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April 15, 2024





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Joe Biden may well go down as the worst President in American history. The first nine months of his tenure were marked by one catastrophe after another, from the insane border crisis to the Machiavellian vaccine mandates, to the massive, irresponsible spending by his Democrat Party, to his complete bungling of international relations. 

But of all the awful and destructive actions this President has taken since his inauguration, America’s precipitous departure from Afghanistan was by far the most devastating, both because it was intentional and because of the deadly havoc it created. 

Before ensuring that all Americans in the country and our Afghan allies, to whom we had pledged protection, were able to leave the country safely, Biden ordered the complete pullout of all U.S. military personnel. His decision to ignore our time-honored pledge ‘to leave no man behind’ resulted in our abandoning more than fifteen thousand American citizens and many thousands more Afghans who had helped our forces in the brutal fight against the Taliban. Instead of ensuring their safe evacuation from an increasingly hostile and dangerous Afghanistan, he withdrew our remaining soldiers from the country, and left American citizens and our allies to fend for themselves, at the mercy of those who have no mercy, those who are today going door to door, hunting them down, to be seized, and tortured, and butchered. 

Biden also willfully abandoned billions of dollars of modern military equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, and huge stores of guns and ammunition, leaving them to the Taliban enemy. 

Joe Biden, President of the United States of America, once known as the greatest country in the world (before January 2021), surrendered utterly and completely to the Taliban terrorists with barely a murmur, making the United States the world’s newest state sponsor of global terrorism. 

Dancing with the Enemy

Joe Biden’s team began negotiating with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, in March 2021. Our ‘negotiators’ must have really believed that the Taliban were interested in détente because they begged the Taliban to spare our Embassy and allow us to get our citizens out of Afghanistan safely. We issued weak, empty threats of international isolation if they took the country over by force. The Taliban agreed, of course. And the Biden team believed them. 

It is against American policy and law to ever negotiate with terrorists. And, moreover, anyone with a lick of sense and experience with Islamic terrorists knows that you cannot negotiate with them, because they lie to ‘infidels’ for the sake of Islam. And that’s exactly what the Taliban did. So on August 31, 2021, we left Afghanistan – defeated.

Predictably, even before the Americans actually left, the Taliban rushed in to fill the vacuum and proceeded to use the weapons Biden had gifted them to begin murdering those Americans and their Afghan allies who were unable to escape. Biden’s team had no contingency plan to get our people out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. They simply surrendered their compatriots to the bloody hands of the Taliban. 

Partners in Terror

Today, the Taliban’s partners are the Pakistanis, who pose as our allies, accept our foreign aid ($438.37 million in 2021), but who played a significant role in attacks against U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and whose Haqqani terrorist network leaders are now part of the new Afghan government. 

The China Connection 

The Taliban’s other partner is China, whose lust for control over the three trillion dollars in precious rare earth minerals and metals buried in Afghanistan was a driving force in their decision to get involved. China has pledged $25 billion to the Taliban for exclusive access to them. Their lust for power may also include the takeover of the same Bagram Air Force Base that Biden so recently abandoned, which will expand their reach throughout the region. 

Through his terrible decisions in Afghanistan, Biden has done more to empower China than anyone could have thought possible. China’s rights to Afghanistan’s valuable rare earth will enable China to corner the market on these vital resources, set the pricing, and force the world to accept its leadership as it brandishes its new economic power. 

Joe’s Failing Grasp on the World

Joe Biden’s failing cognitive ability has defined his administration since the very first day. If we had any doubts eight months ago, there is no doubt anymore. Joe Biden, the man who calls himself President, is clearly failing. 

When he recently referred to the Taliban as “businesslike and professional,” he made his diminishing grasp on reality painfully clear, and was confirmed by former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who served both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and said plainly that Biden should resign.

The damage that Joe Biden has done to this country – to our country – is so consequential that it cannot be overestimated. The fallout from his betrayal of fundamental American values will reverberate for decades, and it will bear his name. The destruction, suffering, and death that he has caused can never be undone, and the entire world will have to live with the consequences. 

What Biden has done to destabilize America and the international community will undoubtedly change the course of unfolding history as his succession of catastrophic blunders continues to unravel the country, the global economy, and the international balance of power.


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