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June 19, 2024





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Definitions of unhinged; adjective: Affected with madness or insanity.

Synonyms: Crazy, demented, disturbed, mad, sick, unbalanced, insane, afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement.

This article should be warning enough to wake up the most hardened pro-Democrat brains because the following issues are affecting every single American, irrespective of race, color, social, educational, or economic status. All of you are going to pay a horrendous price – especially your children and future generations – in the short and long terms.

In his recent insulting pronouncements regarding immigrants addressed to the Japanese, Chinese, and Indian peoples, Biden fully unmasked his agenda and that of Democrats – that he and his administration have deliberately opened the US borders for invaders precisely to affect the demographics of the USA – against the will of the majority of this Republic.

While there are 25,000,000 US citizens who are uninsured because they cannot afford Obamacare health insurance, Biden is more than happy to provide the same and more to DACA illegals in the USA, costing a minimum of $300,000,000 to start with.

In reality, it will cost over $2.8 billion because Democrats never reveal the hidden items within their agenda.

All of our readers should realize that you and your family will have to pay these staggering numbers with increased taxation while cities are totally going bankrupt, providing food, shelter, and other services to illegal immigrants.

To do so, these Democrat-run failing cities had to cut on several of the most important services, such as fire and police, thus negatively impacting the citizens’ security. It is, therefore, inevitable that your insurance will get more expensive, your healthcare waiting times will get longer, and medical and educational services will decline in quality.

Starting with Obama, Americans had all the proof ever needed that the Democratic party hates everything the Republic stands for and has every intention of destroying it. Unfortunately, they decided to ignore these signs.

Every action Biden has taken in the last three and a half years has been detrimental to the security and well-being of the American people.

He made the USA energy dependent on its worst enemies.

He continues bankrolling the terrorist Ayatollah’s regime in Iran, whose intention for the last 45 years has been dedicated to destroying the ‘Great Satan’.

His asinine and utterly ill-informed utterances have alienated most of America’s best allies.

Under his watch, there are wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, and the next one will be in the Pacific because he is spineless and clueless.

Dear Americans, the sooner this diabolical creature and his administration are removed from office, the better the possibility of saving the Republic will be.

My simple advice: Come November, vote for anyone except Democrats.


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