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May 28, 2024





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In but eight harrowing months, President Joe Biden has succeeded beyond all reasonable expectations in fulfilling his central campaign pledge to not be like Donald Trump.

Rather than “Make America Great Again,” Joe has accomplished exactly the opposite…and much, much more.

I’ll offer eleven examples.

Polarized National Disunity

Former President-elect Biden, who campaigned as a “uniter,” has presided over the most disruptively polarized America in memory.

While decrying “systemic racism” as one of the “great crises of our time,” his administration has actively promoted K-12 and military indoctrination of critical race theory, which sets up neo-Marxist oppressor-victim classes that divide groups along racial and gender lines, along with teachings of 1619 Project portrayals of America as an inherently racist nation.

Disruptive Executive Disorders

Pushing radical authority with no electoral mandate and the barest congressional margin, during his first week in office, Joe Biden signed a record 22 executive orders along with numerous presidential proclamations and memorandums — more than four times the number issued by Barack Obama, and five times those of Donald Trump.

Biden admitted knowing his CDC’s moratorium against landlord evictions of deadbeat tenants was unconstitutional at the time, but proceeded anyway.

A Cancel Culture of Control

Joe Biden, his party, and powerful social and mainstream media mogul collaborators have condoned unprecedented and alarming censorship of “disapproved” free speech information and conservative viewpoints that run contrary to their political narratives.

Previously unimaginable, we have witnessed an elected seated — now former American president and leader of the “free world” — banned from social media as foreign adversaries, including Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has called for the genocide of the Israeli people, continue to tweet with impunity.

Nationalized Election Chicanery

The U.S. Constitution designates primary responsibilities for rules, management, and authentication of election ballots to individual state legislation … not to federal government control nor the authority to eliminate requirements for all qualified voters to prove their identity.

Current Democrat proposals to nationalize presidential and congressional elections, in combination with Joe Biden’s claim that requiring proof of identity on mail-in ballots is somehow racist “Jim Crow on steroids,” is transparently intended to institutionalize COVID-premised excuses for absentee vote fraud.

Paradoxical Pandemic Policies

Biden administration COVID vaccine mandates for government workers and military personnel make no exemptions for individuals with religious objections nor those with even more effective natural antibody immunity resulting from COVID recovery.

Ironically, the same administration imposes no requirements upon countless unchecked and unvaccinated illegal southern border crossers from all over the planet who are being transferred at taxpayer expense to infect neighborhoods and burden medical health care, school programs, and other community services near you.

Legalizing Lawless Lunacy

Mexican cartels trafficking drugs and humans — children and women — contribute to an escalating national crime crisis. Last year set an FBI record for homicides up 30% from 2019.

Meanwhile, Democrats in disproportionately high-crime states and cities call for defunding police and releasing prison inmates, policies that have predominate impacts on minority neighborhood victims who are most at risk. This insanity is occurring at the same “progressives” work to eliminate Second Amendment self-protection rights.

Institutionalized Criminal Injustices

We have come to witness a federal U.S. criminal justice system turned upside down in favor of top-level Democrat-beholden Deep State operatives.

Examples: Hillary’s pass on illegal deletion of highly classified security-sensitive emails on her personal computer; FBI sitting on corrupt Biden family foreign influence-peddling evidence on Hunter’s “laptop from hell;” Trump impeachment over a legitimate telephone conversation regarding Biden involvement with a corrupt Ukraine energy company; and another impeachment over phony “Russia collusion” dossier dirt funded by the Hillary campaign.

Unlimited Free Stuff Spending Spree

With self-avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders heading the Senate Finance Committee, Democrats are hell-bent on passing, by far, the largest debt and inflation-producing legislation in our nation’s history.

The Congressional Budget Office that provides budget data to lawmakers, projects that based on current economic growth rates, the federal debt-GDP ratio will hit a whopping 1.88% by 2025, with debt hitting $50 trillion.

Raging inflation is already here. Food costs rose by 0.4% between July and August, with beef prices jumping 1.7% alone, and gas prices were up 2.8% … now topping $3.25 per gallon.

Costly Green Energy Pipe Dreams

The Biden administration is trading Trump energy independence for tickets to a green new fantasyland.

Inexplicably, after shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in ANWR, Biden dropped Trump sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline under the Baltic to Germany.

Joe then unsuccessfully pleaded with OPEC to help lower politically painful pump prices, which have major influences on nationwide transportation and food impacts that will fall most consequentially on low-income populations.

Natural gas prices are now at seven-year highs in the U.S., and record highs in Europe and Asia, with winter season heating weather yet to arrive.

Human Rights Hypocrisies

Secretary of State Antony Blinken fecklessly and impotently sat through a rebuke by China’s counterpart regarding his “self-admitted” U.S. civil rights violations, then later invited a U.N. Civil Rights Council inquiry into America’s failings.

That Council includes China, whose well-documented human rights abuses include: coercive population control through forced abortion, sterilization, and involuntary birth control; detention and forced labor of Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and other Muslim minority groups in internment camps; and forced political “re-education.”

Empowered Military Adversaries

Biden’s disastrous pull out of Afghanistan has left hundreds of Americans at Taliban mercy, tens of thousands of Afghan U.S. supporters with death sentences, and countless lives and lifestyles of young girls and adult women abruptly flipped to pre-medieval times.

Also abandoned are America’s highly strategic Bagram Air Base, about $85 billion worth of sophisticated military equipment, and our nation’s reputation as a reliable or competent ally or adversary.

Alarmingly, with no thanks to Biden bungles, our nation is now less safe from 9/11-level terrorist threats than it was two decades ago.

And every one of these disasters was self-inflicted unnecessarily upon our nation.


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