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February 22, 2024





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Biden called us fascists.

Those wanting to Make America Great Again have been declared the ENEMY by the man occupying the office of POTUS.

Apparently, the idea of restoring economic, medical, educational, and religious liberty to the people, taking pride in, and committing to the American cause of human liberty now constitute a dangerous form of nationalism equivalent to fascism, according to today’s DNC and the puppet-president it installed.

Given the dangerously poor education received by so many Americans below the age of 50 today, it is not surprising that Biden is able to level this wholly un-American attack on at least half of the American population. People exiting the public indoctrination system over the past 30 years were purposely DENIED an accurate rendering of fascism and its deadly history. So let’s help them discern “fascism” from “political opponent.”

What are the characteristics of a fascist regime?

> Fascism features full, single-party control of government and, by extension, of society.

Consider the immense, singular control exerted by the Covidocracy.

Top-down, central control replaced distributed power and local rule with astonishing speed. The DNC’s leverage of fear to accomplish this transformation was sufficient to steal an election, seat its own administration and suppress the economic and social life of an entire nation. Doctors not only withheld lifesaving early treatment but even information about its existence from their own patients, so great was their fear of ruin at the hands of licensing boards.

> Ideological conformity is enforced on the threat of personal, economic, and social ruin, if not imprisonment or worse.

Consider the decades of pressure exerted on academics, researchers, and scientists to conform to the global warming climate hoax.

Because Left-aligned ideologues administer the grants on which research and publication rely, scientists who harbor any career ambition have been readily co-opted by the movement to convert “climate crisis” fear into central control of the modern world’s use of energy resources. The scientific community is only now pushing back meaningfully on the destruction of their credibility by the intellectual whores among them.

> Although “private sector” media and other industries are permitted to exist under fascism, those who conform to the will of the Party are treated with such favor by government that fair competition against them becomes impossible.

Consider ESG scoring.

Rather than companies competing to meet their customers’ needs in the most cost-efficient manner, companies are rated on SUBJECTIVE criteria by those in power, those who subscribe to the ideology of the Party in Power.

> Those not conforming are harassed, targeted, and penalized until driven out of business.

Consider Jack Phillips’ Masterpiece Cakeshop and other businesses targeted for refusing to participate in LGBTQWTF events.

Although there exists a multitude of businesses willing to participate and celebrate the LGBTQWTF lifestyle, activists aligned with the DNC have purposely targeted businesses for repeated harassment. It’s not enough that the Alphabet Sexuality people have equal rights. They demand control sufficient to compel the approval, participation, and celebration of every person on the planet. They cannot abide the existence of any who says, “you do you…let me do me.”

> The Power of the Party to suppress dissent is projected through alignment with “private” entities so as to obscure its actual, governmental source. Consider Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and other outlets’ collusion with the Party to suppress dissent.

In a fully-fascist campaign to promote the Covidocracy propaganda and suppress dissent, the MSM and social media, tech giants disabled a free society’s key mechanism for self-correction: free distribution of information.

Early in 2020, physicians treating C19 cases using a long-existing array of anti-viral and other meds reported promising results. A protocol was emerging that would have saved countless lives while mitigating the threat of overwhelming healthcare providers. But that protocol would also have derailed the Party, Big Pharma’s agenda to put mRNA into everybody on the planet.

Physicians who reported the results of their early treatment were vilified, de-certified, and libeled; some were even charged with crimes. This suppression put an abrupt halt to what would have otherwise been the rapid embrace, refinement, and promotion of a successful protocol. Hundreds of thousands died as a result.

The capacity to effectively suppress dissent is the CAPSTONE ACHIEVEMENT of a fascist regime because it renders that regime UNTOUCHABLE by those it rules. Having disabled dissent, every further exercise of power, no matter how abusive or damaging, is engaged in a state of total freedom from ACCOUNTABILITY to the people.

Today’s DNC and the regime it installed demonstrate all of the deadly characteristics of fascism.

Glad you brought it up, Mr. Biden.

Image: Reuters


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1 year ago

Great accurate account!

Elaine D
Elaine D
1 year ago

This is merely Satan’s recent ploy.
John 10:10 The enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy. But I (Jesus) came that they may have Life , and have it in abundance.

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