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June 18, 2024





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Hardly can anyone say the debate between the East and West Coast governors had anything more than entertainment value. Even then, you’d have to be pretty hard up for entertainment. But maybe we can glean more from the disputation than the actual content discussed. And the hidden message might actually give us hope.

If anything, Governors Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom exposed two ideologies on both ends of the political spectrum. But for what purpose? As Newsom bluntly stated, “Neither of us will be the nominee for a party in 2024.” If so, then why the debate? Both opponents may have had their own not-so-hidden agendas. The obvious for Ron is his desire to reignite his failing campaign. It won’t happen, but who can fault him for trying? Newsom might be grooming himself for a future presidential run if the opportunity ever presents itself. He is certainly an excellent candidate for a Communist takeover.

But if we look beyond the obvious, we might find a deeper and extraneous incentive for each gladiator in the coliseum. For one, DeSantis still is likely the preferred option for the establishment Republicans. It isn’t only the Democrats who fear Donald Trump. The current societal milieu strongly favors a return to the success of Trump’s wise rule of this country. But that doesn’t set well with the majority of RINOs and Republican fence-straddles who could personally lose much wealth and power if Trump returns. They need someone who will play their game. DeSantis is still a good candidate for that. See who endorses and funds him.

On the Democrat side, whoever it is actually making all the decisions for the puppet figurehead, he has enjoyed great success at bringing America to its knees. If Biden can still stand and mumble a few words, perhaps more damage can still be done through the demented evil misfit who is still eager to con the American people. A “president” having no brain is a great asset to an effective puppeteer — just as Barack Obama desired to do.

Is Newsom too radical for the rest of America? Maybe Biden isn’t such a bad choice after all. How much was Newsom paid for this debate? It may have been money well invested for the radical left.

But the sad reality is that America is rapidly crumbling. And the Uniparty seems to be rejoicing in our demise. They enjoy the power and money that derives from raping America. And they are terrified at what a 2024 Trump victory would do to their successful reign of terror. An America First win (that means Donald J. Trump) will change things practically overnight. Evil will be attacked head-on, and nobody will be able to stop it. The left calls it a personal vendetta. The right calls it justice. Call it what you want, but America will be great again. That’s precisely what the left doesn’t want. Again, think Obama. Mr. “That’s-Not-Who-We-Are.”

At this point, the Imposter in Chief is right. But it’s definitely who we want to be. We do want to make America great again. What American in their right mind would oppose such a quest but an insurgent or a traitor? Get the picture?

So, besides the popcorn moment of watching two people trying to pulverize each other into political dust, let’s recognize that the corrupt establishment weenies on both sides of the divide had everything to gain from this impotent debate. It was more than entertainment; it was full-blown propaganda to push a never-Trump agenda. If you can recognize that, you quickly see how important is this election. It’s We the People against the Death-to-America cabal.

If President Trump takes office in 2025 and if MAGA (don’t be afraid to say it!) takes the House and Senate, the deep state goose is cooked. And they know it. That’s why DeSantis debated Newsom. Now, let’s forget it and move on. MAGA nation. That’s who we are!

Image: Fox News


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6 months ago

You’re right about the comedic tenor of the whole farce. But believe me, you’re dreaming if you think Trump will ever set foot in the White House again.

It’s why tptb aren’t panicking. Forget about all the half-baked polls showing he’ll win in a landslide. They stole 2020 and 2022 —- with absolutely ZERO consequences.

Prediction, if there even is an election 11 months from now? Trump will go into it “well ahead in the polls”, and then? Awww, beaten again, by a hair. Bet on it.

Last edited 6 months ago by ChrisR

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