Many Voices, One Freedom: United in the 1st Amendment

June 18, 2024





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The Constitution Study: Returning the Constitution to We the People

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Studies show that 30%-40% of Americans cannot name a single freedom protected by the First Amendment. How many of the five can you name? Have you read the Constitution?”The Constitution Study is one of my most highly recommended Constitutional Education sources available.” — Jessie Rude, Executive, Constitutional Grass Roots MovementIt doesn’t take a law degree to understand the supreme law of the land. Most people can read the Constitution in about 20 minutes. And if you’re worried about the language being difficult, this book can help.”Paul’s expansive knowledge of the U.S. Constitution is invaluable to anyone looking for insightful information about our Nation’s founding documents.” — Winston Wang, Administrator, The Bipartisan PressWhether you’re a long time history buff, or just starting out, this book can help you read and study the Constitution. It was created to protect your rights.

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