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May 21, 2024





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Both Brad Pitt and Senator Joe Manchin need some history lessons.
Brad Pitt is an accomplished actor. I enjoy all his work in movies. That is his field of expertise and he needs to stick to it. As so many Hollywood types do, he chose to use an awards ceremony to make a political statement. While accepting his award, during the self-aggrandizing Oscar spectacle⏤he chose to bash the President of the United States to the entire world. He criticized Republican Senators for not calling new witnesses in the impeachment trial.
This just spotlights how uninformed Brad Pitt is. When a person commits a crime, the district attorney and law enforcement do the investigation. If the investigation, which includes interviewing all witnesses and uncovering any possible new evidence, would lead to the conclusion that probable cause exists that the person committed the offense he/she is indicted and tried before a jury of their peers. Evidence includes inculpatory and exculpatory evidence, not only one side.
When the defendant goes to court, such evidence is brought forth and the triers of fact decide as to guilt or innocence, based on the preponderance of evidence. In the case of a civil trial like an impeachment the standard of proof of guilt has to be 51% or more. What never happens, is that the trier of fact requests additional witnesses or evidence from the prosecutor. That is not their job.
That’s the way this works Brad, and further more…
I find it rather hypocritical for you to stand in front of the world and talk about things you don’t know about. You have been blessed with looks and talent, yet your life is a train wreck of cheating on those who love you and numbing yourself with drugs and alcohol. President Trump is a man who didn’t need the garbage you all throw at him, yet day in and day out he makes America better, for everyone. Because he is President, you sold more tickets to your Hollywood movie. People have more money to enjoy those luxuries. We don’t all have bodyguards and people waiting on us hand and foot. We work. In your industry you make deals all the time, and oh my, quid pro quos. You all know that Hollywood has wanted this President out since the day of the election in 2016, and I bet not one of you can articulate a reason why, as you are all mind numbingly ignorant about how the majority of America lives. You live in a bubble and are insulated by wealth, property and entitlement. Every time you Hollywood types open your mouth you demonstrate your insulation from the realities of the majority of Americans.

Because of this President, more people have jobs, and better wages, and pay less taxes. He is tough on crime and not for illegal, but legal, immigration. He has helped Americans and our Canadian and Mexican neighbors with USMCA and greatly improved our trade deals all over the world. 

America is energy independent for the first time in history and no longer dependent upon countries who do not share our values for human rights. He fights for every American, for good medical care, good education, freedom of religion, freedom from criminals and the drugs you so freely use that kill so many. He fights for our military and law enforcement and all first responders, jobs you only emulate in your acting career without having to put your life on the line as so many do.
You all think you are fighting for the little man, yet right in front of you is the first President in my lifetime who truly fights for the little man. Stick with acting Brad, because real life is not your bag. The rest of us don’t want to hear the ignorance you spew.
Now Joe⏤let me explain a few important details to you.
Joe Manchin, I am ashamed of you. While Mitt Romney is just a vindictive and nasty sore loser, for you I have had respect. That pretty much disappeared when you said that where you come from, a person has to provide witnesses to prove their innocence. Joe, as a United States Senator, are you familiar with the Constitution? In particular please refer to the fifth amendment in the Bill of Rights. It was the job of the Congress who brought the impeachment articles to provide the witnesses and prove their case. PROVE. The President had to say nothing.
Indeed, he wasn’t even allowed to defend himself to the Congressional hyenas. The law of the land is⏤the case had to be proven and since it was bogus and nothing but speculation and hearsay, with not a single fact witness, it was a farce on its face. There is no trial where hearsay is allowed. Yet you Joe, a Senator, along with every other partisan hack Senator that voted guilty, do not understand or support the very Constitutional framework that this country was built on. Partisanship rules the day, no longer justice, no longer the rule of law and no longer common sense and honor. It’s a sad day for America. I expected the BS from the Schumer team. I expected an educated and informed vote from you Joe. Re-read your Bill of Rights. I’m pretty sure it still says that a person is PRESUMED INNOCENT unless PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It does not say unless he brings in more witnesses or evidence to prove his innocence. Your guilty vote based on no fact witnesses, but “I thought, I assumed, I am sure that” witnesses flies in the face of all we hold dear in America. 
I suggest you and Brad enroll in a good Constitutional law class. Or heck, you can both come over to my place in Texas, and we’ll talk about how real Americans live and why we love this President, just to give you different perspective than your partisan, biased colleagues share. We’ll talk about what is important to Americans along with the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the way trials work over a nice cup of coffee.


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