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June 17, 2024





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If Americans feel humiliated and ashamed only because of the worst military debacle suffered by the USA since Vietnam is Afghanistan, they are very much mistaken. All eyes may be on Russia at the moment, but those eyes will be wide-open when disaster strikes in the Middle East. Events in the Middle East are heading to a worse debacle because of Biden, his military, and intelligence advisors’ total lack of resolve, intellect, and courage.

The Ayatollah regime in Iran is a terrorist despotic theocracy hell-bent on becoming a military nuclear power to dominate all the countries surrounding her as the supreme hegemon, and there is no one willing or even able to stop them.

On the contrary, it is beneath contempt and beyond comprehension that the Western leaders in Europe and the USA are actually aiding and abetting their worst enemies. Not a single member in the news media or academia has the spine or knowledge to point out these betrayals.

The Ayatollahs are the suppliers of military assets and advisors to the Shia militias that they created or are supporting to inflict death and destruction in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Gaza.

Not only are their publicly declared intentions crystal clear and in plain sight, not only are their actions and those of their stooges are totally terroristic, but they are relentless in bragging about them to the whole world, leaving not an iota of a doubt as to what their purposes are.

Yet, the dysfunctional Biden keeps on seeking an agreement that is obviously dead before it is even negotiated since there is no amount of persuasion, whether economic or military, that will ever change the Ayatollahs’ mind or their course of action ⏤ because they genuinely believe, that the survival of Shia Islam (15% vis a vis Sunni Islam 85%) depends only upon their nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.

Under Donald J Trump, the Shia Houthis of Yemen – who are a terrorist proxy arm of the Iranians ⏤ were declared a terrorist organization conducting a seditious war in this God-forsaken country – which it actually is – yet Biden, immediately upon taking office, removed them from the terrorist list, not because they changed character, not at all, but only to spite Trump and foolishly to think, this would placate the Ayatollahs to come to a meeting of minds.

Biden and his foreign affairs secretary, Anthony Blinken (another useless and clueless leftover from Obama, who subserviently implements Biden’s invariably failed policies) are now calling the same Houthis terrorists after they targeted the United Arab Emirates (the most peaceful and open-minded of all the Arab countries) with drone strikes upon their airport and oil installations supplied directly by Iran.

The Houthis are even threatening Israel – almost 1000 miles away – with death and destruction, yet most in Congress are ignoring – to their shameful and utter stupidity for not standing up and being counted for their allies – these events completely.

For the first time ever, Israel is willing to protect an Arab state against their common enemy: Shia Iran and her proxies, thus forcing more and more Arab and Muslim nations to face the reality, that Israel was never a threat to them except in their own erroneous perceptions.

Since Biden has come to office, almost every nation that used to depend upon America for their security is realizing how wrong they have been and are now either arming themselves with more weapons or re-aligning with China and Russia, even if temporary.

It should be obvious by now, that Biden and the Democrats have learned absolutely nothing from recent history – only 80 years since Hitler and Stalin – which teaches humanity that if great powers do not confront and stop terrorist entities at the very inception, they will grow into Frankenstein’s Monsters that will turn against them and attempt to destroy them, with enormous human losses and suffering that would have been avoided with wisdom, resolve and a spine to do ‘the right thing’ at the earliest possible time.

What is brewing in the Middle East – as I have been repeatedly warning – is a Nuclear confrontation because Israel with 7 million Jews, surrounded by 450,000,000 Muslims with over 200,000 missiles and rockets, whose publicly declared intention is to eradicate it off the face of the Earth, cannot defend herself with conventional weapons only.

America’s tragedy is not only that it has the most corrupt mainstream news media that have put Pravda and Goebbels to shame, but unwise Americans (81,000,000?) ‘elected’ the least competent leader and vice president ever in the history of the Republic.

Biden and his administration have very clearly proven in his first year, that the American people are only cannon fodder to their dictatorial, draconian, and unconstitutional ‘executive orders.’ That he lied completely when he promised to bring Americans together when in fact, he does everything possible to divide them. Biden and his administration have neither respect nor any patriotism towards “We the People”.

It should be obvious by now that, as foreign affairs problems pile up almost monthly on top of the internal and economic ones, Biden and his administration cannot and will not stand up to the enormous pressures stacking up upon them. They are and will continue to make wrong decisions, based more upon their hatred of Trump than on facts and reality.

Not a single leader on Earth has any respect for Biden. After all, they are watching events just like Americans are watching. The foreign news media heap streams of insults upon Biden based entirely on his speeches, flip flop changes of tune, mind-boggling claims of success while everything Biden is touching is actually falling apart.

Biden and his Democrats are now vigorously attempting to de-legitimize the forthcoming 2022 November elections by claiming – in advance, with their usual weapon of disinformation, of Projective Identification – that they will be corrupted by Republicans, to cover up why Democrats will be slaughtered politically in November.

They will repeat this utterly shameful and deceitful mantra relentlessly, even until the last hour of the elections. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Republicans to, as relentlessly and vigorously, disprove these mendacities.


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2 years ago

Excellent article and analysis. We may soon see the fulfillment of (Middle East centric) Bible prophecy for the end times. With view to Iran, this would be Daniel chapter 8, the invasion of the ME by the ram (Iran) – which is already underway as noted in the article, albeit in the form of militias implanted in a host of countries – and the counter attack by the goat (Turkey). Turkey will not tolerate Iran becoming the region’s ‘supreme hegemon’ that ‘no one is willing or even able to stop’. Turkey can and will.

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