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April 12, 2024





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Everyone should study Cultural Marxism and should know enough about Cultural Marxism to recognize it when they see it. If you do study Cultural Marxism, you’ll see it all around you – our colleges and High Schools are awash in it, and it is spreading more and more through our public schools, as far down as kindergarten.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Cultural Marxism. If you read to the end, everything you see in the world around you will suddenly make sense.

In a nutshell, Marx’s followers expected the Western World to go Communist at the end of WWI. It was their hope and belief that the class structure of the military mixed with the brutality of World War One would force the proletariat to rise up and throw off the yoke of oppression.

We are all too young to have lived through World War One, and many Americans have very little knowledge of that war, beyond that it happened, but it was a watershed moment for the world. Prior to World War One, wars were considered a noble pursuit. Ladies and gentlemen would sometimes sit in the hills surrounding a battlefield to watch the battle take place the way we might watch a football game.

World War One was the first war fought in the industrial age, and the numbers killed show that, with 40 million casualties (20 million killed and 20 million wounded). World War One was also the first war where civilian casualties outnumbered military casualties – 10 million civilians being killed compared to 9.7 million members of the military.

Most people have heard of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. He was England’s top general in World War Two. What most people do not know is that Lieutenant Montgomery twice led men across Flanders Field to be the only person in his command to survive. He actually crossed Flanders Field more than twice and suffered heavy casualties every time, but twice the entire unit was wiped out (which is why he would only attack in WWII when he had overwhelming numerical superiority – unlike say, Patton). 

I’ve studied the World Wars in-depth, and there is a direct parallel between the experiences of junior officers in World War One, and their command styles as senior officers in World War Two. World War One changed men, and it changed countries. World War One changed the world.

So yes – when the war ended, Marx’ followers waited with bated breath for the masses to rise up and overthrow their governments, bringing the world into a glorious communist age under the banner of ‘NEVER AGAIN!’

Instead, the masses went home and went back to work. The only country that went communist was the only one Marx’ followers did not think would – Russia, which was not yet an industrialized state (Marx believed only industrialized states could go communist).

Marx’s followers, perplexed, went to Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, where they founded what became known as the ‘Frankfurt School’ of economics to study what had happened, and to see how to handle it. They determined that there were two reasons the West did not go communist:

1) The Western countries were too rich. Even the poor were rich by global standards. The Frankfurt School considered the relative wealth of the masses to be a ‘problem’ that needed to be ‘solved.’  As such Marx’ followers understood that to bring communism to the Western World, the economies of the Western World (and particularly the United States) would have to be destroyed, plunging the people into poverty and hunger deep enough to radicalize the masses.

‘Rise Up and Overthrow you Oppressors’ works. ‘Rise Up and Earn Less’ does not work. The Cultural Marxists understood that they had to make us earn radically less before we would rise up at all.

2) The culture of the Western world was highly individualistic. We celebrated individual achievement and fought for individual rights. Marx’ followers found the culture of the West to be the antithesis of collectivism, and decided that this culture – the culture of the Enlightenment – had to be destroyed.

The Cultural Marxists came up with what they called ‘Critical Theory’ to foster a cultural revolution within the Western world, to destroy Western culture, and to pave the way for eventual communism. Critical Theory is the belief that if you can cut society up into ever-smaller slices, and could then turn each slice against the whole, eventually the society and its culture would collapse.

And now you know why so many Americans hate America!

Based on Critical Theory, ethnic minorities are told that they are oppressed by white people, women are told they are oppressed by men, non-Christians are told that they are oppressed by Christians, gay people are told that they are oppressed by straight people, transgender people are told they are oppressed by cis-gendered people, fat people are told they are oppressed by healthy people (body shaming), poor people are told they are oppressed by rich people, the young are told they are oppressed by the old, and so on, and so on, and so on. What you are left with is a balkanized country where virtually everyone feels oppressed, other than a very small group of straight, white, cis-gendered, thin, and retired, Christian men, who have not yet found an oppressed group to join. 

A lack of oppression is called ‘privilege,’ while actual privilege – the right to be heard at all – is based on a kind of oppression olympics, where everyone competes to see how many oppressed groups they can become a part of. The less oppressed you are, the eviler you are deemed to be, as you represent the Western values of racism and oppression everyone else is trying to escape.

Eventually, everyone is supposed to believe they are oppressed and to be ready to overthrow the government and install communism.

That’s the theory anyway. And note that the theory is not that people are oppressed. The actual theory makes no such claim, and in fact, the reason the theory was formed was that there was not enough oppression; people were relatively happy with the Western way of life. The theory then is not one of oppression, but of the notion that if people who are not oppressed can be made to believe that they are, they will turn against the system they believe to be oppressing them.

And note that most of the people who are under the spell of Critical Theory don’t even know it. All the masses need to ‘know’ (I put that word in quotation marks is one cannot truly know something if that thing is false) is that those who believe our country to be a hell-hole have value, and those who believe the country has value do not. Up with the masses – down with the country. Boom – suddenly communism is possible.

Consider that when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims the United States is oppressive, she has nothing to compare the United States against as she has never been anywhere that is oppressive. My wife, on the other hand, was raised in communist Poland. She grew up in an oppressive society. I was in Albania in 1995 for several months (Operation Peaceful Eagle – we were training the Albanian Army on peacekeeping operations). Albania was the only nation in Europe that followed the Chinese (rather than the Soviet) model of communism, and was at the time by far the poorest nation in Europe. I have never lived under actual oppression, but I’ve at least seen what it looks like.

AOC and others like her who have no sense of what actual poverty or oppression even are – these people are not comparing the United States to other nations so much as to a fairy tale that no nation could ever live up to. Of course, we fall short of utopia. Everything does. What we do have is a nation that is infinitely better than the one these people would build, if they got the chance, and because they believe in destroying our world as a pretext to building their world, we see concentrated efforts around the country and even from within government to burn our society to the ground.

We are quite literally committing cultural and economic suicide.

Critical Theory has one critical problem: it can not stand up to critical analysis. If you read a little Thomas Sowell (he has studied this into the ground), you will see that while racism certainly exists (though less now than in the past), it is a very poor explanation for different outcomes – economic or otherwise – between different groups. Sowell looks not only at America, where minority groups ‘without power’ often do better than the supposed oppressors (gay people make more on average than straight people; Asian and Indian – from India that is – people make more than white people; single women without children make more on average than single men without children; African Americans whose parents are college-educated make more on average than white people whose parents are college-educated; etc., etc., etc. – believe it or not, but Democrats make more and give less, on average, than Republicans), but Sowell also looks at other countries. The Malays in Malaysia have strict anti-Chinese Jim Crow style laws on the books even today, and yet the Chinese minority dominates the economy in most sectors.

Also note that in an oppressive society, everyone but those in charge are far poorer than people in free countries. That fact has been true for all of recorded history. The relative wealth of the people and their relative freedom go hand-in-hand.

Sowell also found that while racism exists throughout the world, so too does tolerance. There are as many examples of different ethnicities getting along as of them not getting along. 

In short, the notion that the majority is ‘in power’ or that the majority ‘oppresses’ minorities in our country is absurd, particularly when you consider that those who want to end this so-called oppression currently control about half the states, the White House, and both chambers of Congress. Look around you – we are becoming more oppressed by our government every day, and it is the very people claiming to be liberators who are building this system of oppression.

Why do so many people fall for the siren call of Critical Theory? That’s easy. It’s because the only people who dream of freedom are those who are in chains. Once the chains are gone and people are free, many of them begin to look at their neighbors, and to dream of their neighbors in chains. “How can you do THAT,” they will ask –  “How can you live THAT way? How can you be allowed to have MORE than I do?!?”

People in chains dream of freedom, but free people often dream of chains. Nobody wants chains for themselves of course, but those who want chains for others forget that they are the ‘other’ to everyone else, and so those who want chains for the other end up in chains, themselves.

The Cultural Marxists knew that Critical Theory could not stand up to critical analysis, so they came up with a way to protect Critical Theory from analysis: Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is the notion that only an oppressed person has the right to discuss their oppression, and that anyone from an oppressed group who denies being oppressed is a traitor to their group. Since those who are not oppressed have no say, and those who are oppressed have no choice in what to say, it is impossible for society to question the oppression’s existence, whether the oppression is real or not.

You can google the Frankfurt School. These people wrote books on these subjects that can be checked-out at the local library. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they wrote those books with the full knowledge and confidence that the vast majority of the public are too lazy and complacent to read. Cultural Marxists have told us (and continue to tell us) in exact detail what they were doing, and they do so with the full confidence that very few of us will take the time to read. 

Authors such as Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, and Eric Fromm wrote books with catchy little titles like, Escape from Freedom, and The Culture Industry, and though they spell out their strategy in grave detail, few of us take the time to learn what that strategy is.

Quick note on history… Winston Churchill read Mein Kampf and saw Hitler for who he was. Neville Chamberlain did not, and in 1938 Chamberlain declared that by appeasing Hitler he had given the world ‘peace for our time.’ Had Neville Chamberlain taken the time to read Mein Kampf, World War Two would never have happened.

An estimated fifty million people died in World War Two, all because Neville Chamberlain was too lazy to read. Give yourself just a second to let that sink in before you continue.

Cultural Marxism works because the Cultural Marxists are evil, and because the rest of us are lazy. It is easy to blame just the Cultural Marxists, but what they are doing is only working because we can’t be bothered to stop them. Our attitude is, “I would do something, but my latte might get cold.”

Let me add that if you are reading this, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about the 329 million Americans who will not take the time to read this article even after you share it with them – which I am confident you will do.

When Hitler came to power, the Frankfurt School fled to New York’s Columbia University, and slowly spread out from there. They made few inroads until the Sixties, when their teachings finally found a responsive generation. Their teachings have been growing in prominence ever since.

After sixty years of Cultural Marxism making what Gramski called “The long walk through the institutions,” we now ‘teach’ our youth that they are oppressed. Our schools and universities are always on the search for new categories we can fragment people into so that we can call more and more people ‘oppressed.’  And it is all but illegal to point out that said oppression does not exist.

The truth is that while racism does exist, it is not prevalent enough to hold anyone back, and has not been for three full generations. Racism not being prevalent is not true for most of the world, but it is true in the only part of the world the left hates: it is true in the West.

Ironic as it may sound, racism is still very prevalent in the parts of the world the left likes.

Even under Jim Crow, and I am using Thomas Sowell’s research again, in 1934 African Americans had a higher workforce participation rate than did white America and a lower unemployment rate. There was a wage gap (which is why employers would hire African Americans first when possible – they made more money that way and put profit ahead of racism), but it was shrinking.

The first national Minimum Wage was not created to protect low-skill workers from unscrupulous employers, but to protect white workers in the North from African-American people moving North in search of better job opportunities. African Americans moving North found that if they were willing to work for a little less than white people made, they could easily find work that paid a great deal more than what they had made in the South. The minimum wage was designed to make it illegal for African Americans to work for a little less than what white people made. The minimum wage was designed, quite literally, to subsidize the racist practice of hiring white people first, and it worked. The African American unemployment rate skyrocketed and has never been as low as the white unemployment rate again.

By the early 1960s, the minimum wage was lower than the market-clearing price of labor, effectively eliminating the minimum wage, and the income and unemployment gaps between white and black families were closing again. The War on Poverty was specifically designed to reverse those trends, and the War on Poverty, rather than systemic oppression supposedly inherent in free societies, is what does the harm today.

Milton Friedman called the War on Poverty ‘The War on Black People,’ so it is not like people did not know – the media ignored what the War on Poverty really was, and the public was too lazy to find out.

What do the proponents of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory tell us? They lie. 

First, they don’t use the phrase ‘Critical Theory’ anymore. They use ‘Critical Race Theory’ instead, and even then they tell us CRT is only taught in law schools, which is a bald-faced lie.

‘Critical Legal Studies’ (aka Critical Legal Theory) is CRT in law schools, but Critical Theory is the mother and father of the movement – CRT is just one offshoot. 

CRT is based on a book by Roberto Mangabeira Unger titled The Critical Legal Studies Movement, published in 1985 in the Harvard Law Review and first ‘taught’ by Professor Derrick Bell at Harvard Law School in 1995, but CRT is wholly derived from Critical Theory and there are many other offshoots. Critical Legal Studies ‘teaches’ that our entire system of justice was created to oppress black people. Concepts such as ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ or ‘due process’ are taught to be racist tools of oppression. What to replace our system of justice with is kind of glossed over, but I can tell you what it is – a country where the government can put a bullet in the back of your head, should it want, for no reason at all.

To those who put equality of outcome over freedom, I would point out that we are only truly equal when we are dead.

Note that the whole LGBTQ++ agenda is based on Critical Theory, applied to sexuality rather than race. The concept of ‘body shaming’ is Critical Theory applied to body size. The modern Women’s Liberation Movement has shifted from looking for equal rights to focusing on Critical Theory against men (‘Toxic Masculinity’). We see offshoots of Critical Theory all around us, often having nothing to do with race. The notion that CRT is the focus is a useful lie used to further lie about CRT supposedly being an obscure legal theory only taught in law schools.

Even just within CRT, you have offshoots that have nothing to do with law. Critical Math Theory makes the claim that our system of math was created by white people to oppress minorities, and that math is racist. Critical Language Theory (aka ‘Critical Language Awareness’) claims that there is no correct way to use the English language, and that reading classic English literature makes English white-centric such that non-whites are excluded. The solution is to ban such luminaries as William Shakespeare.

There is a Critical Music Theory ‘teaching’ how the music we listen to has been white-washed by Western (white) influences, such as Mozart, Bach, and Tchaikovsky. Even The Beatles can’t get a break.

Not content to being relegated to social sciences, CRT is spreading into engineering and hard sciences, where students are starting to be taught that systems in which flipping a switch leads to a lightbulb coming on are oppressive. Our self-proclaimed liberators quite literally want to plunge us into darkness.

Critical Race Journalism is the perpetuation of CRT by selectively reporting to make race the central theme of everything in the news, and it is the use of CRJ that makes so many people think tens of thousands of unarmed black men are gunned down by the police every year (the actual average number is seven – not seven thousand or seven hundred, but just seven).

The list goes on and on. People CLAIM that CRT is a law school thing to distract us from the reality that CRT is in all academic pursuits today, as are all of the other offshoots of Critical Theory.

We all know what happened in Buffalo, New York, where an 18-year-old male with a history of mental health issues shot up a supermarket in the hope of killing black people, killing ten people, nine of whom were black. Was it a racist attack? Of course it was, and not surprisingly it was a racist attack committed by someone with a long history of mental health issues. Sane people don’t do that.

And yet sane people also don’t lie about mass murders to make half the country look guilty, which CNN began doing before the bodies were even cold.

Polling shows that 47% of Republicans believe Democrats are using illegal immigration to gain more left-leaning voters. A week and a half ago 80% of Democrats would have agreed, as the leadership on the left was openly admitting they were doing this. CNN used this polling data to claim that 47% of Republicans all but condone the mass-shooting in Buffalo. I almost could not believe I heard it, but CNN made that claim.

Note that believing that the left wants to radically change the culture of the country (which they readily admit) and is using massive levels of illegal immigration to do it (which they readily admitted until a week and a half ago) is NOT the same as believing that the left is trying to replace white people with non-white people. Sane people understand that the goal is not about race, but about culture, and more importantly about how many people in the nation vote one way vs. the other way. Democrats have been openly admitting that illegal immigration mixed with generous welfare benefits for illegal immigrants in Democrat-controlled states gives Democratic-controlled states higher census counts relative to Republican states, and I’m shocked that only 47% of Republicans are aware of that fact (if the poll is accurate).

The next day Joe Biden told us that taking Democrats at their word is racist. That, of course, is not how Joe Biden phrased it, but Joe Biden himself has pointed out many times that as illegal immigration continues to change the culture of the country (Joe Biden does make it about race – he calls it ‘makes the country less white’), Republicans are becoming a regional, and not a national, party, and NOW he tells us that if we believed him when he said that, we are racist.

Not only is taking Democrats at their word now racist, but so is disagreeing with Democrats. It is quite literally considered racist to the President of the United States and to the talking heads on CNN (and to the teachers ‘teaching’ your children) to believe what Democrats tell us, or to disagree with them. That sounds totally bizarre until you realize that by completely destroying any notion of dissent, or even of truth, the left suddenly has us entirely under their control.

Understand that the mainstream news is awash in Critical Theory and is not ‘news’ at all. Neither is Fox News. There is no actual ‘news’ anymore.

The irony is that all of the polling shows that the Latino community is going to vote Republican, and really, of course they are. Illegal aliens may not have been raised under the US Constitution, but they are predominantly Christian, are predominantly hard-working, and are predominantly anti-abortion. Of course, people who are Christian, hard-working, and anti-abortion will relate better to other people who are also Christian, hard-working, and anti-abortion, than to pink-haired people wearing vagina hats to celebrate the killing of babies.

The left has spent the last thirty years importing conservatives, and the sooner the Republican Party realizes this, the sooner we can put the madness behind us.

But I digress.

Cultural Marxism needs two things to be successful:

(1) Cultural Marxists willing to do whatever evil it takes to get their way.

(2) A populace too lazy to do anything about it.

We suddenly live in a world where 25% of Gen Z believes it is either gay or trans, and those numbers must be skyrocketing in California and New York, as the number is more like 2% outside of our big cities. This is because Gen Z has been getting taught Critical Theory by people who were taught Critical Theory, by people who were taught Critical Theory – three generations. And now being trans is trendy. Teens love trends…

Just to be clear – I am all for the right of people to live their lives as gay, trans, or whatever. This is a free country. I celebrate the freedom of ALL Americans – not just the ones who look or think like I do.

And the most pernicious thing about all of this is that the people who started the movement knew it was all bullshit. The only actual ‘theory’ at play is the theory that if you can make a people believe all of these things, they will rip their country and their culture apart, allowing Marxism to march in and stop the ensuing violence.

The French Revolution led to Napoleon, and our current revolution (and make no mistake – we are in one) will lead to an American version of Stalin if it is not stopped.

Neville Chamberlain could have avoided World War Two by simply reading a book, and we can avoid what we all see coming, but it will mean putting that damned latte down and getting to work.

Wake up, America – get involved, and get loud.


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1 year ago

Bears reading twice…you offer so much in the way of historical context!

Mike Prieur
Mike Prieur
1 year ago

Good article, Wallace. I’m reading “Socialism, The Real History from Plato to Present, by Dr Federer and it is a good comparison to what you’ve said.

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