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June 15, 2024





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John McCain’s Hanoi Hilton roommate for a time was Senator Admiral Jerry Denton.

Denton was the POW who blinked “TORTURE” with his eyelids while being interviewed by a Japanese news reporter in Hanoi Hilton in 1966.

Suffice it to say Denton was not a big fan of John McCain — for numerous reasons.

The good Senator played a round of golf with some of his counterparts. Afterward, they entered his home. Upon entering, one couldn’t help but notice a huge envelope with the return address “The Republican Candidate for President of the United States.” His counterpart turned and said to the Admiral, “I’m not reading your mail, sir, but can’t miss this one–interesting you have a letter here from someone I know you are not a fan of.” 

Senator Admiral Denton opened the letter and read an appreciation note from Senator John  McCain thanking him for a generous donation to his campaign. His counterpart remarked: “Very nice of you, sir, for contributing to a campaign of someone I know you didn’t respect.”

His response?

“It is a matter of the lesser of two evils—and I am not talking Obama vs. McCain—I am talking McCain vs. Obama’s running mate, Biden. I served with 99 other Senators, and the one Senator I would trust the least is Biden. His whole family is corrupt. If he would ever become President, our country would be in a world of hurt.”

Jerry Denton passed before “President” Joe Biden happened. Senator Admiral Denton would not be happy.

China is responsible for the death of over one million Americans from the CCP’s bioweapon COVID-19.

When your enemy tells you they want to kill you, believe them. In Unrestricted Warfare, the CCP and General Haotian told us just that.

The Communist Party will not withdraw from the stage of history! We would rather want the whole world and even the whole earth to coexist and die with our party than to withdraw from the stage of history!!! Isn’t there a “nuclear bundling” theory now? In other words, nuclear weapons bind the security of the entire world together, and everyone will die together. I think there is actually another kind of bondage, that is, the fate of our party is tied to the fate of the whole world. If our Communist Party is over, China will be over, and the world will be over.

 It is indeed cruel to kill the United States with one or two hundred million people, but only this way can be exchanged for the century of the Chinese and the century of the Chinese Communist Party leading the world. We do not want dead people. We are revolutionary humanitarians. But if history requires us to choose, is it dead Chinese or dead American? Is it important to preserve the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese people or to preserve the lives of our party? We can only choose the latter. Why do we call us Chinese? Who told us to be Communists? From the day we joined the party, the life of the party is above all else!

 Since the party’s life is “above everything,” it will continue to live for the CCP, and it will not hesitate to use biochemical and nuclear weapons for a desperate battle. It is not surprising! Regarding human life as grass, even if 200 million Americans are killed, and 700 to 800 million Chinese are lost, it is not a problem! Abandoning the world in disregard of safety, even if the whole world bet on a gamble, is in the CCP’s sense! The speech tore away all the disguise, and let the world see a naked CCP: blood clogged in every pore, evil in every cell, it wants to survive from death and fight against humanity. This is the theme of the speech.

The enemy is inside the wire, and it is not just China that is an enemy of America.

China has cheated, stolen, and murdered its way into a global power status. Bills are long past due.

DNI John Ratcliff told America on January 8, 2021, that China had entered our election.

It is time for the U.S. to confiscate any holding that China has inside the United States.

Between 1913 and 1942, the United States loaned China $1.6 trillion.

Precedent: U.S. Has Legal Standing To Recoup $1.6 Trillion Debt China Owes America By Seizing Chinese Assets Including Real Property, ‘Chinese-Owned’ American Farmland, ‘Chinese-Owned’ Businesses In U.S. (The American Report)

The Fabian Communists called for lighting the globe on fire in order to mold it to the heart’s content. China Joe is doing just that.

America is facing a two-front war with Russia and China. Iran is poised to strike Israel. There is a very real possibility that China will attack Taiwan.

America’s spigots have been turned off. Joe Biden handed America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China.

The Manchurian Biden Administration has informed Americans of its intentions. Biden canceled any plan to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Biden admin cancels plan to refill emergency oil reserve amid high prices.

Biden Cancels Replenishment of Strategic Oil Reserves

  •  Biden administration cancels plan to purchase millions of barrels of oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).
  •  Current SPR holds 363.6 million barrels, down 43% since January 2021.
  •  Biden initially depleted SPR to counter high fuel prices.
  •  The White House Press Secretary declined to comment.
  •  Department of Energy says they’re “still committed” to refilling SPR.

Joe Biden lit the world on fire. Joe Biden crippled America’s ability to defend itself or her allies.

It has become abundantly clear that China Joe was bought and paid for by the CCP and Red China. Congress knows this.

Joe Biden is riding the Red Dragon to America’s demise unless the American people stop Joe Biden.

Senator Jerry Denton was right.

John S. Ritchie, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) case officer, is a senior executive with over 35 years of experience in various sectors, including government, multinational corporations, and consulting. Currently serving as Principal of GDI Risk Advisory Group LLC, a global risk and strategy consulting firm, John provides valuable information and analysis to help clients understand the risks and opportunities in emerging markets and technologies. His expertise includes crisis management, safeguarding assets and operations, protecting reputation, and establishing cyber defense programs.

Throughout his career, he has also held positions at Fiserv, JPMorgan Chase, Booz Allen Hamilton, and as a defense contractor, demonstrating his ability to excel in fast-paced environments. With his extensive knowledge and experience in intelligence collection and risk management, John has become a sought-after advisor and speaker on international risk and controls.

John Ritchie is also the host of the video cast “OUTPUT with John Ritchie.” Through his program, John takes his audience into the world of government tradecraft and government politics as they relate to thought-provoking current national and international news events. He reveals technology and tactics used by governments to control information and manipulate behaviors. OUTPUT equips listeners with actionable data and products to protect themselves and their digital sovereignty, financial control, and personal autonomy. X: @IAmJohnRitchie

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