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June 13, 2024





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Over the last couple of years, humanity has been plagued by a culture of infectious false narratives and ideologies over the COVID-19 virus, kidnapping the lives of men, women, and children who have fallen victim to political overreach and sensational media reports. Since the rollout of the experimental vaccine in early 2021, there has been an emerging pattern of injuries and death.

COVID-19 vaccine stories are now coming out of the shadows to express their loved ones’ adverse effects. The majority of adverse reactions and complaints are not listed in the documentation of major Big Pharma companies who are raking in billions of dollars. Still, most egregious of all, the bias continues to be created by the fox guarding the henhouse. They are in charge of chief investigators who only minimize the testimony of injured victims or fall silent. At the same time, they advocate pushing their agenda onto other unsuspecting victims.

In one case, a young teenager, Maddie de Garay, experienced over 35 events after a trial vaccination. Between the nine visits to the ER, and three hospital admittances, she had fallen gravely ill under the lab rat experimentation of Big Pharma for 64 days with mounting complaints which include the following:

Severe abdominal pain; muscle pain and spasms over the entire body; numbness-tingling & weakness in lower extremities; inability to walk; sharp pains in the neck were shooting down the spine; chest pain and tachycardia; migraine headaches; nausea, vomiting, reflux & dysphagia; diarrhea and gastroparesis; cold/white fingers & toes; fever, sore throat-white tongue-ulcers; erratic blood pressure; abnormal blood tests; vulvar boil; vision loss; irregular periods; tinnitus; brain fog/mixing words; peeling feet; rash on arms; dizziness and fainting; verbal & motor tics; tremors.

Parents, teachers, community leaders, and politicians need to hold health bureaucrats and corporations accountable for adverse and tragic vaccine wounding and death and raise the question of why these catastrophic events are not taken more seriously.

Senator Ron Johnson is one of the few advocating for vaccine-injured victims and the truth about early treatment. We may never know the full story. How many more adverse effects will we find from victims who cannot come forward?

Maddie de Garay’s Story

None of the drug companies, the FDA, nor the CDC have stepped up to provide any relief or comfort for physically, mentally, and emotionally maiming the life of Maddie de Garay or any other adolescent children from trial studies of the experimental vaccines.

Unfortunately, as the months and years progress, we may find a major health epidemic emerging in the lives of our growing children who have fallen victim to these experimental vaccines. This is why young children should NOT be vaccinated with drugs that have not been subjected to long-term testing and proven to be safe. Given the inherent conflict of interest, drug companies should NOT be trusted to carry out trials on their own drugs.

To further our case against the tragic wounding agenda of the COVID-19 experimental vaccines, we need to include the Funeral Directors and Embalmers and their findings among the dead victims to have veins, including arteries filled with abnormal blood clots.

Dr. Jane Ruby is a well-known voice to the masses over controversial matters; she has been on point during the last couple of years regarding the nefarious activities of the COVID-19 health politics. During a recent interview with a 20 year traveling board-certified Embalmer and Funeral Director, Richard Hirschman, their conversation took on dark matter, the revelations, and horrific findings of the alleged experimental bioweapon vaccine.

Embalmers Discover Horror: Dr. Ruby Exclusive: Arteries Filled With Rubbery Clots

For the first time, these findings reveal veins and arteries filled with strange blood clot combinations containing unconventional fibrous materials filling the vascular system of deceased victims of government and corporation-mandated vaccines. Embalmers are discovering worm-like structures within the blood clots, veins, and arteries of the vaccinated dead within the past year of the experimental vaccine.

Embalmer Richard Hirschman described that while processing his deceased client in the most sacred and routine manner, he noticed a pattern starting to emerge starting around the middle part of 2021 of those victims who had received the experimental vaccine.

Before the embalming procedure, Richard Hirschman took pictures to document his findings, and among them were long fibrous blood clots, sometimes the size of a person’s leg, which he pulled out of the iliac or groin area.

He characterized the blood clots as having an abnormal white pliable fibrous matter coming out of the worm-like structures and expressed that he’d never experienced in his entire career the likes of blood clots as he has since mid-2021.

Hirschman further describes his conversations with colleagues, and they too have noticed the unbelievably unusual blood clots beginning around the very middle part of 2021. He discovered that the blood clots pulled from veins were much larger than those drawn from arteries, both intermingled with white film growing from the blood. The embalmer mentioned the optics of the blood clot appearing like small worms.

Since Nov 2021, over 50% of embalmed persons have an unknown structure in their veins and arteries where before it was random and yet never before were there structures of clots with blood and mucus white connected.

Hirschman started documenting his findings and found an increase in obstructions with the human body. Embalmers are experiencing an increased concern by deceased persons dying of increased numbers of heart attacks and stroke from those who were previously vaccinated, all filled with blood clots, since Nov 2021.

The belief that the medical system was out to protect them proved wildly incorrect. Unbeknownst to many, the false narratives and fear-driven media scare tactics to vaccinate against a killer virus would have dire consequences for their lives. They became a statistic of a ravaging bioweapon claiming their lives within a short window of time.

Until the American people and the global masses rise up and take action against the medical monsters of the world, crimes against the population will only grow in numbers over the following months and years.

This vaccine holocaust must come to an end, and the killers must be held responsible for their actions. That is how we proceed as a civilized society.

“The COVID-19 vaccine is the “deadliest vaccine ever made.” Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


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Gerald Alatalo
Gerald Alatalo
2 years ago

Are any of the gene therapy vaccines currently being administered in the U.S., FDA approved? I am confused about this claim.

2 years ago

From the article: “Richard Hirschman took pictures to document his findings, and among them were long fibrous blood clots, sometimes the size of a person’s leg, which he pulled out of the iliac or groin area.”

How would a person get a blood clot the size of a leg? That sounds a little far fetched. This reminds me of the 2013 documentary Mirage Men. Mirage Men is a look at how the government propagates misinformation. Think of Dr. Hoffman telling David Icke viruses aren’t’ real, and people are actually getting sick from 5G wireless. Now when people say there are negative vaccine side effects, you get associated with lizard people, and a guy claiming viruses aren’t real.

Reply to  Pat
2 years ago

I’m guess he meant length and not size.

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