 60,000 employees currently and is roughly the size of San Francisco. It includes four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom) there are two major water parks ( Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach), 25 Disney resort hotels and about a dozen non-Disney hotels, a campground, three golf courses, plus the famous Disney Springs shopping and dining neighborhood.

California’s Disneyland has only two theme parks (Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure), three hotels, and a Downtown Disney shopping and dining neighborhood.

Let’s hope Disneyworld’s relocation and new construction is an expansion of positivity and that the new Floridians don’t bring their political baggage; after all, Florida is a world-class destination and a place where many dreams do come true.

“Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memory, and there you will always be,” – Disney.

Image: Courtesy of Disney Parks


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