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July 25, 2024





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On The National Security Hour on the America Out Loud Talk Radio Network, Dr. Mike Scheuer and Colonel Mike were delighted to have U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) and auditor/author Joe Freid for a discussion of the manner in which Democratic scoundrels and their lackeys cheated Biden into the presidency in 2020.

Though this is a much-discussed subject, the combination of Mr. Freid and General McInerney offers a fresh look at the way human and cyber cheating worked to create the absolutely false impression that Biden won more votes than any other U.S. presidential candidate. To accept that as truth, of course, you would have to believe that 81 million Americans were ready to vote for a barely animate person whose only accomplishments in life — as was clear then and as is clear now — are successful criminality and deliberate treason.

Debunked, An Auditor Reviews the 2020 Election

Mr. Freid’s most recent book on the 2020 election, called Debunked, An Auditor Reviews the 2020 Election — and the lessons learned, and especially his discussions therein of the obvious cheating in the swing states, the refusal of the country, state, and federal governments to act on the overwhelming evidence of Democratic cheating, and the assistance the Democrats received from government agencies at all levels and in both Republican and Democratic states is breathtaking.

Our experts lay out this cheating in great detail and with great clarity, and Mr. Fried’s use of reliable auditing methods, General McInerney concluded, has yielded a book that is a “phenomenal bible for readers” — and now listeners — to find out how the Democrats rigged the 2020 election, and how much that successful effort depended on a cheating coalition of government agencies, criminal Democrats and businessmen, and average citizens who for a few dollars would help harvest, create, and deliver many tens of thousands of counterfeit ballots.

This episode may be worth listening to in two or three sittings, as the amount of pertinent and startlingly convincing evidence is substantial and provides a great deal of food for thought, and may compel the listener to action in order to ensure there is no repeat in 2024 of the election theft of 2020.

Thomas G. McInerney, Lt General, USAF (ret),: The general completed Armed Forces Staff College in 1970 and the National War College in 1973. General McInerney was awarded the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal for exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of General McInerney and his dedicated contributions in the Service of his Country reflect the highest credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Dr. Michael Scheuer is the former Chief of the Osama Bin Laden Unit at the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center (1996-1999), and he remained a counterterrorism analyst until 2004. Dr. Scheuer is also a former terrorism analyst for CBS News and author of the books “Marching toward Hell: America and Islam after Iraq,” “Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror,” and “Osama bin Laden.”

Colonel Mike is a former liaison & contractor for many years in South East Asia. He is also an advisor and businessman with many contacts around the globe.

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1 year ago

Watch this video and see 19,958 votes flip from Trump to Biden in the 2020 election.
Keep your eyes on Pennsylvania! In this clip PA has Trump at 1,690,589 & Biden is at 1,252,537 at the beginning of the clip.. then at the end when Pennsylvania pops up again, Trump magically is then down to 1,670,631 & Biden has gone up to 1,272,495.. what happened was 19,958 votes FLIPPED right before our eyes! Biden’s number went UP by the EXACT same amount Trump’s number went DOWN! again, watch Trump (1690…) goes down to (1670…) while biden (1252…) goes up (1272…) There’s been machine “glitches” similar to this one reported in several different areas.. some have pointed out its a program that is designed to do exactly what you’ve seen here

The 2020 election was rigged in favor of senile, little girl fondling Joe Biden.

1 year ago

No duh.

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