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July 18, 2024





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On January 14, 2020, the WHO announced to the world via a press conference that the novel coronavirus had jumped from animal to human. This process is named zoonosis. A few days afterward, there were speculations that this had been known by Chinese officials and the WHO for over 8 weeks. Also there has always been a question of whether the virus was sold in a horseshoe bat at the Wuhan meat market or released by mistake or on purpose at the nearby Wuhan Biosafety Level ( BSL) 4 Virology Lab. This would mean it was man made maybe using “gain of function” technology.

January 31, 2020, the president closed our Western borders to China with 14,000 people traveling to and from China daily; 5 million yearly. China kept the borders inside their country closed but open to the world as the first index case is believed to be from their country making it ground zero to COVID.

The common cold is a coronavirus. No, you don’t get it from Corona beer! Really some people in the beginning thought that. Well it was a very strange time with many dubious signals. Other coronas include SARS, MERS, and now SARS-COV2 which is the virus leading to the COVID-19 disease. This one became a pandemic, meaning it has affected people in many countries around the world. Probably the worst virus since the Spanish Flu of 1918. That one killed between 50 to 100 million people. Both of the presidents during these virus periods contracted these diseases, Donald Trump and Woodrow Wilson at the time.

In January 2020, the WHO released the virus genome code. The president and administration started meeting with over many pharmaceutical companies. After investigating best methods and practices taking safety and efficacy in mind to get us to a vaccine in warp speed, intially 8 companies were chosen. Pfizer and Moderna being MRNAS, J&J and AstraZeneca/Oxford University, both viral vectors. The others include Novanox, Sanofi, Merck and GSK.

From $11- $14 Billion was paid to the companies upfront for an estimated 800 million of doses, some are 1 dose vaccines. Pfizer received their monetizes when production startedThis means that in 2020 the last administration paved the way for more than enough vaccine for the 330 million Americans. Really 500 million Americans.

COVerupID’-2019 explains in detail the facts of the greatest mobilization of public/private collaboration in non-war time in US history. Follow us on this journey and and meet the leaders and thousands of hero’s involved in Operation Warp Speed. I think you will learn how the science was followed to get us to safe effective vaccines faster than ever in world history!

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