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June 25, 2024





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The Democrats are destroying America. Not the Democrats who are the John F. Kennedy Democrats, but the Progressive left Democrats, the Socialist Democrats and the Marxist democrats that have stolen the Party.
They have been like a cancer spreading in our schools and universities for years. They have shared their rapidly multiplying cells like an infection to the minds of unsuspecting students who drink in the disease and act like rabid animals on the misinformation they are fed. They are told nothing of the greatness of America. Nothing of the uniqueness of America. Nothing of the true and real facts of the history of America. They have been taught to be critical of America, to be entitled, to be spineless, and to dishonor America and disrespect those who protect and defend her.
Then those cancerous mindless individuals grow up and run for office, with the support of the likes of George Soros, and here we are.
Look at Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and so many other cities irresponsibly managed, dangerous for the citizens, over-taxed and crime ridden as they steal our America right out from under us. The absolute ineptitude of these so-called leaders speaks to the damage our schools have done. It speaks to the era of entitlement and government nanny states. It showcases the lack of knowledge of our American roots and history. It demonstrates the lack of understanding of finances and fiduciary responsibility. It shines a light on the utter and complete incompetence of elected officials in too many local, state and federal offices.
What kind of idiots thought to release felons to re-victimize Americans? What kind of nonsense is no bail? They think WE are the stupid ones, and often we are as we vote these Socialist bleeding hearts into office while the criminals they release pick our pockets, rob us blind, and murder our family members like Groundhog Day.
These Socialist Democrats are in bed with our enemies, like China. Democrats are lining their pockets with millions while they sell our future down the river, just like Hillary did with Uranium One. Just like Biden did with Ukraine and China.

What will we have if we lean that far left? Higher taxes, death taxes, the New Green Deal Fiasco, poor universal healthcare with exorbitant premiums and NO care, more corruption, more crime, more illegal aliens to pay for.

The market will tank along with all of our stocks and retirements funds, and we will be ever closer to a two tier society; the very rich elite, like Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom and Bill De Blasio who are there for power and money and don’t care one iota about the people of this country, and the poor.
The overwhelming hatred of President Trump scares me. The blame for Covid-19 lies with China, not the President. We are so manipulated by the lies on the left, and the lies from the media, it feels hopeless at times.
The fraud from mail in ballots could be the last nail in the coffin for America. America has been on the right track under President Trump. We cannot let this Socialist Cancer spread in America. We can vote and we must win against the destruction of the rule of law, the loss of our constitutional rights and our American way of life.
Parents can change the direction of education now, while we have a void in education. Teach your children history and why America is the greatest democracy on earth. We can begin to undo the bloated University system that overcharges our youth and saddles them with debt, yet provides no jobs, few marketable skills and creates dissidents out of our children. I would think long and hard before I sent my kids back to public school with its revisionist history, no civics, no incentive to win or be better because everyone gets a trophy and no ones feelings can get hurt. Parents are developing their own school pods and teaching basics rather than transgender studies or Muslim religion classes. Teach them to spell and add and subtract, and civics and history. Bring back auto shop, woodworking, electronics and trade classes that will help so many students to get jobs.
We are in a spider web of confusion with all of the lies we hear. We need to stop, listen to the quiet and think for ourselves as to what is best for America. It is socialism? Is it a free society where hard work is rewarded? Is it our constitutional rights? Is it freeing felons? Is it unchecked people, including drug runners and criminals pouring over our borders? Is it defunding law enforcement and ignoring the rule of law? If the plan is to live off of the government and hope the few that are rich can support the rest of us, that needs some re-thinking. If the plan is to get rid of the police and let the criminals run rampant, be ready for civil war. 
It isn’t President Trump who has lined his pockets by being President. It is people like Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and so many others with Joe Biden at the head of that list.
The Democrat Party is gone. It was hijacked by Socialists and Marxists. It cannot stand. We must fight for America. If not for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren. We need to bring back the John Kennedy Democrats, and lose the Progressive Socialist Democrats!
I don’t care if people hold their nose and vote Trump, but President Trump will bring this country back from Covid-19 Hell and Joe Biden will not. God Bless America and God Bless those who fight for America’s soul. God Bless our first responders, our police, and our military.
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