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June 16, 2024





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Last year, China took a huge plunge into implementing its global strategy, when it released the COVID-19 virus onto the world. The virus emerged suddenly from China’s Level-4 Virology Institute laboratory in Wuhan. In a matter of weeks, it created a global pandemic that killed more than three million people around the world in the course of one year. The virus destroyed entire economies, triggered countless suicides, destroyed unnumbered lives and families, and threw the entire world into chaos. For China, this was a triumph, and it was only the beginning. Because now this prelude to world domination has shown them how World War III must begin.

Global Ambitions – China Must Not Be Underestimated: Part I of a III Part Series

China has made no secret about its global ambitions. In 2017, Beijing announced that it was building the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) into a world-class” military in order to join the ranks – and overtake the size and power of the worlds leading military powers. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders have been determined to make China the leading power globally, taking over America’s traditional role – in strength and prestige, both economically and militarily. Chinas underlying aim has been to prevent other countries from stopping its takeover of the world.  

In an address to the 19th Party Congress in October 2017, Xi made it very clear that China “is blazing a new trail for other developing countries,” bringing “Chinese wisdom and a Chinese approach to solving the problems facing mankind.” He promised then that by mid-century, China would “become a global leader in terms of composite national strength and international influence,” that it would build a “stable international order,” and that China would have a commanding role to play. 

Our leaders all heard it, and they yawned, and went back to sleep. Now, four years later, we are watching a global battle between the forces of good and evil, a battle for democracy, and for mankind – a battle against communism and tyranny – unfolding right in front of us. And the world is still yawning.

The CCP strategists talk about theirforward defense” with which they plan to expand the strategic depth of their military power as far beyond China’s current boundaries as possible. To that end, they have been developing a sophisticated navy that they plan to use to combat America’s naval authority. Beijing is expanding its military presence inside its borders and coastline and far beyond its boundaries, in Africa, and South America, in Asia and Europe, in the Middle East, and America. By building a network of overseas military bases and commercial ports, in reaching into the corporations and infrastructure of other countries, they can support their operations anywhere in the world. 

Djibouti became China’s first permanent overseas military base in 2017 and gave the CCP a port in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. China also expanded its operations in Argentina in 2018, giving it commanding access to the Pacific Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere, where it established its authority by sending in fleets of large commercial fishing boats to troll the seas around the Galapagos Islands for shark and rare fish, where they destabilized and destroyed the delicate ecology of the area. 

China has also signed an agreement to operate from a naval base in Cambodia, expanding into Southeast Asia. And in June 2019, despite U.S. pressure to do otherwise, the Israeli city of Haifa signed a 25-year contract with Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), a Chinese company that will build and operate a large shipping seaport on the Mediterranean. The contract will begin later this year.  

China is already in the position to assert its authority in key parts of the world. The priorities of the PPC lie in the modernization and proliferation of its core strengths. It is flexing its muscles in maritime, air, cyber warfare, and long-range missile capabilities, and expanding its capabilities in cyberspace, electronic warfare, artificial intelligence (AI), and space.

An intrinsic part of this strategy is that any country or company that partners with China must agree to share critical technology and proprietary data as part of the deal. And while these partners get access to Chinese grants and loans for developing their technology, the quid pro quo is that Chinese civil and military traffic are given proprietary access to their ports and airports, which are slowly infiltrated and eventually stolen. This is another piece of their plan to rule the world.

Another critical part of their deal requires them to avoid any mention or relationship with Taiwan and accept the Chinese view of the world and their definitions of human rights, globalization, and terrorism. Any criticism of China and its brutal treatment of Hong Kong or the Uyghurs is forbidden. 

Napolean Bonaparte is reported to have said, “Quand la Chine s’éveillera… le monde tremblera” – “when China awakens, the world will tremble.”

That quote, which has been repeated many times, was not lost on Xi Jinping when he addressed a meeting in Paris to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France. On that occasion, Xi said: “According to history, realizing the Chinese dream would bring opportunities rather than threats, peace rather than turmoil to the world. It will help the world make progress in various aspects. . . . Napoleon Bonaparte once said that China ‘is a sleeping lion and when China wakes up, the world will shake.’ In fact, the lion of China has awoken, but what the world sees now is a peaceful, amiable, civilized lion.

To which Jean-Pierre Cabestan, the chief of the political science department at the Hong Kong Baptist University, responded to the South China Morning Post:  ”Have you ever seen a peaceful, civilized, and not an aggressive lion? A lion is a big, wild and predatory animal, very much like China in its relations with other countries.” 

Napoleon said something more about China, from his isolation in exile on the island of St Helena. He said, from St Helena, “It would be the worst thing you have done for a number of years, to go to war with an immense empire like China, and possessing so many resources. You would doubtless, at first, succeed, take what vessels they have, and destroy their trade, but you would teach them their own strength.” 

And so we have. 

China is a predator. And it is preparing to devour the world. We are already too late to stop it completely. While our leaders were sleeping, China was devouring little pieces of Africa and South America, stripping them of their natural resources and leaving behind the destruction of the land and their resources. And China is also destroying the oceans wherever they go. 

Xi calls this peaceful and civilized. His vision is to command the world and impose the CCP’s brutal form of communism on the world’s nations, regardless of the destruction they leave behind. For China, it is all about power. 

Today, the weakness of our government is terrifying in the face of this developing assault. In the face of a new world war, where the two major adversaries will be China and the United States, we are coming up short. There is no more time to sleep. It is time to wake up and respond to the threats that face us coming from China.

The Lion has “awoken,” and it is time for the Eagle to enter the fight.

Global Ambitions – China Must Not Be Underestimated: Part I of a III Part Series


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