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June 25, 2024





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How Can the Dream Survive If We Murder the Children?: ABORTION IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHT!

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How Can The Dream Survive If We Murder The Children? This compelling question impacts nations and generations of human beings, many of whom have experienced physical, emotional and spiritual oppression spanning the course of many lifetimes. How Can The Dream Survive brings hope, light and life to those who have pondered the issue of abortion, and whose questions have yet to be answered: Is abortion a civil right? Is abortion good for women? What’s so bad about genocide? What would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. say about abortion? Who are the survivors?What about life, liberty and justice for all? As the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; daughter of Rev. A. D. King, and granddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., Alveda shares her personal testimony with compassion and sensitivity. Love is a powerful force, and her message of life, love and justice resonates. Alveda is a mother, grandmother and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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