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May 29, 2024





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The Spector of unfairness surrounding Schiff the Abdominal Showman, world’s greatest spectacle, including lying and denying of real evidence, grows with each question that Chairman Schiff allows Republicans to ask. It hangs over this failure of a show trial like snot out of a child’s nose at winter time. It’s there to be seen and cannot be ignored or denied.
The Democrats single-minded pursuit of changing the outcome of the 2016 election, and that’s all this stupid exercise is, that saw their candidate Hillary Clinton lose, is driving them to the pit of despair. I would bet money that even now Nancy Pelosi, unless she’s totally afraid of the ultra-left cabal of AOC’s witch claven, is planning how to get her party out of the snotty mess they now find themselves stuck in and blame the Republicans for it. Remember the Democrats motto: “Admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else.” Let’s send in the clowns.
Schiff’s star witness’s, in the first day’s public debacle, answered leading questions that were still hearsay, inadmissible as evidence, that no prosecutor would take to trial. Schiff’s star witnesses, Ambassador William Taylor and State Deptartment official George Kent, there to testify, hopefully, as first hand witnesses (best evidence) to the alleged Presidential crimes, gave answers that, to even the most casual observer, were not evidence at all, but smacked of hurt feelings by Deep State bureaucrats being cut out of the diplomatic process by the President using “back channels.” 

Diplomats do not set policy, the President does. It is not in a diplomats job description to avert, delay, stymie or deflect Presidential policy because they don’t like it. Their solution is to resign. 

Back channel negotiations may sound ominous, but they’re not, really. Remember when Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and captured on an open mic., to “tell Vladimir (Putin) that he (Obama) would have more flexibility after the election.” That’s back channel. Nobody in the media thought it treasonous or even outrageous.
Without doubt, President Trump is so “fed up with all the crookedness and corruption that he wanted Ukraine to investigate the 2016 elections“ and, “the Dems. are doing their best to tie that to Joe Biden being a contender for 2020. It’s actually a turn of the tables because Joe Biden’s comments about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating a corrupt energy company upon whose board his drug addled son, Hunter Biden, sits at a salary of $50,000. per month.
Biden’s taped comments, according to the Democrats, don’t rise to the level of extortion, but Trump’s do? Trump has been on the receiving end of all this nonsense from the beginning of his term.

Being the fighter Trump is, he wants to go on the offensive and turn the tables on the Marxist who are pursuing him. That will occur if this circus show goes to the Senate for trial. 

Thus far, there is no bipartisan support to impeach the president. It’s a democrat one way show trip to the trash pit. Mitch McConnell can, upon one senatorial resolution to dump the trial as a waste of time, dump it, or go forward and waste our time calling the Republican’s list of witnesses, including Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff for Brains, the “leaker,” Obama’s creatures in the FBI, DIA, CIA, IRS, and NSA. to provide evidence under oath. 
The significant thing is, the Democrats will not listen to or accept evidence contrary to their  belief that Trump’s presidency is illicit, the voters were duped, and Hillary should be President.
That’s where all this is headed. An exercise in futility.
They know Trump will be re-elected.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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