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March 2, 2024





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Watching Joe Biden’s recent COVID speech, the one where he forgot what year it is, I was struck by the fact that in every speech he’s given on the subject, he comes across as ’a pleading and very weak individual’. He whispers, he begs, and he exudes absolutely no confidence in his strength or leadership. And on those other occasions when he gets angry and tries to talk like a tough guy, he just comes across as a pathetic and unpleasant old man. The kind of guy from your old neighborhood when you were a child who wouldn’t give your baseball back after it landed in his yard.

Joe Biden doesn’t instill any confidence in anyone; he only instills a sense of pity. It’s sad that such a diminished individual, who when you come right down to it was never an impressive intellect at any point during his career in politics anyway, has been put in a position that he simply is incapable of handling. Joe Biden is in so far over his head that if he were in the ocean, he’d be at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Unlike President Trump, who, for all his faults and shortcomings, never came across as weak and indecisive. Our enemies, and our allies knew they could not push him around. He was a leader, whether you liked his personality or not. President Trump may not have been the most eloquent or effective communicator at times, but he didn’t hide in the White House basement either. He took the press on, head-on. Only two of the last nine presidents we’ve had were really very eloquent and gifted speakers, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Both were able to get their message across, and also mix it up with the media, and more than hold their own.

As for me, and I think most reasonable Americans are the same, we don’t vote for a personality or just a gifted orator; we vote for leadership and for results. While I may have disagreed with the manner in which President Trump handled some confrontations, he achieved results. And that’s what mattered to me the most. I was also never fearful of what our enemies might do while he was in the Oval Office. I felt safe. I knew that whatever North Korea, China, Russia, or Iran might do, President Trump would respond firmly and intelligently. I had confidence in him as a leader.

While his time may have passed and we may need to move forward as a nation with another strong leader in 2024, I think it’s also important to recognize that the Trump Presidency was the most successful four years in history, with many accomplishments that he can be proud of. Until the COVID pandemic hit, our country was thriving, and our future looked bright. That was because of President Trump’s – oftentimes unorthodox- but very effective leadership.

The next three years scares the heck out of me because of the weak and pathetic person we have in the Oval Office right now. And unfortunately, the fact is that there is no one in the long line of the current presidential succession who can step forward to lead this country in the normal day-to-day governing, much less in an emergency.

In fact, there is really not much leadership in Washington DC at all. In an actual national emergency, the politicians would all be scurrying around like chickens with their heads cut off, defaulting to the same stupid responses that have failed in the past. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is indeed the epitome of insanity.

What’s even scarier to me than the buffoon currently occupying the White House, is the fact that the Democrat Party and their allies in the news media are now actually portraying Transportation Secretary and failed small-town mayor Pete Buttigieg as a viable potential candidate for president. It shows you just how delusional and out of touch they are with REAL Americans.

I’m not saying that he couldn’t possibly win an election and actually become president. Just as they did when voting for Barack Obama and later for Hillary Clinton, millions of people voted for those two charlatans so they could feel good about themselves and claim they weren’t racist or sexist. And there are still enough Americans out there who would vote for Pete Buttigieg so they could feel good about themselves and claim that they aren’t homophobic.

For Democrats and the news media, presidential elections have become all about personalities and checking social justice boxes instead of being about experience, integrity, and leadership ability.

It’s a shame that Joe Biden isn’t right about what year we’re in. If it were still 2020, as he said, then that would mean President Trump would still be in office, instead of the buffoon we have there now. And the country would be much safer and much better off.

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