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June 18, 2024





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It’s Time to Shift: From Fear to Faith

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To bring meaning to your life you have to develop capacity to shift at any given moment. Most people yearn for more meaning in their lives, yet year after year they find themselves at the same place, still yearning, still wanting more. In most cases, this drawback can be attributed to fear. Fear cuts us off from taking risks, pursuing possibilities, and making changes for personal or professional growth.

A life that has no meaning or direction, translates into an empty, stressful and gloomy life. In most cases, this drawback can be attributed to fear. The good news is that you don’t have to let fear run your life anymore! In this book we will review ten steps you can begin taking today to strengthen yourself so that you can let go of your fears and fulfill your dreams. Taking these steps will set in motion your faith and increase every aspect of your life. Reaching this faithful and fearless mode will allow you to follow through with every dream you ever had and every ambition or goal you ever set, and to move into a life filled with peace, happiness, prosperity and joy. With this newly acquired faith and courage, you will be able to go for anything your heart desires, to risk it all and to have the smoothest ride of your life. It is Difficult to reach your Destination when you have not Determined your Direction. Situations will not shift until you shift: It’s Time to Shift from Faith to Fear.

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