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June 20, 2024





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I am bringing to the attention of 95% of Americans, what the Fake News (actually, the Enemies of the People) never address. Democrats and Liberals (from Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders) are not only undermining American security with Open Borders and Unlimited Un-vetted Illegal Invasion, but also regarding draconian regulations forced upon the Mining Industry based more on perception and hysteria (as is their usual modus operandi) than logic and reality.
In this article, I accuse the Leftist/ Liberal Democrats and many gutless Republicans for allowing the most destructive regulations (in the name of Environmental Protection) gone insane, thus bankrupting mines, adding hundreds of thousands of miners to the lines of Unemployment and severely impacting and destroying the lives of millions of decent hardworking American citizens through loss of jobs.
At the same time, enriching the elites and corrupt dictators in China, Africa and Latin America who have no regulations to protect the environment thus unwittingly, actually adding to the destruction of the Earth’s environment.
The foremost beneficiary of all these regulations has been and continues to be, China.
Tragically, the wakeup call came from the Wuhan Coronavirus COIVD-19 turned Pandemic, to realize how dependent on Chinese products most of the Western world (in particular) have become. Ironically, this Pandemic also proves how correct President Trump has been vis a vis China and wanting to bring American investments back to the USA.
Let me start with what should be obvious as Samuel Smiles, the philosopher, brilliantly wrote, in the middle of the 19th century:
“The Government of a nation itself is usually found to be but the reflex of the individuals composing it.…For the nation is only an aggregate of individual conditions, and civilization itself is but a question of the personal improvement of the men, women, and children of whom society is composed”.
In other words, the fate of a whole civilization or a state, is determined not only by its political system, but by the set of values and the attitude of its regular citizens.
I have for decades, in talk shows and articles, articulated that the building block of any society is the family unit. If these blocks are irreverent and immoral, that society would vanish off the face of the earth.

I am paying more attention to China than any other country, because the most adversarial nation to the USA in the 21st century is and will continue to be, without a shadow of a doubt, China: militarily, politically, economically and industrially.

Let me compare the average person in the USA today with the average person in China to understand how critical Smiles’ statement is to today’s reality.
Although so called ‘millennials’ live in one of the most productive and free counties on Earth, they literally despise his or her culture and civilization. They would rather embrace the mythical Utopia of Socialism/Communism than Capitalism, that allows them to be free and prosperous in the first place. They are the most pampered but least appreciative and ingrate generation, ever. Simply put: Clueless Generation.
They suffer from these delusions – because the leftist/ liberals in Academia and the media have been indoctrinating them for decades – to replace Judeo-Christianity with Globalism; Patriotism with Nihilism; Sanctity of Life with mass murder through Abortions (even after birth); all Cultures are Equal; all sexes (deviant or not) are the same; Borders should be eliminated because the whole Earth belongs to all humans; no one should be commended for excellence lest the less able are offended; etc. The list of utter stupidities and Political Correctness gone insane, is endless.
On the other hand, the ordinary Chinese, with minimum freedoms, are hard-working; productive; inventive; extremely patriotic and fully expecting that their nation and people will most assuredly become the dominant power on the world stage in the 21st century.
Although the Chinese Polite Bureau regulates their total indoctrination from birth till death, most Chinese have never had it as good as they have it now, and ironically, thanks to the hundreds of billions (actually trillions) of US investment dollars in the last 45 years, China is having one of the largest middle class on the planet.
The US economy, especially its manufacturing sector of all electronic technologies (computers, mobiles, laptops, robotics, aviation, military, etc.) is dependent entirely upon raw materials, many of which are called ‘rare’.
Although the USA has huge mineral resources, a great percentage of critical materials are imported from other countries, several of which (such as China), make American industries vulnerable to black mail if and when these suppliers – for whatever reasons – may undergo restrictions that would curtail delivery.
Many of the dominant producers of these materials are countries that suffer deficits in their quality of governance, such as: unstable dictatorships and or authoritarian rulers who can be overthrown by popular uprisings thus destabilizing the countries.
An industrial giant such as the USA, cannot afford to be so vulnerable; hence, it must not allow itself to be reliant on others for critical minerals. A case in point are the deregulations by DJ Trump of Oil and Gas industries allowing the USA to be free (for the first time since WWII) from blackmail by Arabs and or Muslim countries in its foreign and economic policies.
China, as one important example, sells the same strategic materials to its industries at almost half the price it sells to American ones, thus undermining the ability of American manufacturers to compete in the Chinese market.
Since Chinese workers earn much less than American ones, hundreds of very important industries were shut down in the USA and relocated to China. These are the realities of free enterprise marketing and the supply and demand imperatives.
DJ Trump is attempting to reverse this one-way trend by renegotiating economic deals with China, attempting to even the playing fields, in spite of all the shenanigans by the Democrats who are undermining him relentlessly, and by extension “We the People” of America, for the last three and one half years.
In the mean-time, the Politically Correct – but otherwise brain dead leftist/liberals – accuse Trump of racism and xenophobia because he believes in America First while the Chinese, the Europeans, Japanese, Koreans, etc., leaderships have been making China and all the others FIRST for the last 40 years and not one Democrat (or to be fair even Republican) either had the brains to figure it out or the backbone to cry ‘foul’ until Trump.
The following materials are considered STRATEGIC for American industries that require serious attention to make the USA self-sufficient, or at least, less subject to blackmail as soon as possible:
Tungsten, Antimony, Rare earths, Vanadium, Fluorspar, Germanium, Magnesite, Graphite, Indium, Magnesium, Gallium, Scandium, Barites, Lanthanum, Samarium, Terbium, Europium, Cerium and more.

China for example, produces more than 50% of the global production of at least 11 of these strategic materials, 9 of which have critical economic importance and high supply risk, thus posing a Present Danger to US security.

Almost 80% of the world production of Tungsten is from China.
Tungsten is vital to all the following: Used for composite materials for drilling, machining and cutting; cemented carbides; mining; oil and gas exploration; wood and plastic cutting; tools and dies and general construction.
These minerals have been designated critical to the US’s national interest in part, because of their potential military and industrial applications.
Almost 50% of the world’s Titanium goes into aerospace projects where it is often used as an alloy with metals, such as aluminium, molybdenum and iron.
According to industry, another material, Scandium, can be worked at high temperatures, making its role in jet engines a very real future possibility while currently it reinforces and strengthens aluminium.
Niobium serves a similar purpose, making steel stronger, lighter and more corrosion-resistant, producing high-strength, low-alloy steels. Unlike the former metals, niobium is listed as both a critical and a strategic mineral, signifying its importance to the US, as well as its difficulty to produce.
In the meantime, China is investing enormous amounts of money in mining and materials research that it needs for its own Military Industrial Complex expansion.
The potential military uses of these minerals have highlighted their importance to the Trump administration. In May of this year, Jeffery A. Green, the president of a bipartisan government-relations firm in Washington DC and a former US Air Force commander, wrote in Defence News that:
“Without access to such minerals, our precision-guided missiles will not hit their targets, our aircraft and submarines will sit unfinished in depots, and our war-fighters will be left without the equipment they need to complete their missions.”
The scarcity of these minerals means that the vast majority are imported: Brazil produces 92% of the world’s niobium, while the USGS named China as the largest exporter of scandium to the US.

Is it more important to ‘save the planet’ through draconian regulations on mining in the USA while in the meantime exposing it to foreign threats? How useful would these regulations be against Unregulated nations such as China that would be able to threaten America’s security?

The battlefield at the present time is one-sided because China and other rogue countries pollute the environment without repercussions while ‘law abiding’ USA becomes hostage to the will of these same countries because of lack of mining investment.
There must and should be, a reasonable balance between National Security and Environmental Protection. For this to succeed, the American people must elect a leader who has the vision, sagacity and will, to achieve these goals, by having BOTH Houses under his control.
So far, as far as I am concerned, the only person with such a will and vision is DJ Trump. 2020 will decide the outcome.


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