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June 15, 2024





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Before a man speaks, it is always safe to assume that he is a fool. After he speaks, it is seldom necessary to assume it.” — HL Mencken.

This quote, one of my favorites, came to me as I listened to Joe Biden announce to the nation that he would do something he claimed he couldn’t do – slow down the number of illegal aliens crossing into America from Mexico.

But note he said nothing about the escalating number of aliens illegally crossing into the nation from Canada. Will the impeached Secretary of Homeland Security count these Northern intruders in Biden’s new limit of 2,500 migrants per day total? But forgive me; I don’t want to distract from my mission of calling out Joe Biden for the lying scoundrel he is.

I’ll leave the particulars and numbers about Biden’s new executive order to others in the media. Instead, I wish to comment on Biden’s constant prevarication over critical issues before the American public, whether domestic or foreign policy issues. According to all polling and survey research, only the scourge of inflation competes with illegal immigration for America’s leading cause of dread, anxiety, apprehension, and insecurity. Joe Biden’s new executive order is not a healing salve but an accelerant angst to America’s worries and insecurity about the border.

I don’t believe Biden’s new executive order is a seismic policy change. Instead, it is just his last attempt to use misdirection, smoke, and mirrors, which is typical of the Biden administration. More critically, five months before the general election, Biden’s smoke and mirrors are thinner and fewer than ever, leaving him more like the Emperor with no clothes and a befuddled, enfeebled Emperor.

Biden begins his newest string of lies in the first two paragraphs of his 1,400-word policy announcement.

“Good afternoon. I’ve come here today to do what the Republicans in Congress refuse to do: take the necessary steps to secure our border.”

“Four months ago, after weeks of intense negotiation between my staff and Democrats and Republicans, we came to a clear bipartisan deal that was the strongest border security agreement in decades. But then Republicans in Congress — not all, but — walked away from it.”

Lie Number One: This executive order does nothing to secure our border!

Lie Number Two: Republicans passed House Bill HR-2, “Secure the Border Act of 2023,” on May 11, 2023, and it is still sitting on Chuck Schumer’s desk, waiting to be taken up by the Senate Leader, Chuck Schumer. This bill is a well-crafted and critical legislation that would unquestionably advance border security. But securing the border and shutting down illegal immigration has never been part of Biden’s or the Democrat’s plans to transform our government into a Marxist system with an autocrat at the head (beware of Kamala Harris).

Lie Number Three: This was NOT a “Bipartisan deal. Only one Republican worked on drafting this bill.

Let’s get something clear. This legislation was not a “bipartisan” bill, and Republicans rightly said “No” to it when it was voted on twice by Congress. Even the one Republican Senator who worked on the bill voted against it the second time it came to the floor for a vote. This bill did little more than rearrange the lifeboats on Biden’s Titanic. But this isn’t the explanation Joe Biden gave yesterday as to why Republicans overwhelmingly walked away from this complicated legislation in February and again in May when Chuck Schumer reintroduced the bill.

Lie Number Four: The following is Biden’s third paragraph wickedly tagging Donald Trump for the so-called bipartisan bill’s failure. Donald Trump didn’t kill the bill. Congress voted this bill down twice for solid reasons unrelated to Donald Trump. I encourage you to read my article Kill This Bill! It’s the same as Unconditional Surrender,” published here at America Out Loud.

Joe rhetorically asks why Republicans walked away from this bill. He says,

“Why? Because Donald Trump told them to. He told the Republicans — it has been published widely by many of you — that he didn’t want to fix the issue; he wanted to use it to attack me. That’s what he wanted to do. It was a cynical and extremely cynical political move and a complete disservice to the American people, who are looking for us to — not to weaponize the border but to fix it.”

On Biden’s first day in office, the long process of rescinding 64 of President Trump’s executive orders dealing with illegal immigration and border security began. In essence, Biden opened the border for all comers. The resulting national taxpayer expense, damage to Americans and their families, and the loss of services going to illegal aliens when American citizens should be first in line is well played out and reported on by even the so-called progressive media.

Talk about weaponizing immigration, illegal immigration, trafficking women and children, tons upon tons of illicit drug trafficking, gang crime, illegal migrant employment, and importation of terrorists; Joe Biden leads in all categories. No future President will challenge Biden’s appalling immigration records. Why? Because we will no longer be a sovereign nation if these insults to our system of government don’t stop and stop soon.

Moreover, instead of aliens paying the United States a fee to cover some of the escalating expenses of housing, food, transportation, healthcare, legal fees, smartphone coverage, education, and a myriad of other free services, aliens are making the Mexican cartels wealthy beyond belief, so much so that you likely wouldn’t be surprised if the mendacious Biden family, in some capacity, isn’t bagging a consulting fee from the cartels.

But back to the point, as if ridding himself of anything Donald Trump touched wasn’t enough to sap the nation’s resources, Biden authorized his politically corrupt and exceeding obnoxious Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, to create new and highly questionably legal pathways to accelerate illegal migrant asylum claimants.

And if this hasn’t raised your hackles, in the past 43 months, more than two million illegal aliens have stolen their way into the country as “gotaways,” and our law enforcement agencies are none the wiser as to who these people are. These are migrants who didn’t bother to check in with Border Patrol and are roaming the nation untethered by identity, only coming to light when police arrest them for a crime. This executive order does nothing to crack down on these shadow migrants.

Lie Number Five: Joe Biden is stepping up and coming to the rescue of the American people to limit illegal immigration by using his executive powers. Please note that Joe Biden has incessantly claimed he didn’t have these executive powers. The following is his fourth paragraph.

“So, today, I’m moving past Republican obstruction and using the executive authorities available to me as president to do what I can on my own to address the border.”

Here is what Shakespeare so presciently wrote in King Lear, “The wheel has come full circle.”

Repeatedly, ad nauseam, Joe Biden has said he was powerless to do anything about the tsunami of illegal aliens crossing into America daily — a tsunami he knowingly and purposely created. He has continued on his path of willful ignorance despite escalating alien illicit crime and the relentless, merciless escalation of deaths due to the poisoning of 70,000 Americans yearly by illegal drugs trafficked across the border in ever more significant quantities.

Yes, Biden’s wheel of lies has come full circle. I watched a duplicitous Joe Biden ingratiate himself by doing something he has claimed for the last 43 months he couldn’t do.

While this “new” policy is but a scaled-down version of the so-called “bipartisan” bill first proposed in February, I don’t believe the mechanics of this order will be any more manageable over the next five months before the election than if Congress had approved the often referred to bipartisan bill. I’ll leave the remainder of this lie-infested document for your perusal.

Joe Biden is forever sharing the wisdom of this father with us. What if his father had told him that he shouldn’t talk at all if he couldn’t talk truthfully? We’d never hear another word from Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., and as the “Church Lady” on Saturday Night Live many years ago said, “Well, isn’t that special?”

“You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” ― Abraham Lincoln.

This Biden executive order is one of those times. There is no border security in this Presidential order, only more chicanery. Only you and I can change border security and immigration policy, and that’s by voting for and electing Donald Trump to be our 47th President of the United States.

Image: Licensed via AP


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