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July 19, 2024





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The COVID-19 VACCINES & Beyond… What the Medical Industrial Complex is NOT Telling Us

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“an invaluable guide… be sure to give this book a careful read”— Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Written by a retired attorney in collaboration with two physicians, this highly-documented book presents an overview of the compelling evidence that paints a very different picture than we’ve been told regarding certain core issues:

1) was a vaccine ever necessary in the first place to end COVID?
2) are the COVID shots really safe and effective, according to the government’s and manufacturers’ own data?
3) what is the “big picture” that “all things COVID” fit into, and how does that seriously impact every person on the planet?

The importance of seeing this “big picture” cannot be over-emphasized.

This book is not just about data. It also tells a very important story that every American needs to hear.

It is far bigger than appears on the surface. When you read it, your world may never be the same again.

The evidence is compelling that those in the “medical industrial complex” we trusted to protect us have been lying about “all things COVID” from the beginning.

But whose report will you believe? These highly divisive and urgent issues require every person to decide

For most people, the lies surrounding “all things COVID” have been too big NOT to believe.

Find out why many doctors believe not only that this book is a “must read” for their colleagues, but also for their patients.

Ask yourself: If these shots are truly safe and effective, then

  • why have countless thousands of doctors, scientists, whistleblowers and other experts been willing to risk their reputations, credentials and even their livelihoods to warn people of the grave dangers they believe these shots pose, and not just to individuals but also to all of humanity?
  • why would they be willing to be demonized, mocked, retaliated against and labelled as “misinformation spreaders”?
  • why are these doctors and other experts the only ones willing to show their evidence and debate this critical public health issue so that the public can be better informed about the data and the science in order to make an informed decision?

Everyone who is not aware of at least some of the issues and evidence covered in this book may find themselves empowering an agenda that they most likely would never have chosen to support if they knew what it was really all about.

This book presents truths that are difficult to accept, but it offers solid encouragement that no matter how impossible a person’s circumstances may seem, as a result of the shots or COVID, there is real hope for healing, recovery and even a “fresh start” in life.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Why the “cure” has been far worse than the disease.
  • What the claim of “95% effective” really refers to. (It’s not even close to what we were led to believe.)
  • How and why critical safety data have been manipulated, deliberately hidden, and ignored since the very beginning.
  • The real reasons behind the push for everyone on the planet to take the vaccine and regular booster shots.
  • Why many doctors, scientists, attorneys and others have called the COVID vaccine campaign “the biggest medical disaster in history,” and even worse.
  • Why so many working age and young people with no major underlying health issues have been dying suddenly with no explanation, and all had one thing in common.

Order a copy today to find out what you are not being told about things that are literally a matter of life and death.

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