Women: America’s Last Best Hope

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Women: America’s Last Best Hope is as an educational, inspirational, eye-opening experience. It addresses key public policy issues while stressing the importance of women in our society and the need to stay actively involved. From social issues, to the economy to National defense, the author tackles the hot issues of the day presenting public policy with personal flair. The book outlines the fundamental principles which our nation was founded on; gives an overview of the role of the American homemaker throughout our nation’s history and teaches women how to be actively involved as citizens without sacrificing their homes and families. ? WOMEN is an amazing must read. Written in plain English, this book has opened my eyes not just to the fact that we are living in a different society than our grandparents, but how and why it has become so different. Kimberly Fletcher has written a book for real American Women-those of us who are too busy with our lives to try to wade through and interpret all the political jargon out there. This is America’s well thought out, well written wake-up call, and it can’t get onto bookshelves soon enough. -Kelli Lenart (28 year old mother of 3, Dayton, OH) ? When I finished the book the first thing I thought was how many women I know who need to read it. I can’t believe how much information is in this one little book and how motivated I am because of it. I am ready to join the front lines of freedom and the first thing I want to do is tell all my friends about this book. I have never read a book that impacted me this much. Kelly Casto (40 year-old Homeschool Mom of four, OH)

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