Understanding Healthcare: a historical perspective

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Dr. Fisher provides the reader an in-depth understanding of how we got into this controversial, overly expensive, exceedingly complex and bureaucratic healthcare system and ends with a comprehensive solution delivering the promise of personalized care for all at far less cost.

This manuscript was written with a historical perspective so that the reader will gain a clear understanding of the misconceptions and accidents of history that have led to our present dysfunctional and contentious system of healthcare. To most Americans healthcare is a confusing maze of inefficient complexity. Dr. Fisher explains how this happened and what we should do about it. The reader will learn how the scientific method, one of man’s greatest achievements, led to modern medicine and the development of the profession. With the goal that everyone in the United States has access to affordable comprehensive care, we must understand the forces at work preventing us from achieving this elusive outcome. It is the author’s intention that an informed populous will help guide our nation to a more individual-oriented system while consuming fewer resources.

Our third party dominated price-fixed, pre-paid healthcare system is failing us. It consumes too many resources, keeping our nation from adequately funding other areas of importance, along with leaving many without coverage. The solution is an enlightened tax policy so that everyone has a health savings account growing over time, along with a high deductible insurance plan which would empower all of us to control our own healthcare spending and ensure universal access.

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