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May 23, 2024





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Conservatives are now realizing⏤the Communists, through skulduggery, are successfully preventing Donald Trump from completing his swamp-draining exercise to Make America Great Again. The criminals may have won, temporarily, and the odious apparatus of their Marxist beliefs may soon sweep the nation. I said Marxist but they are probably Maoists because Joe is a bought and paid for Agent of Influence of the Chinese Communist Party. But, like all stupid ideas that interfere with our Constitutional God-given rights, they will screw up and fail again. The problem is they keep trying.

We can forget any criminal charges against the treasonous operators of the FBI and intelligence agencies who staged the unsuccessful, yet none-the-less destructive coup against Donald Trump. Under Biden, they are apparently home safe in any event at least, from official justice. And, we are not happy.

Seeing our government drag their feet and slow down the judicial process against the dastardly miscreants as were the senior levels of the FBI, DoJ, CIA, and DNI are certain to weaken the public trust in all Federal government activities. Blue State governors are already doing that so, we must not allow despair at the singular theft of the election process to overcome our fighting spirit. Despair is not a good substitute for action because it leads to apathy and to embrace apathy means folks won’t bother to vote and they’ll win by default. 
For the moment, let’s turn our attention to Georgia, the center of America’s political universe, and the absolute need to keep the Senate out of the hands of a Marxist Senator, Chuckie “First we win Georgia then the World” Schumer. etc & etc. Both Georgia’s Democrat candidates are radicals. Warnock is an avowed Communist by word and deed. Ossoff is a Progressive nincompoop with no opinion favorable to Constitutional Americanism. Both want to reduce our America to the status of a common third world nation, equal among other third world nations, all under the heel of a Chinese New World Order. That is their ultimate goal.
The counter-attacks against conservatism have already begun. Headline: Trump’s Scorched Earth Policy is Dividing Republicans! What scorched earth policy? Obama did that to Trump immediately after Trump was elected and it lasted for four years. Bill Clinton did that to George W. Bush. Remember when Clinton’s White House staffers removed the “W” key from every White House computer and typewriter keyboard, among other things?
The Republican “Splitters” aren’t Trump’s staffers, it’s the “Republicans for Biden” lot, who are crypto Republicans, aka RINO’s, determined to go along to get along. They are cancer to America’s constitutional principles. What good will retaining David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler be, as Republican Senators, if ten RINO’s will resist majority leader Mitch McConnell’s legislative tools to save America from Biden’s Progressive legislation, his judicial choices, and his stealth attacks against the US Constitution? 
That’s our dilemma and like the Democrats always try to do, we need to gridlock the law-making process for the next two years. 

In the meantime, don’t forget Republican women candidates all but swept the House seats they ran for ruining Nancy Pelosi’s hope for a strong Progressive House to create the bills that will move America to the Progressive Left.

Conservatives in States harboring RINO senators and representatives need to start vetting strong conservative candidates to replace them when their reelection time comes. We must weed out all GOP political weaklings who believe that being a Senator is a career job they’re entitled to keep until death. We are at a crossroads; we have a chance but we can’t leave it to weak politicians to fix what’s wrong. Get involved.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!


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