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June 17, 2024





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Any person with a heart can’t help occasionally feeling just a little sorry for brain-defective Joe, who is supposedly running our country. Of course, any person with an intact brain also can’t help realizing that the repertoire of Joe’s political actions don’t belong to Joe. But they do fittingly portray the actions of Barack Obama, who has likely placed a bug in Joe’s ear, as was Obama’s stated desire after serving his eight pathetic years in the Oval Office. I only make this point to give credit where credit is due. We figuratively blame the Office of the Presidency for a trashed economy, election fraud, Communist China endorsements, illegal mandates, open borders, massive inflation, and every other failure of this presidency. But none of this is the work of Joe Biden.

No, everything that is now happening to America was planned through Obama’s years in office. All of America’s failures are Obama’s joyful legacy. This Muslim has never had any loyalty to America. But even as President of the most powerful nation in the world, he bowed to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. Everyone saw it. Yet “fact-checkers” have offered several excuses for what appears to be a subservient gesture. I don’t buy the lame excuses. All of Obama’s actions as President served the radical Muslim brotherhood, from releasing terrorist GITMO prisoners to supplying loads of cash to Iran, who would like nothing more than to nuke us into oblivion.

Obama’s U.S. citizenship is highly doubtful. How he became President is still shrouded in some mystery, given his checkered past. He knew that even as President, he could not just overthrow our Constitution-based republic in one sweep. The assault must be gradual. The revolution must take place slowly. Baby steps. And that’s just what happened.

In the wake of toddler footsteps, medicine was destroyed, schools became dummy-down indoctrination centers, transgenderism was encouraged, the military was infiltrated and defunded, radical politicians were planted, and our enemies were strengthened through hard-earned American money and other resources produced by our own blood, sweat, and tears.

All of the same travesties have continued under Biden, except at an accelerated pace. Just what you’d expect. Afghanistan got billions of dollars of American weapons. Russia is doing our bidding for a nuclear deal with Iran. America furtively funded China to produce bioweapons against the world. But that’s okay. After all, aren’t sympathetic Americans willing to make allowances for Joe’s cognitive shortcomings?

Many of Joe’s decisions have been called “crazy,” but not criminal. And definitely not intentional. This has bought the Democrats time to push forward Obama’s legacy of imploding America. An undiscerning public may be just biding their time, thinking, “Joe will eventually be replaced, so things have to get better someday.” Don’t hold your breath. The next puppet could be much worse. And all the while, Obama’s ungodly heritage of destruction spreads like a cancer throughout our government. We now begin to feel the agony.

Don’t get me wrong, the words “Biden crime family” do stick to Joe’s skin like an impregnated tattoo. Joe’s pedophilia, extortion, blackmail, fraud, perjury, and all his other felonious activities condemn him. This man is guilty beyond doubt. But don’t confuse the two villains. Joe is fully self-serving, whereas Barack’s motives are not. Obama is truly an imposter and an insurgent. He is a spy who was given full license by the American people to do his worst, and he has been faithful to the Islamic cause. This is why he betrays America at every opportunity. It is his jihad! This is what makes Obama so dangerous.

Sure, Biden’s verbal blunders, aimless wanderings, handshaking ghosts, and pervasive disconnect from reality belong to him. But these are no fault of his own. He truly does manifest all the signs of dementia, likely of the Alzheimer’s type. And… how do I say this… Joe’s “misbehavior” is actually a mixed blessing to us. Certainly, we all dislike having a weak President, and how much more feeble could Joe be? He is a laughing stock to the world, a caricature for mockery and ridicule on the global stage. As an American, that hurts our pride, and even angers us. But it also can serve us well.

When an election is taken by treason, we can expect very bad things to happen. Such insurrection doesn’t occur in healthy nation-states. Joe was an exceptional candidate for Obama to serve a third term as President. Joe is crooked, easily bought off, and eager to surreptitiously do the bidding of those who promise him something desirable in return. But Joe isn’t just a puppet on a string. His mind and body may be defective, but he is still human, still able to think and act. That’s what distinguishes Joe from Pinocchio (at least, prior to Geppetto’s surprise).

Biden’s defective brain may be severely stifling Obama’s goals. Joe’s weaknesses that render him a convenient target for exploitation may also serve as a strength not only to America’s enemies, but also to conservatives who recognize that America desperately needs a regime change. Many Democrats are now jumping ship.

If there be any trace of hope in the darkness, it is that Joe has exposed Obama. Did Biden not claim that his team created “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics?” We’ve seen it. Was it not Biden who blackmailed the Ukraine government when a prosecutor was about to expose his son Hunter’s corrupt company? And how many times has Biden been caught on video groping children? These are only a sampling of the sordid actions of Obama’s former Vice President. Normal people don’t like kids being abused. Normal people of principle want their vote to count. Normal people see and despise the evil of blackmailing those who actually have the courage to expose the truth, even at risk to oneself. Thank God for normal people making up the great majority of American citizens.

Forgive me if I relish the fact that people usually reap what they sow. After all, those words come from God. “Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” (Galatians 6:7). If we keep editing the writing on the wall before the midterm elections, as is now happening, Obama will soon reap all the miserable failures of Joe Biden’s so-called presidency. I’m praying for it. If the Obama-Biden dynasty fails, America wins. Reap what we sow?

Let’s keep sowing truth, peace, and righteousness—and may we reap it in abundance!

Image: AP


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