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June 24, 2024





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The words freedom and America go together like peas and carrots, like Lady Liberty and her luminous torch. In the United States of America, our unity is based on the founding principle of free speech. Without free speech, America is not free. That’s why the First Amendment is first. By similar reasoning, the Second Amendment is second because Americans feel so strongly about the First Amendment that they assert it fully by saying, “We’ll defend it if we must!” You simply cannot have one of these Amendments without the other, like peas and carrots.

This being stated, how does any American explain the pervasive tolerance of censorship that now shackles our free speech? I simply don’t understand how censorship queens such as Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Adam Mosseri, and like kin, are not immediately hauled into court for their bold and candid violations of our most sacred Amendment. The Constitution was written to guarantee a free people; a muzzled people are not free. Censorship is the most lethal violation against life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness imaginable. Having no voice is like taxation without representation, is it not?

By cutting off our ability to communicate on social media platforms and elsewhere, our liberty is constrained. Our freedom of speech is the bread and butter of “we the people.” When billionaire Socialist-Marxist elites so easily violate this Amendment without any challenge to their oppression, something is very wrong with the American people. We have lost something most essential to our survival. 

The devil’s apprentices who bind us in speech take away a right bestowed on us by our Creator. Without hesitation, we ought to haul them before the courts. Their cases should be tried swiftly, and their punishment meted out with such vigor that never again would they consider another assault on our free republic. Indeed, such scoundrels are masters of deceit and clear enemies of the state. Why do they walk unscathed, with full impunity? Has our Union been so weakened that we have lost our soul? Or have we only temporarily lost our footing?

A quick survey of the current operations in our three branches of government yields much cause for concern. Where is the balance of powers? We are quickly becoming a people enslaved.

Still, the undertones of the liberty bell can be heard if you listen closely. Principles of patriotism must be taught to our children. Let men be men and women be women—just as God designed! We must boldly declare that America will not be reassigned to a land of misfits. Perversion must be called out. We must never pride ourselves in brandishing what is impure, immoral, selfish, perverse, greedy, or haughty. A dose of humility along with righteous pursuits will forge an impenetrable shield against all enemies. But woe to us if this message is unheard, untaught! Unless we remain anchored in the harbor of truth, the lines securing us to the wharf will be loosed, and we will almost imperceptibly drift out to sea and be lost.

Right now, a guarantee of free speech is only bestowed on the ungodly and amoral, causing our nation to pay an insufferable price. When a good people are isolated in voice from one another and denied the spread of good words, they are stifled in building a unified righteous force.

We must oppose a denial of fellowship as a Christian church body. Family gatherings solidify the unit that strengthens a nation. The pleasant and soul-strengthening gatherings of friends unites us all. If we continue to compromise the one thing that ties us all together—our freedom of speech—then America will soon be dismembered. With compromised free speech comes the abandonment of good character. For this reason, I eagerly choose to oppose this evil censorship. No price is too high to defend our First Amendment.

What I love most about my country is who I share it with, the patriots who stand beside me. I rejoice in my country being founded on God-given biblical principles that can make any nation great. I hope and pray that the American people will once again rise up and determine to never again compromise with the enemy as we have done in recent years. God has set before us His statutes that guarantee freedom. Our choice to accept or reject these should be made with fear and trembling: we choose between life and death, freedom and slavery.

American freedom has been a global axiom envied by our foreign neighbors, but only because America has been synonymous with Christianity. Take away the Bible, and you will gut America just as swiftly as she rose to power. Our enemy knows that if American citizens can be led to worship the idols of greed, sexual perversion, comfort, laziness, and selfishness, then we are an easy prey.

If you have yet to join the freedom fight, now is the time. The fight begins by opening up the Bible. The fight ends when you breathe your last breath. Everything in between is based on your words and your actions. Peas and carrots. Don’t allow anyone to censor your good words, much less your good works. Censorship is evil. Let your voice be heard!


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